Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The one where I break my wrist...

Hey folks, warning this post will be short & sweet because I'm currently using only 1 hand to type (dedication I tell ya). Why, you might ask? Well, this past weekend we had a pretty nasty winter storm where 18 inches of snow fell. It was brutal & I was so ready to call into work on Monday, but figured I'd just go in and see if any of my patients showed up. Well, I got all the way to work in my hour long commute in the nasty snow covered streets, only to slip and fall on ice walking into work. I took a pretty nasty fall and was pretty sore, but figured I'd be ok. Well, the girls at the front desk heard about my fall and basically told me to go to the urgent care (that's attached to our building). I figured, what the hell I'll get checked out since my wrist and back were sore. Well 2 X-ray's later and the doctor came in the room to tell me I had broken a bone in my left wrist. I was bummed and they put me in a temporary soft cast and sling to help with the swelling until I saw the Orthopedic Surgeon.  I meet with the Orthopedic Surgeon this afternoon and I'm really scared if he tells me I'll need surgery. Now I've gone 26 years without breaking a bone or needing any surgery, so I'm hoping a cast for a few months will fix the problem. I just ask for some prayers on this healing easily and quickly, I have an extremely busy spring/summer this year.
me waiting, icing my wrist

soft cast :/
In lighter, more exciting news, I booked my ticket to Vegas for my best friends bachelorette party, here's to hoping this one goes better than my last one...
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  1. Yayyyyyy Vegas!! But boooo to your wrist, I still can't believe it! So glad you're ok though *hugs*.

  2. OMG girl I cant believe you broke your wrist!! I hope it heels quickly for you! And yay for Vegas!!!!

  3. So sorry about your wrist! What a bummer you made it all the way to work and then got injured! Hope it heals up soon...Vegas should be sooo fun! I just booked for 4th July weekend!

  4. I'm sorry you hurt your wrist! OMG! I would be completely freaking out. You are such a trooper. Praying for a speedy recovery and no surgery! I've also never had to have surgery so hoping for the best.

    Ooh Vegas!! That sounds like a fun time :)