Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Oscars Recap

Good morning friends! If you're like the millions of other people who tuned into the Oscar's last night then a lot of what is recapped will be familiar to you, but if you didn't I'll do a short and sweet recap of the nights events along with my picks for best and worst dressed. I went over to my friends place to watch and play Oscar bingo, trust me if you want to get everyone interested in watching, play games!!
The Oscar's are the cream of the crop when it comes to award shows and this year did not disappoint. I think Neil Patrick Harris did a phenomenal job of keeping the audience interested and cracking appropriate, yet hilarious jokes throughout the night.  I had only seen American Sniper out of all the nominated movies, but definitely have a few more to add to my list after last night.
Neil Patrick Harris
Even with the name flubs and some flat jokes, NPH did the Oscar's justice by being himself and keeping it real. And then there was this moment...
Heeeeelllo, all of NPH...
Lady Gaga performs onstage during the 87th Annual Academy Awards
Let's just talk about Lady Gaga's performance for a second. I was worried when I heard she was going to be singing music from The Sound of Music. Such a classic with some amazing and memorable songs, but boy did Lady Gaga do an incredible job with her performance. Her voice was perfection and I looooved her outfit, why didn't she wear that during the red carpet?!?
Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Patricia Arquette won for best supporting actress for her work in Boyhood. I think her speech was so good, man when you can get Meryl Streep to ferociously clap her hands and bring her to her feet, you did something really right. Girl Power!!
John Travolta and Idina Menzel present an award on stage at the 87th Oscars
What about this absolutely awkward moment between John Travolta and Idina Menzel, why was he caressing his face. Let's just pin John Travolta, the drunk uncle at weddings who hits on everyone...nobody wants you there for this specific reason.
Best Foreign Language Film of the Year
And then theres this guy, he won for best foreign film Ida, but what he will now be remembered for is how long his acceptance speech was. The music literally played out and he was still talking, I thought the moment was pretty hilarious and wondered maybe he couldn't hear the music?!?
Now let's move onto my favorite part of award shows, the fashion!!!
Best Dressed:

I think a LOT of stars knocked it out of the park last night in terms of fashion. My top 3 favorite looks have to be; Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Chung and Chrissy Teigen. They all looked effortlessly classy and so well put together. Serious round of applause for having more best dressed picks than worst.
Best Dressed-Men:
Hello Bradley Cooper. I don't think he has looked any better. I also thought all 3 Chris' did a fantastic job along with my hubby Channing Tatum (I let Jenna borrow him for the night). I also appreciated the guys who went for the unique looks like Oscar winner, Eddie Redmayne and Ansel Elgort who stunned in navy blue tux's. David Oyelowo looked fantastic in the deep red color, this was a stand out year for him minus the snubs at the award shows and I cannot wait to see his performance in Selma.
Worst Dressed:
Along with the stunning best dressed, there have to be a handful of worst dressed and luckily there weren't too many. But I think the looks that just fell very very flat with me were Nicole Kidman, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Felicity Jones.
I think Felicity should have done something more flattering because the ball gown doesn't do her justice.
Marion Cotillard had a very unflattering dress. The back of it was kind of awful and looked like a geisha dress.
Lady Gaga should have worn her performance dress on the carpet and maybe burned this one. I think the red gloves were the worst part, they looked like the gloves you wear to wash dishes with.
Chloe Grace Moretz was another bad one because those damn pockets, she wouldn't let her hands not be in the pocket. It poofed out the dress and gave a very unflattering figure, but the color and style of the dress aren't any better.
I really wanted to love Lupita's gown, but I just hated the top of her dress, the texture was just awkward and I didn't care for it.
Nicole Kidman should have seriously thought about the way her dress was going to photograph, the color is awful and looks like someone threw urine on yeh that's a big fat no.
Sienna Miller's look was just boring and her gown was awkwardly cut too.
Behati Prinsloo is only 25 years old and for god sakes she's married to Adam Levine and a supermodel on top of all that, why is she wearing this awful dress. Also her hair is just all sorts of bad.
Laura Dern is trying to look like a 25 year old in this gown. If her and Behati switched their looks completely I think it may have been better for the both of them. The metal look on her just makes it seem like she's trying too hard.
Julianne Moore looked very uncomfortable in her dress and I thought the fit of it didn't do her justice.
 So these 3 women had me on the fence, I cannot decide if their looks were good or bad.
Emma Stone looks flawless there's no doubting that, but I just don't love this color. I do love the fit and style of it though, but wish it were in a pale blush color to really stand out.
Kerry Washington looked great, but I think in movement this dress is questionable. I think it made her hips wider than normal and that fell flat for me.
Naomi Watts looks fabulous in this gown, but I'm not 100% sure it was right for the Oscar's. The movement of this gown was quite pretty though. I do love how edgy the dress is too.
So now you tell me what your thoughts were on the performances, Neil Patrick Harris, and the fashion hits and misses from last night's show. 
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  1. I was dying when they played the music twice to cut him off and now we know why the show went over by an entire hour!! I agree with your worst dressed...I wasn't a fan of all of those dresses!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. My boyfriend and I were cracking up when that poor guy just couldn't stop talking for Ida! You also hit the nail on the head with John Travolta being the creepy drunk uncle at parties.

  3. I loved JLo's dress too! Not entirely too sure about Lady Gaga's rubber gloves...

  4. I didn't make it through the whole show last night because it runs so late (hello people it's a "school night"!), but I did see more than half of the show, and can't wait to finish it tonight on the DVR :)

  5. I loved Emma Stone's dress I just feel like it wasn't tailored right or something. It's super pretty but looks ill-fitting on her. And YES to John Travolta!!! He's so creepy now!

  6. I think I was the only person that didn't watch the Oscar's. haha So many pretty dresses!

  7. I was super impressed with Gaga as well - she's got some serious pipes!