Friday, April 17, 2015

Houston Recap: Uno

Happy happy Friday!! I have missed posting and feel like I have so much to catch you all up on and being away for a week really messes you up on adjusting back to normal. Let me just say, this was hands down my favorite trip, even though the weather prevented us from going away anywhere, it was perfect and couldn't have asked for a better trip! Warning this will be a picture heavy post, but I'm going to split the recap up into 2 posts.

I flew into Houston on Tuesday evening and was picked up by my adorable boyfriend. We then hightailed it to Chuy's where I had an amazing enchilada and chatted with his cousin, who is the sweetest person like ever! I wish I was more awake to enjoy a drink, but I was exhausted from traveling. Afterwards we called it a night and headed home.
Absolute travel necessities, and I was thrilled there was no line for Garrett's popcorn!!!

Shameless airport least it was in the United Club where nobody was using the bathroom

My future home <3 td="">
Isn't Houston beautiful to fly into? Looks almost like a tropical island!
Wednesday I spent with my parents, sister, cousin and aunt. We headed out to shop and boy oh boy did we do some damage on daddy's credit card...what he offered, I wasn't going to turn it down! I bought a TON of new indian outfits for all the upcoming weddings this year and even found my reception dress!! I love it and feel like a princess in it, can't wait to show it off to the world next July, sorry you'll have to wait until then, but stay tuned! That evening everyone went A's aunt and uncles house to meet for the first time...ever! I was scared this was going to be awkward and nobody would talk, but put a bunch of indians in a room and they can't stop talking! Everyone got along so well and we were both relieved!

Thursday I met up A for a lunch date since he was working. We ate Panera and grabbed the most delicious and cutest cupcakes ever from Gigi's cupcakes! I didn't think I could do the full size cupcake, so the mini's were perfect, plus there was plenty to share!

Vanilla, strawberry, red velvet, & chocolate...delish!
 Afterwards, I met my sister and cousin up for some shopping at the local mall and caught site of gorgeous palm trees and walked into Zales only to walk out finding the exact ring that I want!!! I was so so excited to take A back there later to show him the ring and he absolutely loved it!! I know he is still shopping around and hopefully proposing soon so that is really exciting for me, but incase he does get that ring I don't want to share the pic quite yet...soon my friends, soon!

Seriously?! I can't wait to call Houston my home next year!!!
That evening A and I went on a date near Highland Village to his favorite Chinese restaurant, Ambassador. The food was super delicious, but my favorite part was definitely the travel themed fortune cookies we both got!

Afterwards we went to check out a local wine bar, Sonoma. It was seriously the cutest spot and perfect weather for sitting outdoors. I got an amazing dessert wine along with some earl gray cheese!!
The menus were made of cute!

Handsome BF and I (humidity was NOT my friend this trip!)
Friday was spent hanging out around the house since the weather was on and off during the day, luckily the rain warded off by the evening and A and I were able to enjoy a super romantic date night. We went to Memorial City Center (seriously the cutest little area with amazing restaurants and shops I wish we came earlier to check out. We had reservations at The Tasting Room which had awesome brick oven pizzas that we shared along with wine!

After we headed to Strait's for a drink before our movie later that night. The drinks were so strong I barely got through my Sapphire Mule...note to self, stick to Moscow Mules from now on. We then headed to Studio Movie Grill to watch The Longest Ride. The movie was definitely my pick and he was a sport and was ok with the movie choice, but man did I do bad. The movie wasn't the worst, but it definitely isn't making it anywhere near my watch again movie list. Scott Eastwood is hot, but he can't act and Britt Robinson or whatever her name is was just way too young and immature for this role. Besides pretty faces, there was some pretty bad acting. I was really looking forward to this one, but was sadly disappointed. At least we got a cute date night out of it, that's all that matters.

Tune back next week for the rest of my trip recap, but I'll leave you with the cutest picture of my future hubs...we are seriously going to have the most adorable babies y'all!
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  1. Lots of good eats and QT with the guy! We have a Gigi cupcakes here as well and they are delish!