Monday, April 3, 2017

2017 Travel Diary | Waking Up In Vegas Part 2

Happy Monday loves! So I know you've had to wait a few days since I posted the part 1 of our Vegas trip, but since I dropped the ball for my part 2 to be ready it had to wait until today!

Anywho if you haven't read part 1 go ahead and do so, here's the rest of our weekend in Vegas.


We had breakfast plans with a friend who was staying at Caesar's Palace and since hubby loves their breakfast place there, we decided on that. I got the Captain Crunch French Toast and it was ah-mazing!!

We then decided to walk around the Forum Shops since the stores were just opening and the crowds weren't around. We made a reservation at the restaurant we were coming back to for dinner since it was there.

After doing some serious window shopping, we took a cab to Fremont Street. Now on the way we noticed some parts of the strip being blocked and I saw a sign for 'Special Event Ahead' so I assumed they were filming something or some hot shot celeb was around...we ignored it and we about our business. Hubs had never been to Fremont Street and I had so we decided we needed to make a trip there. Even though it was early in the day, before the main crazies come out to play, it was still a fun experience. We walked inside some of the older casinos and just got some great people watching in before heading back to our area.

Alas, the experience I will never not Nick Carter, yet! As we are sitting in our cab, we see SWAT trucks and police cars just zooming past us. After hearing something on the radio about a shooting at the Cosmopolitan we were a little freaked. We immediately got to googling what in the heck was going on. Turns out some guy decided to shoot up the Cosmo and ran out into a bus where he then proceeded to barricade himself for the next 4 hours. Mind you this was going on right in front of Cosmo and we were staying at Aria right next door. They had the entire strip on lock down basically and nobody could get anywhere past Bellagio going towards Aria, so we were stranded and exhausted. We hung around Caesar's Palace for a few hours until the shooter finally surrendered and everything was cleared up again. 

We then proceeded back to our hotel around 4pm and just laid in bed for an hour. We then had to start getting ready for our dinner that evening and felt much more refreshed after being able to be allowed in our hotel. Of course in true Vegas fashion, everything was business as usual after all the hoopla from the day. We then proceeded to have the absolute best dinner of our visit in Vegas. I never would have thought a restaurant that right smack dab in the middle of the Forum shops would be this good, but you guys it was!!

Once dinner was done we were waiting for our ride at the front entrance of Caesar's Palace we were just sitting by the fountain area, hubby on the phone with our ride and me just people watching. As I was people watching, I noticed a cute little pug dog and immediately stared at it, then looking up at it's owner. It was then that I realized it was NICK FRIGGIN' CARTER!! I nudged hubs, but he was not paying attention and just said in a normal voice "is that....." and I just said Nick Carter a bit louder and he actually turned around. Guys, he turned around and looked STRAIGHT at me!! I was immediately star struck because nobody else around us was noticing who he was, he was just a guy walking his dog. When he turned around he just waved and said hey to me and then proceeded to walk on, I was froze and just had no words...literally biggest regret was not immediately saying omg can I get a picture?! I kind of woke up from my dream state and walked behind him, but he was already too far way and I heard girls screaming so I figured they found him. I managed to get a quick blurry snap of the back of him, but literally no proof this actually happened! I had been upset that we weren't able to go to the BSB show in Vegas, but trust me meeting Nick Carter and having him say "hey" to worth missing it! Oh and did I mention that a BSB song was playing as he walked by...literally out of a movie guys!

After just constant shaking and flying on cloud nine, we were in our car headed to Mandalay Bay to hang out at the SkyFall Lounge. Hubs was pretty excited this all happened to because he claims he made eye contact with Nick Carter and became bros right then and there...glad he didn't think I was nuts! Guys if you are ever in Vegas, you need to head to Mandalay bay to head to this lounge because it really is such a swanky and cool place. Never too crowded and their drinks are stellar!

Also the elevator ride claims to have the best view in Vegas, they also have a little balcony ledge that has couches and a little lounge feel to it where you have a pretty incredible view of the city as well.

After about an hour we headed out to The Mirage for a comedy show that we had tickets for. Nick Swardson, you may know him from Reno 911 and basically any Adam Sandler/David Spade movies. He was pretty hilarious and I was actually surprised at how packed the theater was. Overall we had a fun time watching his stand up routine. 

We decided to just head back to the hotel since we were beyond exhausted that night and had to be up fairly early the next morning. 


We woke up fairly early and started to get ready and pack up all of our stuff so we didn't have to rush later on. Afterwards we finally headed to Cosmopolitan to collect my winnings and then walked around the hotel a bit to catch the beauty one last time.

After heading back to our room to grab our bags and head down for our car to take us to the airport. Of course had to get a quick pic in front of the pretty flower wall at the Sky Suite entrance.


Overall it was such a fabulous trip...minus the whole shooting incident! We got to meet up with a friend while he was in Vegas, I got to get some pampering done, hubby got to watch all the games when he wanted to (I even got in on the action a few times) and we overall just got to enjoy each other. Definitely much needed after all the stressors in our everyday lives. Now it's a few more weeks until I'm reunited with my momma and sissy for our week long cruise in the Western Caribbean!!

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  1. A coworker was there that weekend too - such craziness with that shooting! That being said, your meals look delicious, especially that french toast. Yum!

  2. seriously what a great time! minus that shooting incident which hello scary! and saying hi to nick sounds awesome! you really had the best time and like i said before - i'm itching to go back!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Holy crappers about the shooting incident, so glad you guys were ok *hugs*. And Nick Carter.. ahhhhh! I would have been just as star struck. Absolutely fabulous trip from the food to the entertainment and now I need to stay at Aria <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. I can't blame you with the Nick Carter thing, I would have been star struck too! lol He was always my crush when I was younger. Sounds like you all had a blast!

  5. I still can't believe that Nick Carter waved at you! That's so exciting! I also can't believe that there was a shooter at the Cosmo and I didn't hear about it! I'm glad that y'all didn't have to deal with too much, other than getting stranded. Overall it sounds like y'all had the best time in Vegas!

  6. That's so scary about the shooting incident! I've been to Trevi while in Vegas and have to agree that it's super good! How exciting Nick Carter waved at you!

  7. Oh my goodness how scary that you guys were on lock down - so glad you guys were safe! Can't believe you ran into nick carter - that is so cool! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. That;s so scary about the shootings happening just nearby to your hotel. I'm surprised I didn't hear anything on the news about it. Other than that, your trip sounds amazing and the food at Trevi restaurant looks amazing. I think I saw it walking around Caesar's palace. Is it near the fountain area kind of close to the Michael Kors store? Anyways your Saturday date night outfit is gorge!

  9. Omg I am in love with your recap! You are making me want to go back to Vegas! And you saw Nick Carter!! OMG!!! My teen heart is swooning over here, haha.

  10. SO much fun here - especially the Nick Friggin Carter moment! haha LOVE it! You look gorg as always and I love that nail color! Take me next time in your luggage!

  11. I've only been to Vegas for a work conference and wasn't a huge fan but definetly looks like fun! I want to go back for the shows!

  12. Glad you had fun in Vegas, a celebrity sighting definitely makes it even more memorable