Friday, January 29, 2016

| Friday Favorites |

Happy FriYay!!!

My posting has been quite sporadic lately and I really want to try to get on a better schedule and get posts written ahead of time, but so much has been going on this month already that I'm hoping things slow down a bit more next month and allows for the time I need.

Anyways, linking up with one of my favorites Amanda for Friday favorites!

Favorite song

Ok so a pretty raunchy video from the ex-Disney starlet, but hey she looks good and this song is so catchy and fun!! Also, take a look at the hottie in her video ;)!

Favorite recipe

My coworker totally intrigued me with her mason jar salads and I knew I wanted to try it out for myself. These are seriously so delicious and filling too! The awesome part is that you can literally put whatever you want as long as you keep the dressing on the bottom and the lettuce/possibly soggy items on top. 

Favorite show

Ok guys so Netflix totally got me on this show and I'm loving it so far. It's a heartwarming show that gives me Jane Austen/Little House on the Prairie vibes. I love the characters and it's just a wholesome show. I've already buzzed past season 1 and am already on season 2, so if you need a new show I suggest trying this one out!

Favorite DIY

I followed this recipe to make these sugar scrubs and instead of eucalyptus I used peppermint. We had a favorite things gift exchange and these were a part of my gift. Super super easy to make and an awesome, thoughtful gift that people can use!! 

Favorite gym selfie

I look pretty awful here because it was super early in the morning, but I love my workout days with my sissy because I feel a whole lot better working out and making sure I keep sweatin' for the wedding!!

Favorite sugary snacks

So with the working out I do get to feel a tiny bit better when I eat sweet cupcakes like this one. A new bakery opened up close to home and I'm loving their cupcakes. They are perfectly sized and not overly sweet which is a win win in my book. The flavor I got is an almond joy cupcake!

At our girls night we decided to whip up some frozen watermelon margaritas, topped with a sugary rim, it was the perfect almost end to the week!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend ahead!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wedding Wednesday | Honeymoon Dreamin'

Happy hump day friends!! Just an fyi in case you missed it yesterday, I'm teaming up with some awesome ladies to help one lucky winner keep their 2016 resolutions on track...the giveaway will end Monday Feb 1st, so be sure to get your entries in, enter below and good luck!

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Now onto today's Wedding Wednesday post! Ever since the clock has been ticking down to the big day (less than 6 months and counting...) the more fun part of the whole wedding process has been racking in my head. 


Early on I spoke to my fiance about wanting to get away to a tropical island where we can lay on the beach and sip fruity drinks. When we talked about it the last time, my fiance said he wanted to take the responsibility of planning for the honeymoon...this means I won't know where we are going!!

I'm a typical Type-A planner type so not knowing seriously is killing me, but I know it will just mean that much more to know that he has planned an incredible honeymoon. Of course I wouldn't be me if I didn't give him a list of my top 3 destination choices. Here are my perfect places that I would absolutely not mind going to on our honeymoon.


This has been a top pick for me from day 1. I've heard nothing but incredible things about Hawaii and I hope I can experience it for myself. 

St. Lucia

Another gorgeous place that has been at the top of my list. How can you be upset with a view like that??


Ok how does such a place even exist?! This little gem of an island has been a newly popular destination for newlyweds and I could see myself getting down with a hut on the ocean!! Also did you know this is where Prince William and Princess Kate honeymooned??

So there you have it, my top 3 choice of destinations for our honeymoon. Have you been to any of these locations? Where was your honeymoon and why did you love it? Any tips that I can pass along to my fiance for booking the major trip?

(Pictures found from Google)

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2016 Resolutions Essentials | Giveaway |

Morning ladies!!

So around this time of the year is when people start to fall off the wagon of working out, dieting, and overall staying healthy!! I've teamed up with some amazing ladies to help you battle all of that and get through the hump of staying healthy.

These goodies will help one winner get healthy and hopefully stay there! We have a Fitbit Charge and adorable accessories from Enter through the rafflecopter below for your chance to win :)!!

