Thursday, December 31, 2015

| Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016 |

Holy cannoli, how has 2015 already come to an end?! This year has been such a roller coaster ride and I couldn't have asked for a better year! I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for me!

Here's my 2015 year in review!


I started the year off by joining Amanda for the positivity project! It helped me appreciate all good in my life along with what I want to work on in the future! 

I also discovered this amazing recipe and made it, if you need an easy recipe try out this one for baked cheese and bean enchilada!

I also got to spend time with my babe for a few days  which was a great start to the year!


The month of love didn't start out as I had expected it to since I drove all the way to work only to slip and fall on ice and break my wrist...oof! I ended up with a pretty purple cast for the remainder of the month making it hard to do much of anything that requires 2 hands! 

This was also the month of the Grammy's where Rihanna wore a loofa on the red carpet...I can't make this stuff up people. Speaking of award shows, the Oscar's was also this month and we played Oscar bingo, can't wait to play again this year!


March started out a bit better than Feb, I celebrated my friend's daughters 1st birthday, went on a trial bridal hair/makeup sesh with my bestie, and in the best news this month....I got my cast off!!!!!


I celebrated Easter this month with my besties at brunch and headed to Houston for a weeklong trip with the parents meeting for the first time!!! 

I got to celebrate A's birthday, have our "Indian" engagement ceremony, and cry as I kissed my babe goodbye from 8 days of fun together!


I have to say, this was probably my favorite month out of this year!! The month started out with my bestie's bachelorette bash in VEGAS!! It was seriously the best time I've had in Vegas...I've been 3 times now and we got to see/do things that were new which was so exciting!!

The month ended on just as high of a note as it started with....

You can read all about the beautiful San Antonio proposal here...he's a keeper for sure!


Woohoo for summer weather finally in Chicago!! This month we showered my bestie (the bride-to-be) with a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed bridal shower

I "popped the question" to my bridesmaids, flower girls, and ring bearers with the cutest cards!

Saw Jurassic World, took a trolley ride in the rain for a friends birthday, and tried the craziest drink concoctions at The Aviary!

I finished out this busy month celebrating love at a family friends wedding!


Started out this busy month with some 4th of July fun and fireworks!

I also photo dumped for my BEST FRIENDS WEDDING!!! I was so so thrilled to see her and be a part of her big day. She looked amazing and we had so much fun celebrating the two lovebirds! 

A and I went to a Cubs game where he got us seats right behind home plate!! It was such a fun experience and I think I ate my weight in food!


I talked about my favorite lip products, I also won an awesome giveaway where I got 7 new lip colors from Meg, celebrated my 27th birthday and spent my birthday weekend in Houston with my babe. 

We spent the latter part of the weekend taking our engagement pictures!!!!

I got completely spoiled with gifts from A, his family, my coworkers, and my family!!


I recapped my trip to Texas during my birthday weekend, set and failed on my September goals, attended my A's cousins fall inspired wedding, and made spinach lasagna roll ups!


This is the month that I finally joined the Clarisonic craze and developed a skincare routine for myself! I celebrated my bestie's birthday, hung out with my lover Luke Bryan at my very first country concert, and celebrated Halloween as a Gatsby girl!


I shared what I'm thankful for each Thursday of November, tried my first Pure Barre class and shared all my painful thoughts during it (p.s. I did love it, but my wallet didn't). 

I also celebrated Diwali & Indian New Year, unfortunately heard of the tragic new in Paris, and celebrated Pamela's blogiversary with a $325 Nordstrom gift card giveaway.

I headed off to Houston to spend Thanksgiving with my love and in-laws and had a lovely host of guest bloggers fill in for me while I was away (thanks again ladies)!!

While in Houston, we went to see the Rockets play and attended our last wedding of 2015


The most anticipated month of the year felt like it just flew right by! I tried squeezing in as much holiday time as possible!! I had a blast decorating like a mad man this year since it'll be my last one in Chicago!

I got to attend my work annual holiday party with my sis and spend time with my fun coworkers! 

I visited Chicago's Chriskindlmarket with some friends, spent Christmas morning opening presents and lounging with my sissy in our awesome matching PJs! That evening we spent time with family soaking in all the fun of the holidays!


Phew, so much happened this year, so much celebrating and traveling done it's been so fun looking back on everything that happened in 2015!!

And just because this has been floating around all over Instagram, I wanted to showcase the best 9 posts from 2015!


On that note, I hope all of you have a fabulous time celebrating the end of 2015 and the start of 2016! I'll be spending New Years Day driving up to New York to visit family and get some wedding shopping done until Sunday! I hope everyone stays safe and has a happy and healthy start to the new year!

Happy New Year!!


  1. I hope 2016 is just as good as 2015 for you!

  2. So many fun and exciting things happened this year, along with lots of trips to Texas! It already sounds like 2016 is gearing up to be just as good as 2015!

  3. You had such an amazing year Nikki!! And getting engaged was my favorite part of your post :) I love it and can't wait for your cute wedding pictures!! You two are so cute and seem perfect together!! Here's to an even better 2016 for you!!
    xo Candace

  4. You sure had an amazing 2015 with lots of love and fun travel, but your 2016 is going to be even more exciting! Cheers to a fabulous NYE <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. What an incredible year, sweet friend! I am so excited to see how your 2016 plays out and mostly to see what a beautiful bride you will be! Cheers to another new year, love! xo

  6. What an awesome year! I hope 2016 is just as exciting for you!

  7. SUCH a great year!! And 2016 is going to be even better with the wedding, yay!!! Can't even wait - I know it's going to be fabulous! Ps. now I want a cannolli ;)

  8. You had such a wonderful year and I can't wait to follow you along throughout this amazing Wedding year!

  9. What an awesome year! I'm so excited that wedding planning is in full force for you and even through your snaps this weekend that you got so much done!! 2016 will be even better! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  10. Other than breaking your arm, I'd say it was a pretty amazing year - Vegas, bachelorettes, bridal showers, weddings and your engagement are just the best! Happy 2016!