Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wanderlust Wednesday | The Last Trip to Houston

Hi friends! I seriously feel like the days are just getting away from me and I'm not as present and I'd like to be. Luckily I've been getting posts ready for the coming weeks, but nowhere near I'd like and the time I want to read blogs and comment are just so far and few. I'm hoping to change that as best I can, so if I am commenting late on your blog, please forgive me! 

P.S. All the Wedding Wednesday folks, don't worry you can still link up at the bottom, just taking a break this week :)!

I wanted to wait to recap my last trip to Houston before I officially move there, it's seriously crazy to think that just about a month from now I'll be a Texas resident (eek)!!!

I flew in early Saturday morning on Memorial weekend and was terrified of all the crazy lines at O'Hare airport. Luckily, the night before I saw a great price for a first class seat open up and snagged it! This meant I went through the premier access/TSA pre-check line and it was such a breeze!

Nice to see some Navy men in the line :)!

Of course I ordered a mimosa or 3...but why not right?!

I then ordered the french toast and you guys, it was the best airplane food I've ever had. I am literally craving that and the biscuits something fierce!

When I finally landed and got to hug my man, we headed home with all my bags in tow. I was the crazy lady with 2 oversized bags and a personal bag...I mean I was moving my stuff there so I just had to be that person.

That night we met up with my cousin and aunt for a dinner at my new favorite Mexican place, Chuy's! My first experience here wasn't the greatest, but it has more than made up for it since being back there a few more times. Their boom boom sauce...soo dang good!

Afterwards, A and I headed to Baker Street Pub to catch the OKC vs. Warriors game. It was such a fun night with a live band that was actually good. We hung for as long as we could, which was basically midnight and then we both were done for.

On Sunday, we hung around and ran some errands and visited with some of A's friends who recently just had a baby (who is seriously so dang adorable). We had a date night planned for later that evening so we got home, changed and headed out for our reservations. We ate at Houston's which is one of A's favorite places.

I ordered a veggie burger and y'all this was by far the best veggie burger I've ever had. I swear this trip was all about the yummy food!!

Love my forever date :)!

We headed back to Baker Street Pub and were glad to do so again. They had another live band who was even better than the night before. If you follow me on snapchat (npat62) you probably caught all the hip hop/rock mash-ups they were doing. 

On Monday, we definitely woke up late...I packed and we headed out for the mall. After ordering A's wedding band (finally) and his not so secret wedding gift, we headed to Grimaldi's for some yummy pizza with his cousin. We were all so hungry that zero pictures were taken, sorry not sorry.

We then headed out for the dreaded airport drive, luckily for the very last time ;)! When I was checking in, another first class seat popped up for SO cheap so I jumped on it again gladly skipping all the lines again. I was seriously SO glad I did this because we ended up sitting at the gate for close to 2 hours waiting for clearance. I just sat back and enjoyed my yummy wine until take off. I then had a great meal with the much anticipated chocolate chip cookie at the end :)!

I also got to watch (almost all) of Joy which I was super into. Now I just have to finish the last 30ish minutes.


It was a fairly quick trip with the main purpose of just getting a big bulk of my stuff to Houston, but I'm glad that A and I could see some friends and family and get some date nighting in as well. Until forever Houston :)!!!

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  1. How fun to experience first class, looks like it was a fun and successful weekend! I LOVE that off the shoulder top--you look gorgeous!

  2. girl YES! first class and the last trip! i totally got first class for super cheap for my flight next week and I'm so jazzed about it! especially since I'm checking a bag for like the first time ever ha. all good things - oh also -houstons is my FAV restaurant. we have one across the street from my work. and swoon, all the things are delicious!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Girl, yes to first class and mimosas! The perfect way to start out a trip! And yes to Chuy's and Houston's! Two amazing restaurants! Our Houston's has the most amazing view so it's perfect for happy hour! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. i hate when you're super into a movie on a plane and you don't get to watch all of it. rude! and um those mimosas and basically all the food, especially the burger - yum!

  5. YAY for first class, mimosas, wine, french toast, and cookies. And of course a HUGE YAY for that being your last visit to Houston before making it your new home with A. So much amazing food, Houstons is one of my favorite spots too <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. I didn't know TSA precheck came with first class flights but that was a serious bonus for memorial weekend. We used it to go to Denver and the lined had zero people in front of us. I couldn't be more excited to bump ahead hundreds of people.

  7. It sounds like you had a great trip to Houston with lots of yummy food! I think that I could bathe in Chuy's creamy jalapeno ranch sauce, I'm not even kidding! It's just so good! And hooray for getting some big things knocked off the wedding to do list!

  8. All this food has me drooling! I really want to watch Joy too. Maybe I will this weekend!
    Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

  9. Chuy's is so good! I love how you can eat chips and salsa before you're seated. A few times they've had ground beef out for free too! I've always been curious about Houston's! It sounds really good.