Thursday, November 20, 2014

Houston Recap: Part 1

Hey blogland! I'm back from my awesome Houston trip and sad to be back in cold, snowy Chicago. Although the weather didn't cooperate the whole time while I was in Houston, I would definitely take that over snow and negative wind chills, trust me. Well anywho, I figured I would break this trip up into 2 posts to not bombard y'all (see I sound Texan already, lol).

I flew into Houston on Friday afternoon and was picked up by my amazing boyfriend. He got us tickets to the Houston Rockets game that evening so we decided to just head downtown and hang around grab a few drinks and have some dinner. We ate at this great Italian place, Mia Bella and I had the yummiest pasta dish. After dinner we headed to the Toyota Center for the game. We were a bit early, but we got to enjoy the pregame show and just chit chat. The game was a blast, although I was pretty tired. The Rockets won, thank god!

On Saturday, we head out to do some shopping at the Galleria. We stopped by the Williams Waterwall which was pretty awesome to see and snapped a few pictures, of course. I picked up some skincare stuff and a few clothes, but it was fun to window shop a bit (hint to my Christmas wish list) and see the mall all decorated for the holidays (albiet, a bit early).

 The mall was nuts with holiday shoppers already, but it was still a fun time. I love the variety of stores, high end and low end that the Galleria offers.

In the evening, I was going to meet my boyfriends parents for the first time (insert freak out here). I wasn't feeling great after lunch, for some reason it just didn't sit so well with me. I thought I would be fine, but as you will soon find out, I wasn't. When we got to his house, his parents greeted me and I gave them my gifts (hello, brownie points). We sat and talked for a bit and got to know each other, they are as sweet as can be and I cannot wait to be apart of this family.

Before dinner, A showed me his baby/childhood photo albums which was so fun getting to see him and get to see his childhood through pictures. During that time, I felt super nauseous, but figured it will just pass. We went to sit down for dinner and his mom had cooked up a storm. There was so much food I wasn't sure how I was going to get through even a little bit of it. His mom kept putting more and more stuff on my plate (typical Indian mother) and I knew I was not going to be able to finish it. Well about half way through dinner, things headed downhill on the nausea front. I basically dodged to the bathroom with my hands over my mouth, barely making it before letting everything out.


After my stomach had exacted it's revenge, I just stood in front of the bathroom mirror in my boyfriends house while his parents probably were sitting outside shaking their heads like what has he gotten himself into. I was upset that this was happening the very first time I was meeting his parents, my future in-laws! When I figured enough time had passed and nothing more was going to be coming out of my body, I slowly made my way back outside. His mom had nicely put my plate away, noting I didn't have to eat anymore, thank god. They asked if I was feeling ok and if I wanted anything. The amazing part that made me love his parents was that they barely made a big deal about the ordeal, just wanting to make sure I was feeling amazing are they?! I seriously lucked out because in any other situation this would have ended horribly.

Afterwards, A & I headed to a Starbucks in Uptown to grab some coffee and sit and talk since I wasn't up for much more activity after all that.

Come back tomorrow to find out about the rest of my trip...hint: his parents invited me over again and it went SO much better!

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