Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wedding Wednesday {Engagement Shoot}

Happy Wedding Wednesday & hump day lovies! I know I've been super MIA lately, but had some health scares come up over the last weekend, thank god I'm ok and it was nothing serious, but definitely a scary experience. I may touch on it some more later, but let's get onto today's post.

This is my first solo Wedding Wednesday with just Macy & I. I'm super excited to see all your posts and get inspired as I plan!

So in less than 20 days A & I are getting our engagement photos taken. I'm so excited because we are working with the amazing photographer who was there to capture the proposal. He is such a great photographer and very easy to get along with, so we knew without a doubt that we wanted to book him for the engagement shoot. This also means we will be heading down to San Antonio for the shoot. I love that city even more than before because it holds such a special place in my heart since we got engaged. I love the old city feel and architecture and since our photographer knows the city well, I know our pictures will turn out amazing.

Of course I've been scouring Pinterest for engagement shoot inspiration, even though I fully trust my photographer I know there are certain shots that I would love to do. I finally decided on what I'll be wearing to the shoot and I can't wait.

The first outfit is this gorgeous blush pink hi-low maxi dress I picked up from Nordies paired with a skinny gold glitter belt from Target and my new favorite pair of shoes these Steve Madden sandrina heels.  I love how girly and romantic this outfit is and know pictures will look great with it.

The second outfit is our "fun" outfit. We are both sports fans (me- basketball & him- soccer) and we wanted to incorporate our love of sports in the pictures. We also made it so the shirts/jersey we are wearing have our wedding date on it (him-7 & me-16) since we want to use one of the pictures for a save the date. I paired the shirt with white jean leggings (with nice stretch to them) & my white sperry's.

Here is some of the inspiration I've gotten from Pinterest for our shoot.

Tell me about your engagement shoot. Did you have one? Any tips or suggestions you could give me for ours?


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  1. Your outfits are perfect!! We had two engagement shoots and I was so happy with both of them, I can't wait to see yours! You should try and remember to bring your basketball shirt with you to the wedding and try and get a picture with it on above your dress. I did the same thing with a football jersey :)
    Happy 1st wedding Wednesday as a cohost!!

  2. Love your outfits. Since you're getting pics taken when it's still warm out make sure you bring tissues or blotting squares to freshen up whenever possible and bring a dryer sheet to help tame flyaways. Make sure you eat a little snack before and that you're hydrated...I had a friend pass out during her summer engagement shoot because she didn't do those! Lastly enjoy yourselves and let your love shine thorough. Our favorite shots were ones that were in the moment and not perfectly pinterest planned. I'm a fellow bride to be too so pop over to my blog and follow wedding as well :)

  3. Great photo ideas! I like the starbucks one and the scrabble creative! Your outfits are fantastic! The sports shoot will be adorable!! Love how you are incorporating your wedding date in the numbers...perfect!

  4. LOVE your outfits!! We did an engagement shoot and used the photos for our Save the Dates and our wedding guest book. Two different outfits sounds like fun :)

  5. Love your inspiration ideas! (thank goodness for pinterest!!) I'll hopefully be getting my engagement photos done in the next month or two so I can't wait to hear all about how your shoot goes! - Svetlana @Life with a Side of Wine

  6. So flingin' flangin' excited to see your engagement photos! Loving both of your outfits you picked out, your pictures are going to be amazing!

    So glad you're ok, I was so scared for you! *hugs*

  7. Hope you're doing okay and it wasn't anything too serious! How excited are you to get your photos done and to go back to your engagement spot to do them? I love the dressy and then casual outfits you picked...Good luck!

  8. I love your inspiration board girl! Hope everything's okay health wise! xo