Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekending | Pina Colada's, Cowboys & The Oscars

Hey loves! If you were sleeping under a rock last night, you missed that the biggest award show of the year aired yesterday...The Oscars! I don't think it disappointed with the fashion, winners & the water cooler moments.

You had to have heard of the huge snafu at the end when the wrong winner was called out, Miss Universe style. Luckily the cast and crew of La La Land were very gracious and excited for Moonlight to be the winners of the night. It makes me that much more excited to watch Moonlight!

Rewind a bit back to Friday night, hubby and I had our date night at our favorite Mexican spot. It was beyond delicious and we had lots to celebrate since we got to figure out what we were going to do in Vegas and talk more about London!! Afterwards we decided to go watch Get Out and although it's not Oscar nominated or anything, it was actually a good movie and this is coming from someone who hates scary movies. It was fresh and different and I had no idea Jordan Peele was capable of doing something like this!

Saturday after hubby did quite a bit of studying for his work exam that's coming up, we ventured out to Cavander's to look for some boots for me to wear to HoustonRodeo. It was definitely overwhelming and such a Texas store. Between the Hat Bar & the rows and rows of boots, I felt a bit overwhelmed. I ended up finding a pair of boots I love. Although they cost a pretty penny, they are worth the investment and I can't wait to get some use out of them!

After all that, a much needed trip to Sonic needed to happen. I haven't been there in months and had been craving a slushie. Peach Raspberry is so delicious and light, get on it folks! 

Now onto the Oscars!! My favorite part of course is the red carpet and I was actually able to watch the entire length of it. I think overall mostly everyone knocked it out of the park with their looks. It would be absolutely impossible to decide my favorite look of the night because so many of them were just so so good. Can we just take a moment to appreciate all the good looking men that showed up in their best too?!?

Best Dressed Men:

(L-R: Mahershala Ali // Riz Ahmed // John Legend // Casey Affleck // Jeremy Renner //
 Justin Timberlake // Andrew Garfield // Ryan Gosling // Dev Patel)

Best Dressed Women:

(L-R: Chrissy Teigen // Halle Berry // Nicole Kidman // Viola Davis // Taraji P Henson // Emma Stone // Naomie Harris // Octavia Spencer // Priyanka Chopra // Janelle Monae // Brie Larson // Kate McKinnon)

Worst Dressed Women:

(L-R: Jessica Biel // Leslie Mann // Ruth Negga // Michelle Williams // Charlize Theron //        Kirsten Dunst // Salma Hayek // Dakota Johnson // Alicia Vikander)


So what are your thoughts? Do you agree/disagree with some of my picks? Who would your favorite look of the night be?

Also can we talk about the elephant in the room that is the wrong movie name being you think this was staged or an honest mistake?! I cannot figure out which way to go with this.

Hope y'all had a great weekend and have a fantastic week ahead!!

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  1. I was way more impressed with the men than the women outfit wise last night and oh man - did you see Dakota Johnson side by side by the dress that Sandra Bullock was fitted in for the proposal - the "old" wedding dress - it's hilarious! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. So many gorgeous dresses last night! Love your new boots!

  3. Loved seeing your snaps over the weekend and loving your oscar picks! I loved Jessica Biel for some reason too and also Lara Spencer (so random but her dress was so simple chic - the hair though not so much)

  4. Hooray for getting all of your gear for the rodeo! It really can be overwhelming to walk into the store and see all of the boots, but yours are so pretty! So I might be the only person that didn't watch the Oscars, but I did hear about the craziness at the end!

  5. OMG, I hated Jessica Beil's dress!!! Emma Stone looked great. She wore a golden dress for her golden moment. Love that you and your hubs have a date night. Your boots look cute! Enjoy them!

  6. i could go either way on whether it was a staged thing or not. feels a bit staged though! i love the boots you picked! and i've never had a sonic slushy and i think i need to change that! happy week girly!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. I was SO SAD that we were driving home on Sunday night through the entirety of the Oscars - thanks for the outfit round up - I definitely missed some awesome dresses. I cannot believe all the the craziness that happened at the show!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven