Tuesday, December 10, 2013

You're Always a Kid on Christmas

Hello pretties! When I saw all the buzz around this linkup with Helene and Taylor I knew I just couldn't pass it up. With all the snow Chicago got hit with a few days ago (and pretty much every where else, it seems like) it sure is starting to feel like a Christmas wonderland around here. Don't get me wrong, I hate the snow and cold weather, but something about the holidays just make it all ok (for now). Anywho...let's get to the real point of this post. I'm not sure if I'm going to do this correctly, but according to Tay it's just a fun holiday linkup to share memories, pictures, and what still makes you a kid at heart.

The Daily Tay

I didn't have much time to dig out a bunch of pictures, but I did have a few which were surprisingly around Christmastime. They definitely prove that I can still be a kid at heart.

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year and it's not just because of the presents. My parents actually stopped getting us presents after we went to high school, we would get things throughout the year and that would "qualify" as our Christmas gifts. I actually didn't even care, I mean I won't lie and say I don't like getting presents because opening up a new thing is just awesome, but I actually love getting the presents. 

This year I did pretty much all of my Christmas shopping before black Friday and was quite proud of myself. I did have a few last minute things to get, but most of my shopping (and even shipping) was done way in advance. I also really took advantage of online shopping this year which saved sooooo much hassle going to the mall, finding parking, going out in the cold, and waiting in crazy lines. I'm actually shipping out my last gift of the season tomorrow, now the gifts to myself are not quite done yet, I'm looking at you Naked3 palette!!

I've always been and will continue to be a girly girl, if the picture above doesn't show you that. I loved that darn mermaid barbie doll so much. Also, don't you just love my insane sense of style in that picture, thank god that has improved a little bit.

Well, I guess I wasn't entirely thrilled with this dress as my gift, I mean the floral print, really?! I don't know what my parents were thinking, but I do know they wanted a boy with that rad haircut I'm sporting there. Dresses were definitely my "thing" when I was younger and even now, I love to wear a pretty dress and feel great in it, I guess some things never change.

Here's a better picture of my gorgeous flowing locks....oh wait! At least I have that entire pink ensemble to prove I'm a girl. Oh and I also love talking; on the phone, in person, doesn't matter I love it lol. This proves it. 

So finally, a thing that keeps me feeling like a kid is definitely children, especially around this time of year. My nephews are definitely letting me live through them vicariously because they just love Christmas!

Seriously, how could these boys not have my heart. I cannot wait to spend an entire week with them in January and you should expect a complete photo overload!!

I'll be acting like a kid tonight at the Chicago Bulls game, it's my first game since April and I cannot wait, especially because I am still riding the winning high from yesterday's Chicago Bears win!

So how are you all still kids at heart around Christmas?! Link up with those two lovely ladies and leave some love below!!


  1. of course you can link up anything holiday themed! that is so great you got the shopping done before black friday! i am way behind! i love the pink ensemble!