Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekending | Mentally Draining

Sorry I've been super MIA friends. I was planning on having my cruise recap up and going, but this weekend was something that definitely took priority. What seemed like a super normal weekend, ended up with us requesting all the prayers.

On Saturday night my father-in-law suffered a severe stroke that affected the left side of his brain, which is his main speech function side. He hasn't been able to speak or communicate and is currently in the Neuro ICU trying to recover. We are just praying for a good outcome and recovery for him. He has definitely gone through his fair share of health issues and overcome every single one of them with a huge smile on his face. This is really tough on my husband and seeing him like this is the toughest thing ever. 

If you pray to any God, please just keep my father-in-law in your prayers, he is such a strong fighter and I know he will overcome this hurdle, but it is very hard seeing him like this.

Unfortunately because of this, we didn't really get to celebrate Mother's Day with my mother-in-law, but it made me smile looking on Instagram and Snapchat seeing everyone with their loved ones. I hope you had a fantastic time celebrating with your mom's and loved ones. The person I turned to most during this hard time was definitely my mom. She is always my go to during tough situations and I know I needed to be a strong wife for my husband and our family. Thankful for mothers like her, my mother-in-law and all the strong mothers out there!


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Monday, May 8, 2017

2017 Travel Diaries: Western Caribbean Cruise {Part 1}

Phew finally I'm back posting (hopefully somewhat regularly) and I'm started it off with my cruise recap! I can't believe it was already a week since we've been back. 

The cruise started out leaving from Galveston on Saturday. It was kind of a doozy of a day since it was mostly checking in and getting acclimated with the ship.

Of course I had to document our delicious dessert from dinner that night.

On Sunday (sea day) was my momma's 60th birthday and the main reason for the big cruise! We started out with some coffee on our balcony, it felt amazing to just look out and see nothing but blue water.

Our stewardess was so great and decorated a little for my mom's birthday, the whole week they were so sweet giving her little gifts throughout! 

We decided to head up to the lido deck for some lunch, yummy tacos which I'm so craving again! 

Afterwards we hung by the pool and took advantage of a quieter pool area.

Afterwards we decided to get ready for our first formal night. Luckily for us it was dress up night and mom's birthday which was just extra special.

After another delicious dinner, the wait staff came out with a yummy cake for my mom.

The third day (2nd sea day) we woke up early and headed up for some yummy breakfast. 

After doing some walking around and grabbing a few of the activities, we decided to hang poolside again, this time with some yummy frozen drinks. 


I think that's a good stopping point until next time where I'll go into more of the ports we stopped in during our cruise!