Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wedding Wednesday {We Have A Venue!!!}

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Sadly, this is Meg's very last post for Wedding Wednesday and she is so kindly passing her torch onto me. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I feel like this is such a privilege because I've never had a link-up and think this one is pretty awesome. I love the community it has built and will continue to build as more bloggers get engaged/married/etc this is the perfect avenue to post in. Even if you are planning your dream wedding, but aren't engaged or are already married and want to post some tips or something fun that you loved from your wedding, go for it!!!

I have other semi exciting news, WE HAVE A VENUE!!!

We kinda had one a few weeks back, but we didn't sign anything confirming anything because we still wanted to shop around. This place is not my dream location, but it was seriously affordable and since our parents are paying for most of the wedding I want to make sure to go easy on the budget. Here are a few images of our venue:

I'm really excited because my decorator is really great and I know he can transform this room to look like my dream wedding.

Where did you get married? Any specific reason why the venue was chosen? Link up with MegMacy & I for Wedding Wednesday!



  1. I had my wedding in a museum. My in laws went to see it one day, and were mortified. It was very plain, but huge, and in the perfect location. Our planner had a vision and shared it with us. We had to get lighting, tables, chairs, etc, but it turned out amazing. Needless to say, the in laws were impressed!

  2. Your venue looks beautiful! It won't take much for your coordinator to pull it all together, I can't wait to see how everything looks in the end. Finding our venue was pretty easy for us since I work in the industry, but I know a few brides that took over a year to find their venue, so be thankful you have one :)

  3. Congrats on being the new host!

    My husband and I did things a little differently. We had a tiny wedding in a chapel in San Antonio, where my parents got married. Then we had one reception in my hometown and two receptions where we were living at the time. The one in my hometown was in the museum where I interned one summer. The two where we lived were both in a party barn, which frankly we only picked because our town had no good venue options. It only cost $500 for the entire day, though, and we were able to set up the day before and clean up the day after, for no extra cost.

  4. I really love those photos of your venue - it's good to be a gorgeous wedding, and I cannot wait to follow along with all of the planning. Thank you for so graciously taking over for me :)

  5. CONGRATS gurlie! (on the venue booking and for hosting this great linkup) Your venue looks gorgeous, and I can't wait to see it all come together for your big day. We were still living in Connecticut when we got married, so we booked a year and a 1/2 in advance to secure an outdoor venue on the water which are hard to come by and there's only a few months where it's warm enough to be outside. I was so happy with our choice, and love visiting the venue for brunch whenever we happen to be up north :)

  6. Oh my gosh, your venue is gorgeous! I can't wait to see how it turns out.