Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Recap

Good morning (or afternoon depending on when you're reading this). I'm not entirely sure why I'm so awake this morning, but I might be able to blame the sugar rush from the Birthday cake frap I got from Starbucks.
I wanted to see what all the hype was about, so I decided to try it out. I didn't really care for it because it was way too sweet for me, but I've been hearing adding some coffee in it makes it less sweet. Truthfully, it tasted exactly like the vanilla bean frap with a raspberry syrup, but that's just my opinion. I also am watching calories, so opted for no whipped cream so maybe that's where I went down, but I don't think I could handle the sweetness. To each their own, I'll be sticking with my white chocolate mocha or carmel macchiatto.
This weekend was pretty uneventful, minus the awesome color/cut I got on Saturday. That pretty much took up my day besides running some errands and shopping a bit.
Nothing much exciting on Friday except that I finally went to Trader Joes! One opened up by me last week and I have been wanting to check it out, and pick up some cookie butter! I love how fresh and organic the store is and makes you feel welcome with the beautiful blooms as you walk in.
obligatory picture...
I picked up some tulips, cookie butter, peanut butter cups, and frozen fruit to make smoothies. I am super impressed with the price point of TJ's compared to Whole Foods and other local markets. Luckily I went during lunchtime so the rush wasn't insane, but I can see how it can be busy during peak times.
Today was the day I got my much needed haircut and color. My colorist of course yelled at me and told me to quit waiting so long to come in, but I just can't justify the $120 every 6-8 weeks so I stretch it just a teensy bit. She had did a trial of a new "painting" technique called balayage. It's a more natural and subtle way to add in highlights, almost like having sun kissed hair. Well I loved it so much the last time she did it and asked her to do more this time around. I seriously can't stop looking in the mirror at my hair.
My cut was more to get rid of the split ends and dead hair to make it healthy again. I love having fresh, new hair that feels and looks awesome!
Seriously, nobody looks good with those goofy capes on.

The picture just doesn't do it much justice, but you can see subtle hints of a lighter color throughout, that's what balayage is all about. I highly recommend asking your colorist about it next time, and go to someone who has done this before. You don't want to end up being the guinea pig!
This was a pretty normal/boring day. I was on call at work, and had to go in for a patient early so needless to say I took an extra long, necessary nap. Afterwards I did some cleaning around the house, long overdue laundry and started packing for my trip next week!!
What did you guys do this weekend? Linking up with Biana for weekending and Bella and Lisa for weekend recap!
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Friday, March 27, 2015

It's Friday

Happy Friday y'all!! This week has seriously felt so long and I'm really glad it's over like a bad movie! I'm slightly excited about this weekend mostly because I am finally getting my hair cut and colored. It's seriously been like 6 months and it needs some serious lovin' right about now. I'm hoping to go a little bit lighter in the color department since it's soon approaching summertime (although the weather just won't agree with that). Follow along on Instagram to see the final result, or I'll be posting a pic of it Monday.
So the final countdown is also quickly approaching for my trip to Houston. I haven't been back since November and I'm excited for warmer, sunnier weather! Of course I can't wait to see A and meet his extended family and some friends.
Alrighty then, linking up with the lovely Amanda for Friday faves!
So, so true!
This was me seriously all week. I walked into work each morning and clearly stated that I want to be home and sleeping. Doesn't help that Monday we had a snow storm and the rest of the week was cold and dreary...get with the weather program Chicago!
Whether or not Chicago agrees with the season, my nail polish will be reflecting bright and summery colors from now until early Fall. I picked up this gorgeous color from Ulta and I love it. I actually got this exact color painted on a few years ago and had been on the search ever since. I love how bright and fun it is on my nails and can't wait to get a little tan so it blends better. I got this and the top coat to really test out the whole 7 days thing and so far so good (going on 3 days now). I will definitely be picking some more colors up in the coming weeks.
So speaking of Houston and warmer weather, A and I booked a little weekend getaway to Galveston Island and I am so looking forward to this. We haven't had just us time since essentially our first date in New Orleans. We have this amazing hotel booked that is literally steps away from the beach and can't wait to use the swim up pool and get some color. Fingers crossed for perfect weather while we are there in 2 weeks! Any recommendations on what to see or do while in Galveston are more than welcome! Also I'll be in Houston for a week, and although a lot of time will be spent with family and all that jazz, I'd love some fun things to do around the city.
So here's to another work week done, and the weekend upon on yet again. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!
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Thursday, March 26, 2015


