Monday, April 20, 2015

Houston Recap: Deux

So if you missed the first part of this recap you can catch up here!!
Ok now that you're all caught up, let's pick up where we left off.
Saturday was a hectic morning. I dropped some clothes off to get alterations on and had to run around picking them up. After running all the crazy errands, we headed to my aunts house to get ready for the evening festivies. Now in the Indian culture, there really is no proposal which states you get engaged, instead the families come together and acknowledge the relationship and that's that..the wedding follows. Well while A's grandparents were in town, his mom wanted us to get engaged...since that didn't happen with the ring and all she decided to have a little Indian ceremony which symbolizes the union basically. The jist of it went like this, we come bearing gifts and sweets to his house. Then we do a little prayer before everyone feeds us said sweets and we take pictures with each and every family, along with getting presents (in the form on $$$). I didn't mind this part because we got quite a bit and put it all in a joint bank account to help pay for wedding expenses. After that was over, we were basically done so the men went to watch TV and drink while the ladies got dinner ready. We ate and lived happily ever after. I didn't take many pictures during the actual event (there were many many photographers snapping away so once I get a hold of them I'll be sure to do a post on it), but here are some before the celebration.

I really enjoyed being able to spend time with his family and bonding with this cousins since they will all become my family soon enough!
Sunday was my boo's birthday and we spent the day celebrating by doing what we do best, eating and shopping! We had lunch at his favorite restaurant ever, London Sizzler (seriously the best chicken kabobs I've ever had). As we were leaving, the rain was torrential and we had to hide out under the shopping plaza until it slowed down a little. Houston rain is no joke y'all. After we fought the rain as best as we could, we headed to the Galleria. It was packed and super busy, but I had fun window shopping at Neiman Marcus. The rest of the evening we spent with his parents having dinner at home and watching Nightcrawler at home.
Monday we were supposed to be in Galveston, but thanks to the crazy rain we decided not to go. Instead I made A take me to the Houston Premium Outlets. I seriously did a ton of damage there, but picked up some really great stuff. I got a casual tee from Express factory outlet, coral shorts from Calvin Klein, and my favorite purchase (well actually gift)... very first David Yurman ring!!! I had been wanting one for a while and when I was browsing through, A pointed one out that he really liked and when I tried it on, I loved it so he bought it for me. What a sweetheart buying me gifts during his birthday week, definitely a keeper! We spent the better part of the day shopping, but later we went home to freshen up for dinner. We went back to Memorial City Center for dinner and drinks at Yardhouse with a few of his friends. One of his friends is getting married this year during Thanksgiving weekend and we had fun chatting about all the planning, can't wait for their wedding!!
Tuesday was the dreaded day...the day I headed back to Chicago. Luckily I had half the day in Houston so we spent it together just hanging out at home. Before the airport we stopped by his families houses' to say goodbye. We grabbed a bite to eat before getting to the airport. We always like to hang out for as long as possible (judging by the security line) before we have to go. This was seriously the hardest goodbye we've had thus far. This was the longest time we've spent together (8 whole days) and emotions were running high during all 8 days. When we hugged goodbye, I couldn't help myself and tears just started flowing like crazy....yes I was that girl. Note to self: bring kleenex. We knew it wouldn't be long until we saw each other again, but the thought of having to go back to normalcy after an amazing time spent together was devastating. After I finally got my act together I kissed my babe goodbye and headed towards security. Not sure why my hormones were out of whack, but as I was walking to the Starbucks and got in line...tears started welling up again.
I got my soy chai latte and jetted back to Chicago, leaving my heart in Houston <3 .="" p="">
Sorry for the super long and wordy post, but if you made it to the end HIGH FIVE!!!

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  1. Ahhhh I love the story of the families coming together, so excited for you gurlie! And that ring.. GORGEOUS! Just think.. Memorial Day Weekend will be here before you know it ;-)

    Have a fabulous week <3

  2. Love your outfit for the wedding and your hair looks gorgeous! Such a cute gift from the guy!

  3. That Indian ceremony seems really interesting, I hope you can do a post about it when you get your pictures back!

  4. You all looked beautiful for the ceremony!! When i saw your DY ring on insta I feel in love with it too - so pretty! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston