Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What's Been Going On?!

Wowza! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever!!! I think I definitely needed this little holiday break from blogging and have my idea juices flowing. I'm thrilled for the new year to be upon us and am really hoping it's much better than this year. Let's see how efficiently I can whip up this post while jamming out to Beyonce's album, lemme tell ya, it's pretty hard!! 

XO by B on Grooveshark

Jam out to that while reading the rest of this, you'll thank me afterwards!

So let's see, Christmas was great! I got to spend it with family and that's more than I could have asked for. I was unfortunately a bad blogger and didn't get many pix, I was more concerned with eating anything and everything in sight. I did get some pretty awesome gifts this year and feel so lucky!

Loved waking up to this pic of my nugget nephews!

 Clothes, nailpolish, jewelry, jersey, candles & hand lotions!
Posing with my sissy's elf friend.

My beautiful sister, cousin, & myself.

Nothing like a falafel salad for Christmas dinner.

The rest of that week was spent working and digesting all the food eaten. On Saturday, my cousins and I did a mini stay-cation at a local hotel. We went to dinner at TGI Fridays and stayed in and played board games and watched movies all night, it was so much fun. Plus we had a pretty sweet few, albiet of the suburbs.

The next morning, we grabbed brunch at the best local brunch spot (IMO)!

The rest of the day was spent bumming around watching Lifetime movies. On Sunday I unfortunately had to work in the morning, but afterwards went to Sephora to get my makeup done for a sweet 16 I had later in the evening. I luckily got the same girl who has done my makeup before at Sephora and of course she did an amazing job. I seriously couldn't stop taking selfies of my makeup, easy to say I was obsessed with my look. Bonus points for holding up the entire day!!

On Monday, after work I headed to the nail salon to get a much needed pedicure. I love going to this salon because they are so clean and make my feet feel like a baby's bottom! I got a no-chip manicure a few days prior and I love it for New Year's Eve!

For NYE tonight I am going out with my friends to downtown Chicago and hoping to ring in the New Year with lots of champagne and fun! I cannot wait for 2014 and hoping for an awesome year ahead! Here's a sneak peek at my look for tonight!

I hope every single one of you have an amazing New Year's Eve, whether you are going out or are the lucky ones staying in. I just hope I can stay up until midnight!

Happy 20134!!!!

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy...Merry...December 25th!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and Happy December 25th to anyone who doesn't. I hope everyone gets to spend time with the people they love, I know I will. Can't wait to spend time with my family and watch tons of Holiday movies and eat tons of yummies!!

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Happy Friday! I cannot believe how fast this year is just flying by (I know everyone is harping on that especially now), but Christmas is a mere 5 days away!! I'm so relieved that all my presents have been wrapped, sent out, and given. I can't wait to spend time with my family and just relax (even though I'm working the day before & after Christmas) and especially gorge out on all the food!!

I'm linking up with Whit first for some back that azz up Friday. Since it's the holiday season and all, I figured a Christmas song would be fitting. 

Secondly, I'm linking up with Darci for 5 for Friday.


1. Presents!
I'm so beyond blessed with amazing friends and family and the gifts I'm getting this year are perfect!! 

(Yes, this is happening, thanks sissy!)

2. My holiday cards.
I finally got my cards in the mail yesterday and can't wait to send them out. If you would like one, just email me and I'll send one your way!

3. Christmas movies.
I've been binge watching so many Christmas movies, it's a bit ridiculous. Here are my absolute faves!

4. My new blog look.
I'm seriously obsessed, I'm sure my recent traffic has just been me admiring the look. Thanks again Brianna (and congrats on your 100th post!!)

5. My adorable nephews!!
I can't stop gushing about these goobers. I love them so much and cannot wait to see them in 1 month & 3 days!!!!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and upcoming Christmas holiday. I won't be blogging until after the big day because there is still so much to do!! 

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Best Songs of 2013

You know what day it is? HUMP DAY!!
Ok so, if you aren't following Helene then what's wrong with you?! She is the bomb.com especially when it comes to listening to some good jams, she's got them all covered. She is having a one-time link up today to discuss the best songs of 2013. Since music is my drug, I knew I had to link up with her.

Helene in Between

So here are my picks for the best songs of 2013:

10. Berzerk- Eminem
Some people may disagree with this choice, but I love me some Slim Shady.
Berzerk by Eminem on Grooveshark

9. Get Lucky- Daft Punk
No matter how many times I hear this song, I can't help but wanting to get up and dance.
Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams) by Daft Punk on Grooveshark

8. Treasure- Bruno Mars
This was another song that I just can't help but dance anytime it comes out, even if it's alone in my car.
Treasure  by Bruno Mars on Grooveshark

7. Marry Me- Jason Derulo
Ok, this is the sweetest gesture any boyfriend can do for his girlfriend. Plus the song is actually good!
Marry Me by Jason Derulo on Grooveshark

6. Lego House- Ed Sheeran
I just love this ginger Brit, this song is just amazing and was on repeat for an entire month when I first heard it!
Lego House by Ed Sheeran  on Grooveshark

5. #Beautiful- Mariah Carey ft. Miguel
All hashtags aside, Mariah has a voice that nobody can compare to and I only like the version with Miguel in it.
#Beautiful (feat. Miguel) by Mariah Carey on Grooveshark