With the new Insurgent movie just having come out, when I see Four, I think of this...
So after seeing it on the lovely Pamela's blog, I decided this would be fun and easy to do! If you join along, leave a comment below with a link so I can see your answers!
Four nicknames:
1. Nikku (A's name for me)
2. Nickster
3. Niks
4. Nikki Minaj (exclusively at work)
Four jobs I've had:
1. Sales/Retail
2. Bank Teller
3. Cardiovascular Technician
4. Medical Assistant
Four movies I've watched more than once:
1. A Walk to Remember
2. Bridesmaids
3. Aladdin
4. Toy Story
Four things in my purse:
1. KS wallet
2. Notepad
3. Life savers candies
4. EOS lip balm
Four places I've lived:
1. Wheeling, IL
2. Schaumburg, IL
3. Hoffman Estates, IL
**4. Will be Houston, TX at some point next year**
Four places on my bucket list:
1. London
2. Italy
3. Australia
4. Fiji
Four places I've visited:
1. Las Vegas (2009 & 2012)
2. New York (so many times I've lost count)
3. India (last time was 2011, but been a few times before that) 
4. New Orleans (2014)
Four things you'd never eat:
1. mushrooms
2. frog legs (or frog anything)
3. any sort of bug (even for a bajillion dollars, NOPE!)
4. raw sushi (I get sick every time, so cooked or veggie it is)
Four TV shows I watch:
1. Empire
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Chicago PD
4. Scandal
Four things I'm looking forward to in 2015:
1. Getting engaged!!!!!!!
2. My besties bachelorette party in Vegas
3. Said besties wedding in July
4. Meeting A's extended family in less than 2 weeks!
This was so fun to fill out and think about some of the places, things and shows I love. Like I said if you follow suit, add your link in the comments below and I'll be sure to check it out :)!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

College Edition

Hey readers! Today's post is for all your college kids our there. Even though I have long graduated, I still have tons of family and friends who are still in college. Whether you're in grad school or just starting out as a freshman, I feel the pain of registering for classes and buying books and supplies.

Well today I'm here to tell you there's an easier and cheaper way to get books. No, you don't have to sell your kidneys on the black market to pay for them anymore!! Books are seriously so expensive to have to buy from the school bookstore and they know most kids will get it from there, but there are different avenues to get books for cheap and not have to worry about keeping them around or throwing away a pile of money!

Enter, Campus Book Rentals and their affordable rentals for all your classes. They are seriously great and have saved me a ton of money when I was in school. Aren't you sick of buying these expensive books and knowing you won't be getting the use out of them after the semester? Start renting textbooks and never pay for another book that you can't sell back again. I can't begin to tell you the amount of books I still have sitting in my closet because I couldn't sell them back, yuck!

Here are some of the perks of renting from Campus Book Rentals:

//You save 40-90% off of bookstore prices//
//Free shipping both ways//
//You can highlight to your hearts content//
//Need a rental longer, no problem, they're super flexible//
//Plus, they donate to Operation Smile with every single textbook rental//

They have so many other perks, but I want to put a little more emphasis on the fact that they donate to Operation Smile with every rental. I love when companies like this give back to the community and help the world become a better place. It's nice to think that you renting a textbook could potentially save a life of a child. You can read so much more about this awesome charity and the work they do all around the world to help children smile again on their website, it's seriously touching.

So to finish, if you've signed up for classes for next semester already and are about to buy those crazy expensive books, just don't. Go to Campus Book Rentals and help them donate to Operation Smile!

**I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are honest and my own**
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Monday, March 23, 2015


Happy snowy crappy Monday.
That's the crap I had to drive an hour and a half in to work today...welcome to "spring" in Chicago.
This weekend was pretty busy, got to hang with my sis and cousins a bit which was nice.
I had my boss' goodbye dinner at a yummy Mexican place I'd been dying to go to.
I feel like I never get dolled up anymore and haven't curled my hair properly since having the cast on so it was a change to my usual straight hair. I'm awkward and don't know how to pose like a normal person, so you get a kissy face.
Amazing mango passionfruit sangria.

Delicious taco salad!
I met up with my cousins for some fro-yo...first time this year and definitey not my last. I was bummed though because they didn't have any gummy bears which is my favorite topping. I made due with the other toppings though.
That evening my mom, sister, and I all went to go see The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I thought this was such a cute movie, and mymom had been dying to see it so I'm glad we could treat her.
I spent Sunday doing my taxes (and getting a pretty sweet refund back) and catchin up on my shows.
Sad that the weekend is over so quickly, but this means that I'm so much closer to being in Houston with my love. 2 weeks and counting!!!
Linking up with Biana who is celebrating her 2 year wedding anniversary today!! Go head on over and show this pretty lady some love!!
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Faves

