Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekending | Happy Indian New Year

Happy Monday friends! Today is a special one for Hindus all over the world celebrating because yesterday was Diwali and today is our New Year. It's the time of year where change is welcome and everyone is wishing others joys and prosperity for the new year ahead. Having it be my very first celebration as a married woman was even more special.

Friday after work I headed to the salon to get a much needed hair cut. I was itching for a change and although some people don't think I cut that much off, after 2 1/2 years of growing my hair out and getting only trims in between...this was a welcome change. I absolutely loved my stylist, he did such an amazing job of giving me the exact look I asked for!!

Afterwards we had a pizza night with the cousins, it was fun to catch up with them after not seeing each other for a while. 

Saturday was spent running errands in the morning like grocery store run, Target run for Halloween candy and a much needed car wash! That evening we headed to a Diwali party that a family friend was having. Of course I got basically zero pictures besides a selfie and quick shot of the decor.

Sunday was a late start to the day, but with it officially being Diwali that day, we celebrated by cooking yummy breakfast and enjoying it as a family. Some people stopped by during the day to drop off sweets and other yummy to say we are stocked up! We lit our candles and prayed for good health, joy, prosperity and happiness in the upcoming year.

We ended the night eating tacos and watching my Cubbies stay in the series...couldn't end it without taking a selfie with my babe!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Sad I'll be missing most of the passing out candy since we'll be at temple when I get home from work, but hope to see some little kiddos in between! I'll also be nerding out at work...if you wanna catch some sneak peek's follow me on Snapchat (npat62)!

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Faves | Photo Dump & Cubbie Lovin'

Happy Friday loves! If you haven't heard about it yet, THE CUBS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!! This makes my Chicago lovin' heart so so happy because this team, they totally deserve to go all the way! It's been super exciting to watch them, but I can't help but feel homesick whenever I do watch them because I bet the city is electric, especially tonight. Wrigley Field is hosting their first World Series with the Cubs in it since 1945!

I thought I would share some pictures from my phone (mostly Snapchat, sorry not sorry, but most of my pictures come from there).

Been loving Halloween stuff and excited to celebrate it at work. Our theme is nerds and I'm glad it's something mostly tame and easy to DIY! Also enjoying all the yummy Halloween desserts, candles, skulls and Charlie Brown movies!

I'm definitely still loving on Snapchat filters! If filters are just a fun next year I may suggest we dress as our favorite filter! In the meantime, I'll just continue to be an adorable puppy on Snapchat!

Speaking of adorable puppies, got to Facetime with my sissy and adorable fur-nephew.

My cubbies made it into the World Series after a looooooong slump and a lot of goat hating. Look up the Cubs goat curse if you're not sure what I'm talking about. It's been so exciting watching such a young and talented team and you can tell they aren't letting this opportunity slip by. The first game got past us, but the Cubs came back to win the 2nd night. Now that the game has moved to Chicago in the friendly confines, I know it's going to be a good weekend of games!! Friday, Saturday & Sunday if you're interested in watching potential history be made, tune in! I'll be donning my Cubs shirt all weekend long.

This weekend is a huge Indian holiday called Diwali and our Indian New Year. Since it'll be my first one as a married woman, there is definite hype over that. Plus we have a dinner on Saturday at our family friends house that I'm excited for because we'll be seeing people we haven't seen since our wedding! Of course this holiday also makes me homesick for my parents who I can't celebrate with.

Since this weekend we can't really squeeze in date night we decided to go Wednesday for dinner at Baker St Pub so we could catch game 2 of the Cubs vs. Indians! My burger was soo so yummy, this place also has the best stateside fish and chips according to my husband, so we'll definitely be making more trips here!

Side note on some exciting stuff around the blog world. 

Congrats to the beautiful Kate and her H on their beautiful baby girl Serena!

Congrats also to Jenn and MG on having their prayers answered, they just announced their pregnancy and I'm over the moon excited for them to start this journey! Prayers on a healthy pregnancy :)!


Any fun plans for this weekend? I hope y'all have a beautiful weekend!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wedding Wednesday | Bridal Party Entrance

Happy hump day friends! If you missed the announcement last week, I'm excited to welcome Alex from Always, Al as my co-host for Wedding Wednesday! We have a new button that you can find at the bottom of the post, so grab it and join in on the fun :)!

Today I wanted to recap the bridal party entrance at the wedding. Now you may notice from the pictures that one important person is missing from the entrance...the groom! Well he gets his own celebratory entrance into the wedding which I'll recap next week...yes it's that big that it needs it's own post!

The photographer got some great shots of the entrance and I was excited to look back at the pictures since it was stuff I couldn't really see from my point of view.

The moment when it actually felt real...

And of course I remembered to look up so the tears don't roll down my face, priorities!

My Gramps and 2 uncles.

My amazing brothers carrying me down the aisle.

I just love my nephews faces in this, too cute not to share.

My uncle that I basically grew up with giving me away, definitely an emotional moment.

Our amazing bridal party 😍!


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I love reading all about your big day, someone else’s wedding adventures, or anything else wedding related. Alex & I just can’t wait to read all about it!


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wedding Wednesday | Bridal Details

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today is an especially exciting one because as sad as I am to not co-host this link up with Macy anymore, we found an amazing new co-host to help keep this link up going on for as long as we can!!

I'd like to welcome Alex who blogs over at Always, Al as my new co-host for Wedding Wednesday. If you don't already know her, I highly highly recommend visiting her blog and saying hi, she's really great! She's also a newlywed just like me and got married just a few short weekends before I did. I'm excited to have her join me in this as I've enjoyed reading her posts!

Without anymore talking, here are some of my favorite bridal detail shots from my wedding!
(Big time photo dump, my apologies!)

Can you tell I was slightly obsessed with my shoes, can't wait for a reason to bust them out and wear them again, if broken in correctly, very very comfortable!!

My photographer showed this picture to me moments after he took it. I applaud him for carrying that heavy hanger all the way outside just for the perfect shot...I'd say he got it!!

Not sure if you can notice what my hair girl and makeup girl are wearing (hair in black, behind me & makeup in the white tank on the corner of the pic)...they are completely separate and don't know each other, but happened to come wearing coordinating outfits that morning!

My wedding hair totally prepared me for true Texas hair...the higher the hair, the closer to God right?!

I give HUGE props to my hair girl. She was the best person for me to have that weekend. We just gabbed and gossiped while she got me ready, but she went above and beyond and helped finish getting me dressed and ready to go. Seriously the sweetest person I've ever met and wish she could do my hair daily!

I had to end with this picture. Not to sound cocky, but this is my favorite picture, like ever! It was a totally candid shot which is probably why I like it so much more than any staged ones. I think it was in this moment where it finally hit me that I was getting married!!!


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I love reading all about your big day, someone else’s wedding adventures, or anything else wedding related. Alex & I just can’t wait to read all about it!