Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Faves | Last one of 2015

Woohoo it's Friday guys!! This means there is literally just a week until Christmas!! Last night was the last girls night of the year and we made gingerbread houses, decorated sugar cookies and drank wine of course, it was awesome and so so good for the soul.

So I just wanted to get this out there, I haven't had the time or motivation to blog during the holidays and am thinking of having a little break until the new year (I'll probably pop in from time to time) and of course I'll be commenting and reading blogs like usual. I just feel like work has been nuts, I've been pulling 11-12 hour days and am just way too exhausted to think of blog posts and the weekends have just been crazy too.

I'm linking up with my girl Amanda for Friday faves one last time for 2015!!

favorite show

Guys, if you aren't watching this show on Netflix, then you're missing out!! Aziz Ansari is so funny and this show is so down to earth. It's basically about this guy named Dev, living the life of an aspiring actor hanging with his eclectic group of friends. I guess I also feel like I relate on some topics with him being an Indian American. This show has 9 Golden Globe nominations already, so there's definitely something unique with this show!

favorite song


Ok guys, the Biebs is knocking it out of the park with this Purpose album. This video is so cool too, the choreography and precision these dancers have is incredible. This specific song is more chill than the other hits, but I like how it almost sounds acoustic.

favorite funnies

Me (when the drug rep calls for our Sbux order): Can you please get me a venti with a double shot of espresso

.: Preach :.

For real though...

I just laughed wayyy too hard at that one!


Alright folks, in case I am not back here before the big day next week, I hope all of you lovely ladies (and maybe gentlemen) have a wonderful and Merry Christmas! I also hope each and every one of you have the happiest and healthiest of New Years, stay safe out there kids!

I will have the link up for Wedding Wednesday up for whoever would like to link up on both Wednesday Dec 23rd & Wednesday Dec 30th!


  1. We watched that show in one was so easy to get through and really funny! I love that he used his real parents as his parents in the show!! I hope you enjoy your weekend and have some time to relax! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Sorry to hear you've been working super long days..sounds like a break is much needed so rest up! Hope you have a great Christmas next week! xx

  3. That Justin Bieber song is awesome! And your funnies are great today!

  4. Love the Starbucks funny, so true!

    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas! thanks for the sweet card :)! you made my day!

  5. Those funnies are the best!!! Hope you have a wonderful break!!!

  6. The coffee size funny is awesome and so true! I also love the "previously on..." one. I'm watching Gilmore girls through right now and do not need that!

  7. LOL at the no need for "previously on", I could not agree more! Just get to the good stuff already! Hoping you have some shorter work days coming up, and less of a need for ventis <3

    Green Fashionista

  8. So obsessed with the Biebs and his new album too! and this good. I have been listening to it on repeat recently!
    Go ahead and take a break girl, enjoy the holidays and relax some. Sounds like you could really use a good break!!

  9. Your funnies are on point today! love it!

  10. These are cute! thanks for the giggles!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away