Woohoo for Friday!!
It always seems impossible until it's done.
Let's dive right into Friday Faves!
Holidays are made so much better with yummy desserts!!
Got this adorable coordinates bracelet from R & E Avenue with the coordinates of Cafe du Monde (same coordinates as A's keychain gift I posted about here!) I am so thrilled with how it turned out and wear it daily! Such a perfect, delicate piece and I can't wait to show A once I give him his gift!!
Incase you need a new Pandora station to listen to, start listening to 2000s Hip Hop radio, I promise you won't regret it with amazing songs like Salt Shaker and Tipsy you can't go wrong! It also brought me back to high school which was a fun trip down awkward memory lane!
Filled out my NCAA March Madness bracket and have some ballsy picks, especially with Kansas winning it. Even with the upsets so far, I'm optimistic...ask me again on Monday though after the first round is over and done with. I think this is the year of the upsets.
Went to Lush to pick up a new face mask and the girl recommended I tried the Mask of Magnaminty cleansing face and body wash. This is probably the best face mask I've used, ever! I will definitely be purchasing this mask and the awesome part is, that it's a self preserving mask which means you won't need to keep it in the fridge. I am planning on picking up some more things from Lush and plan on doing a full review on some more fun products so stay tuned!
I'm going to this awesome Mexican place for dinner tonight for a farewell dinner for my boss. It'll be nice to just sit back, relax and have some yummy food with margaritas!!
Linking up with Amanda for Friday faves!!
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Most Overrated Actors/Actresses

There has been a little buzz with this topic and after hearing about it on a local radio station, I decided to do a little bit more research as to why certain actors were chosen for this list. I like to think I'm a movie buff, but some of the actors from the list on the particular radio show shocked me. Names like Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, and Will Smith. If you want to check out the article where this specific list is, check it out here!
This is a visual list of the celebs included in the article above. What are your thoughts with this specific list? Do you agree or disagree?
Here are my picks for top 10 overrated actors of our time:
1. Nicolas Cage...I mean this is a given, he is just god awful in all of his movies. There are also countless meme's of this man so finding a picture of him looking like his normal self was quite difficult.
2. Seth Rogen...this guy basically plays himself in He's always a stoner guy who usually always has no job/career. He has definitely typcasted himself with his movies like Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, The Neighbors, etc. You get the point. It's not acting if you are playing yourself in movies.
3. Tom Cruise...what's the last good movie he was in?? I know he was in greats like Risky Business and Top Gun, but he has just gotten weirder and less relevant (minus the whole Scientology thing) since those movies came out.
4. Jim Carrey...I loved this guy in The Mask and even the original Dumb & Dumber, but again he plays an over-exaggerated version of himself. I will give him props that one of the better movies of his has to be Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was a very different avenue than his typical goofy/comedy movies.
5. James Franco...he knows he's overrated and he plays on that. I do think he is absolutely great at making fun of himself, but it's a bit much at this point. He's again typecasting himself by being in similar movies like his pal Seth Rogen, but I think he is capable of being in serious movies too.

6. Megan Fox...I mean to call this woman an actress is really heinous, she sucked in Transformers and all she is is a pretty face really, and that being surgically enhanced. I hate that weird mouth thing she does, not sultry or sexy more raccoon.
7. Scarlett Johansson...I used to like her back in the day, but nowadays she has just kind of gotten blah. She just has this one dimensional side to her and I can't invision her in different types of roles.
8. Kristen Stewart...honestly she has to be on everyone's overrated list because come! on! This girl cannot act to save her life, literally her claim to fame is Twilight and she couldn't even do her role justice. Her one facial expression is just awful and she needs to just leave Hollywood.
9. Cameron Diaz...I never truly liked or cared for her as an actress because really all I see her as is a California surfer chick. I can't name a single movie where I actually enjoyed her in, so there's that. If you have any suggestions then share away, but maybe you'll find it equally hard to find a good movie of hers.
10. Drew Barrymore...she's an actress I liked back in the early 90's before being in almost every Adam Sandler movie. Never Been Kissed was probably one of my favorite chick flicks, but as soon as I saw her in 50 First Dates and Charlie's Angels that did her in with me in terms of good acting.
Honorary Mention:
Jessica Biel
I loved her on 7th Heaven, but she did almost have this bratty side on the show and that very well could have been her role, but she has left that impression since. I don't think she is a movie actress and should maybe stick to the TV screen if anything. Nowadays everyone knows her as Mrs. Justin Timberlake, which definitely isn't a bad gig. Maybe she should just give up on acting and have as many mini Timberlakes as she can.
Now do you agree or disagree with my choices? Who would you add/get rid of from my list?
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

Hey friends! I have been loving dips lately and I am always on the lookout for easy and quick dip recipes. Pinterest has been my main source of scouting out recipes, but I love the recipe swap link up with Emily and Kate because there are always some amazing recipes linked up!!
Peanut Butter Fruit Dip
Peanut Butter Fruit Dip | Cooking Classy
Cooking Classy
+ 2 containers Vanilla greek yogurt (Chobani or Oikos)
+ 1/3 cup peanut butter
+ 1 tbsp honey
Blend all the ingredients in a medium mixing bowl. Whisk until combined. Serve chilled with fruits like apples, bananas, strawberries, etc.
If this isn't the easiest dip recipe you've ever seen/made prove me wrong. I think this would be such a yummy tasting dip to pack in my lunchbag with some freshly cut fruit.
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Monday, March 16, 2015