Giveaway runs until Monday Feb 1st, good luck!!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wedding Wednesday | Bachelorette Party Plans

Happy Wedding Wednesday friends! Just a little heads up, Macy and I have changed the button for the link up! It's such a pretty, new & fresh button so we hope you guys love it!! 

Now with less than 6 months left until my wedding, my bridesmaids and I have been talking a lot more about bachelorette party locations. We needed to narrow down a weekend that worked for all the girls and then decide on a place. A bunch of fun places were thrown out, but my one requirement for the party was that I wanted to be by the beach. My girls talked and figured out that we are going to be taking over South Beach, Miami!!

I have never been to Miami and am super excited to be spending the weekend there. If you have been and have any tips/recommendations on where to go and what to eat, don't hesitate to let me know!

{pictures courtesy of Pinterest}

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

(Not So) Long Weekend Recap

It's Tuesday! So I know most of you guys probably had yesterday off in observance for MLK, but I unfortunately was one of those who!! It wasn't too bad, luckily Monday's tend to go very quickly for me so that was good. The great part is that this week is a short week for me since I'll be off on Friday (heading to Houston for a quick weekend trip!) I'm also off today which is awesome, sissy and I are going to watch The Revenant which I'm excited for!!

This weekend was super relaxing and primarily low key. Saturday during the day, my parents and I drove around to a few hotels near our venue to secure some rooms for our guests. Later that evening my sister and I went out to celebrate our friends' 30th birthday! We went to the Pacman themed restaurant/lounge that opened up near us called Level 257. It was a great place (overpriced food) and we had fun bowling and playing arcade games until late into the night! I was a bad blogger and literally got 2 pictures the entire weekend...whoops!

Can you believe these are press-on nails?? They have definitely gotten better over the years. I loved the simple and neutral design of these, usually they come in all glitter and obnoxious colors, so this was a nice change. They stayed on all weekend which was a surprising treat. I'm sure they would have stayed longer, but I peeled them off to get my no chip manicure done. Here is the link to the exact ones I'm wearing, I found mine at Target for $4.99 which is totally not bad for a press on manicure to last you all weekend!

Moving on, this is the only picture I have of the night mostly because my phone was kept in my purse during most of the night. I did want to capture this quote on the wall because it was whimsical and motivational at the same time! 

Sunday was literally spent on the couch watching Netflix all day. I kid you not when I say I barely moved ha! I've almost finished the series The Following, if you don't watch and want a creepy new show...this is it! Kevin Bacon is in it..need I say more. It's the kind of show that makes you slightly paranoid and wanting to check behind you every now and then, but I like a good thrill like that every now and then! 

I hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend (I'm jealous if you were off yesterday) and have a quick week ahead!!

Linking up with my girl Biana for Weekending!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wedding Wednesday | Bridesmaids Dress

Happy Wedding Wednesday girls!!

I am so excited for today's post because I'm happy to say I found my bridesmaids dresses!!! It wasn't exactly what I pictured color wise, but it fits perfectly with our colors and I know it will look amazing on all the girls!! 

New Year's weekend my parents and I traveled to New Jersey/New York to go shopping for wedding stuff. I never thought I would find and fall in love with not only my bridesmaids outfits, but I found my wedding dress :)!! I don't want to reveal what it looks like quite yet, I may do it before my wedding, but for now I will keep you guys in the dark. Without further adieu, here's my bridesmaids outfits:

So they are the identical dress, but a slight color difference. I unfortunately couldn't find 8 dresses in the same color so I did 4 in the bright pink and 4 in the fuschia color. I love the gold detailing and the colors are gonna look fab on my girls!


Now it is your turn! We would love to have you link-up with your wedding tales, planning adventures and day-of memories.


As always, we would love to have you linking up with us and sharing your wedding inspiration, stories and photos of your own! Just please remember to link back to either mine or Macy's blog in order to keep the Wedding Wednesday fun going around.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend Happenings | Golden Globe Awards Fashion

Another weekend came and went just like that folks! I'm sad that it's Monday again, but this is the first week of my new, better schedule where I actually have days off again and no more working weekends...hallelujah!! 