4. Timber- Ke$ha ft. Pitbull
As much as this song is on the radio, I just can't get enough of it, ask me again in a month.
Timber - Pitbull & Kesha by NewThingRadioWeb on Grooveshark

3. Crazy Kids- Ke$ha
This is one of Ke$ha's songs that I actually really enjoyed. Definitely a danceable beat!
Crazy Kids by Kesha Feat. Will.I.Am on Grooveshark

2. White Walls- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Macklemore just keeps coming at everyone with these hits. Love the beat to this song so much!
White Walls by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. ScHoolboy Q, Hollis on Grooveshark

1. Story of My Life- One Direction
Ok, I am going to make an admission here and I may lose followers here. I'm a 25 year old who is obsessed with 1D songs! I don't have a crush on any of these Brits, but their music is just great. This song is off their new album and it's definitely a more mature record, me likey. Oh and my sister is awesome and as my Christmas gift, she got me tickets for their concert which falls on my birthday next year!!!
Story of my life by One Direction on Grooveshark

So these are the songs that I was loving on this year, what would be on your list? Do you agree/disagree with any of my picks??

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The College Life

Hey guys! Today's post is for all you college kids. Although I am just about nearing the end, I know the pain of registering for classes and buying books and supplies. Well today I'm here to tell you there's an easier and cheaper way to get books. No, you don't have to sell your kidneys on the black market to pay for them anymore!! 

Enter, Campus Book Rentals and their affordable rentals for all your classes. They are seriously great and have saved me a ton of money so far. Aren't you sick of buying these expensive books and knowing you won't be getting the use out of them after the semester? Start renting textbooks and never pay for another book that you can't sell back again. I can't begin to tell you the amount of books I still have sitting in my closet because I couldn't sell them back, yuck! 

Here are some of the perks of renting from Campus Book Rentals:

~You save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
~Free shipping both ways
~You can highlight to your hearts content
~Need a rental longer, no problem, they're super flexible
~Plus, they donate to Operation Smile with every single textbook rental

They have so many other perks, but I want to put a little more emphasis on the fact that they donate to Operation Smile with every rental. I love when companies like this give back to the community and help the world become a better place. It's nice to think that you renting a textbook could potentially save a life of a child. You can read so much more about this awesome charity and the work they do all around the world to help children smile again on their website, it's seriously touching. 

So to finish, if you've signed up for classes for next semester already and are about to buy those crazy expensive books, just don't. Go to Campus Book Rentals and help them donate to Operation Smile!

**I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are honest and my own**

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Nikki Lately

Hey y'all! Is it just me or does it feel like Mondays come around way more than usual?! Well this week was jam-packed and exciting. 

For starters, do you guys notice an awesome change on this little ole' blog?! The amazing Brianna completely re-designed my blog and made it look soooooooo incredible. I do not have enough great things to say about her. She immediately emailed me once I contacted her and we started the process right away and she worked away and did this amazing work in 2 days!! She not only has a super quick turn around, she's always responding back to emails, her prices are super affordable, and she's such a sweetheart! She even has a la carte services, you can check out all her info here.

 On Tuesday I had my last final ever and it was such a relief to know that I passed my psych class with an A. After my final, my sister and I headed downtown to my cousins place until the Bulls game later that night. The game was such a blast, as always!

The next day (Wednesday), my sister and I headed to the Shedd Aquarium to spend the day there. I haven't been there since I was tiny and it was so exciting and awesome to see all the exhibits. The aquatic show and jellies exhibit were so interesting and I learned a ton!

Since we were in the city, after the Shedd we headed to Crumbs bake shop to get some yummy cupcakes!

Later that evening, the local Sephora had a pre-release of the Naked3 palette, so I had to wait in line to grab one for myself. I am in love with this new palette and have used so many of the colors already!

Thursday & Friday was spent mostly cleaning and organizing the house as best as I could.
Saturday was supposed to be a day to just stay in, be cozy, and watch Christmas movies. That is, until my sister texted me that she scored 2 free tickets to the Jingle Bash, a concert put on by the local radio station. I of course was excited, but needed to find someone to join me so last minute. My best friend had plans, but somehow convinced me to ask the guy I've been crushing on. I was adamant on not asking him because it was awkward, but she somehow got me to just ask him. I asked him and he said he would love to come with. Now I know this was just us going as friends, but I knew it would be a fun time with him regardless. He was a perfect gentleman and held all the doors open for me! Even though some of the performances weren't our cup of tea, we enjoyed people watching and joking the entire night. He even invited me to go out afterwards with some of his friends downtown, but I had to decline since I was on-call in the morning. I'm not sure if he is interested in me at all, but I think hanging out with him alone was a huge step for me. I'll keep y'all posted on if this goes anywhere!
*Unfortunately no pictures of the 2 of us, but here are some from the concert*

*The first picture is my awkward snapchat selfie I sent to my friend while waiting for said guy to meet me up, it doesn't show, but I was soooo nervous*

Sunday was spent working in the am and watching football the rest of the day. 

I'm linking up with Bella for Weekend Recap (thanks to Kate I found another weekend recap link up!)

Dateless in Dallas

Hope you guys had a great week/weekend and have an awesome week ahead.
8 more days until Christmas!!!!

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