It's yet another Monday, but Chicago decided to be extra nice today and be a high of 73°!!! I hope everyone had a fun alcohol infused St. Patty's weekend. I decided not to partake in any drinking festivities this year because I'm usually severely disappointed at the end of the evening. I'm not a huge fan of the big drunk crowds and there is just wayyyy too much of that in Chicago. I will admit if you like a fun party, spend one of your St. Patty's weekends in Chicago, we definitely don't disappoint in the drinking/partying aspect.
Here is what my weekend consisted of...
I picked up these adorable and affordable dresses from Old Navy and I am obsessed. I can't wait to wear them while I'm in Houston next month and in general for the summer!! I love the different patterns and love the versatility of the dresses. I also bought a cute denim jacket that can be thrown right over these on a chillier day. #NotAFashionBlogger
#OOTD #Not
Ok let's face it I'm not a fashion blogger nor do I have a willing participant to take my pictures, so iPhone dressing room pictures will just have to do for now ;)! Anywho, I got this adorable hat from none other than Targs and I kinda sorta love it. I think it'll be the perfect laying by the pool hat for Vegas, what are your thoughts?
My bestie went down to see the river getting dyed green. If you've never heard/seen this it's really pretty awesome to see and definitely not a touristy thing since I know tons of Chicagoans that go to this. Goes from yucky swamp green to a bright festive St. Patty's Day green!
So instead of partaking in St. Patty's Day's festivities, I opted for the movies with my sissy. We have been wanting to see Cinderella and made it happen. It was such a good movie and even though everyone knows how it happens, I loved the change in actors and it almost felt fresh. The girl that plays Cinderella is just gorgeous and did a wonderful job, so needless to say I highly recommend this movie to anyone that's wondering if you should go watch it. Also movie theater candy is a must (I buy some at Walgreens or Target and sneak it in, shhh).
Saturday evening was a rare occassion where my parents, sister & I all went out for dinner. My dad usually works all weekend long, but it was a rare one where he was off and wanted to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant.
I was literally starved so I opted not to take a picture, but let me tell you it was delicious!!
Sunday was spent binge watching Bates Motel on Netflix, I swear this is the creepiest, coolest show I've seen. It's kinda weirdly awesome to see how this serial killer got his start and how he started showing signs of his crazy when he was young.
I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and an equally great week ahead!! Linking up with Biana for weekending!
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Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy happy joy joy, it's finally Friday!!
Man am I really glad it's Friday today and we have beautiful weather and outdoor enjoying to do this weekend, well that is if you're in Chicago because other parts of the states are either wet or expecting snow :/. When the weather hits above 40's here in Chicago, we break out our windbreakers and enjoy the outdoors. I've already seen people riding their bikes, playing basketball, and taking walks...signs of warmer temps mean spring is finally graced us with it's presence and I for one can hardly wait!!
In BIG, breaking wrist healed up and I got released from my ugly purple cast this week!!! It seriously feels so awesome to have my arm back and get back to normal. My wrist is a bit stiff and sore still, but glad I have it off well before my trip to Houston and Vegas in a few weeks!!
I also got A's gift in the mail the other day, well one part of it. The other part of the gift will be going to my cousin's house in Houston.  I'm super thrilled with how it turned out and can't wait for him to see it!
It has the coordinates to our spot, Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. It's when we both knew that we found "the one"....I know, awwwww :)! Our word has been 'seamless' and loved how it was incorporated into this. I'm seriously so happy with this, if you want to get anything handstamped, check out SecretSphynx on Etsy. She was really quick and the keychain came packaged in an adorable gift box.
Last night I met up with my friends for a much needed pow wow, we met up at Portillo's and it was ah-mazing. If you're ever in Chicago, you must try Portillo's!!! I stuck to my Vegas diet consisting of cheese fries and a coke (not pictured: the apple walnut salad I devoured).
Now for some of my favorite cuddly animal pictures to brighten everyone's Friday's...
Mindy: "That's really cute. Here's a tip though. Don't try to out cute the cutest person in this office." #themindyproject TUE 9:30/8:30c | FOX
Tiny Polar Bear <3
Happy Wednesday everyone! | The Cutest Animals You Have Ever Seen #welovedogs
Ok so if you didn't think the above was cute and adorable, then none for you Glen Coco.
Linking up with my favorite Amanda for Friday Favorites! I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend ahead of them!!
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