I didn't do a whole lot for this weekend besides celebrating my baby sister's 26th birthday!! Not only was it her birthday, but my cousin sister shares the same birthday with her! Blessed to call these 2 lovies family!


Yesterday was also the Golden Globes which means the start of award season! I love love love watching all the celebrities walking the red carpet and always look forward to what they are gonna be wearing. I didn't get a chance to watch the actual award show because we went out to dinner for my sister's birthday, but I watched the red carpet and have my picks for best and worst dressed celebs! dressed.:

Kate Winslet // Amy Schumer // Jennifer Lawrence // Queen Latifah // Amy Adams 

Lily James // Jenna Dewan Tatum // Taraji P. Henson // Emilia Clarke // Jennifer Lopez

Olivia Wilde // Rosie Huntington-Whiteley // Jaimie Alexander // Emmy Rossum // Joanne Froggatt

:.worst dressed.:

Calista Flockhart // Rachel McAdams // Kate Hudson // Cate Blanchett // Rooney Mara

Maggie Gyllenhaal // Melissa McCarthy // Kate Bosworth // Zendaya // Eva Longoria

Brie Larson // Leslie Mann // Alicia Vikander // Regina King // America Ferrera

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with any of my picks? I'll be curious to see how Fashion Police judges some of the looks from last night!

Linking up with Biana.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wedding Wednesday | Wedding Registry with Meg

Happy 2016!!!

I hope you guys all had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year and just a little heads up, I may be slightly MIA this week...trying to just catch up from a crazy few weeks with the holidays and my 2nd job ending this week has me slightly preoccupied. I'm so excited to be starting my new year with just one job that I love and so much less stress in my life!!! This also means I'll get more time to devote to my blog which is one of my goals for 2016!

Today is the first Wedding Wednesday  of the year and I'm so excited for today's post!! I haven't gotten a chance to really talk about my wedding registry or anything related to that, so today's post is gonna be perfect for those who are lost and confused on what to add to their registry!!

You may notice below, I have a familiar face...MEG!! She's back for this week to help get you bride-to-be's squared away with your registry! If you don't know Meg, she's such a sweet person and I've loved getting to know her and think you need to send her some love!


Good morning, MakeupHER readers!  I am so excited to be guest posting for Nikki today and to be back for Wedding Wednesday.  My name is Meg and I blog over at Borrowed Heaven.

I have been married for a year and a half and had so much fun recapping my wedding last year on my blog.  If you're interested in a purple and teal late summer wedding in New England, you can see all of posts here!

Today I'm here to share a practical post for all of you future brides.  My husband and I loved putting together ideas for our registry.  Those little barcode scanners are too much fun!  We ended up registering at Bed, Bath, and Beyond as well as Macy's to give our guests a couple of options for where to shop.  While we love our dishes, cake stand, and iron, here are the items we don't know how we ever lived without:

Non-stick saute pan: This thing is huge (5 quarts), and we use it at least once per week for one-pan dinners.
Tongs: These pair perfectly with the non-stick pan and don't scratch it.
Beach towels: Since we were moving South as I registered, I thought towels would be a perfect addition for all the time spent outside.  We use them all spring, summer, and fall at the pool, and they're great quality.
Tea kettle: I wasn't sure how much I'd use it, but I figured I'd get it to match the other tangerine appliances since our old one was starting to fall apart.  Now, I boil water for tea almost everyday, and it's so cute on our stovetop.
Kitchen mat: Honestly, we want another one for in front of the stove!  It's in front of our sink and makes washing dishes so much easier on your feet!
Vacuum: Now I'm really starting to sound like an old married lady, but this thing is awesome because it has so many attachments and removable parts so you don't have to bend down to vacuum!

There you have it! If you're looking to register for your own wedding, definitely think about adding some of these fantastic items to your list!