Thursday, September 17, 2015

Surprise Baby Sprinkle

At both of my jobs, I'm on the party planning/social committee. My newer job is much smaller so usually just take ownership of throwing any birthday parties and such (there's only 4 of us, so not too much to plan). My coworker at this job is due in 2 weeks and about a month ago, I knew I wanted to do something special for her. Although this isn't her first baby, she should still have a little sprinkle. Only having 4 people in a small office is definitely hard for planning a surprise party. A lot of passed back post-it notes and discreet emails. I even came into work after hours to decorate before the day of the party. When it comes to gifts, I absolutely loooove being creative and gifting things people would definitely use and appreciate. Knowing she probably has a bunch of stuff from her previous baby, I skipped complete basics. 

I found this adorable basket from T.J. Maxx (which can be used for storage in the nursery) and filled it with little goodies that she would most definitely need for this new babe. You seriously can never go wrong with diapers, moms will never turn them down. Also get Pampers wipes...they will be used in probably a week, but oh so so necessary. They also smell like a freshly bathed baby, which is just the best smell in the world. I always like to get some sort of toy for the baby, since babies spend most of their beginning in carriers, strollers, etc this little zebra toy was perfect, you can strap it onto the handle and the baby can go crazy playing with it. Teething toy is necessary also, I never realize how quickly babies teeth, this teether is soothing and you can put it in the freezer for a bit to give a wonderful cooling sensation. The Bibbity is great, made of silicone and washable, plus it catches all the food the child may not get to their mouths. Johnson's baby products, I use the baby lotion to this day, it's awesome, plus this gift set came with Desitin diaper rash's rave about this being a holy grail product. Of course you need a cute outfit, I love the soft mint and gray colors.

I also threw in a bottle of 3 buck Chuck wine for the new parents because I know my coworker has been missing out on her wine. Not pictured is the monster sippy cup I included for the big brother to be so he doesn't feel left out. 

All in all (after coupons & wonderful sales at Target) I ended up spending a total of $40 for everything!! 

Her party turned out great and we ate so much!! I'm glad we got to do something so special for her especially because she didn't expect anything at all.

Snuck in a quick picture before all the food and dessert goodies got there and messed up the prettiness. 

I totally recommend doing a basket gift not only for a baby shower, but you could do something similar for a bridal shower, birthday, housewarming, etc. Always scour Marshalls, Home Goods & T.J. Maxx for great deals on adorable baby stuff at a serious discount and check out the papers, there are always coupons for products, especially baby stuff!!


  1. I love the basket idea! I did it for my mums friend who got engaged. I included things like wine, bridal magazines, a picture of the state they met in with the date and their names underneath, a couples massage coupon for the stressful planning, some candles and their favourite candies. Simple but so effective!

  2. How sweet are you! I love everything you included in the basket - very thoughtful! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston