Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Apple Watch | Review

Back when I photo dumped on my life as of late, I mentioned that I got an Apple Watch from my lovely husband as a birthday gift. The awesome Rachael suggested I do a little review and thoughts on what I thought of the watch so far. I figured I'm always up for post ideas and decided to go ahead and let you know what my thoughts are. 

I will disclose that I am not doing this review on behalf of anything, no compensation and I got the Apple Watch as a gift from my husband.

First off I have the Apple® Watch Sport 38mm Rose Gold Aluminum Case with Lavender Band if we're talking specifics. I absolutely love this type of watch for myself because the sport band allows for you to get a little sweaty (which in the Houston humidity is always happening) and it's uber comfortable too. It's hard to really explain the feel of the band, but it's soft and doesn't get caught on anything which is a huge plus. I also love the color because it's neutral enough to match with just about anything. I can wear it with my day to day uniform (t-shirt and leggings) or a nicer going out look. 

Some of the features that I absolutely love in the Apple Watch is the text or call notifications. I'm usually a person who has my phone on me at all times, but short of gluing my phone on me, I can't always carry it. The fact that now I can have my phone in my purse and still make sure I get all my notifications to my watch is a blessing. I don't typically use the reply function when I get texts unless it's a basic emoji or a quick "ok", but quickly glancing at the notification and then responding later is great. Phone calls is another thing I enjoy getting on my watch. It's murphy's law when it comes to call for me, while I have my phone on me nobody calls, but the moment I walk away from it, everyone and their mom's (usually my own) will call me. Now I know I'm getting a call and can either answer right there on my wrist or grab my phone.

This is the display showing all the apps on the watch. I don't use 50% of some of these, but you can have others featured and the ones you don't use on the sides. This display isn't the main face, that's something you can customize with one of the faces Apple provides, or can customize it with a picture of yours.

I absolutely love this picture from our engagement shoot, I love how perfectly it suits the colors of my watch and it makes me smile everytime I look at it. I also love how easily and often I can change my picture or face if I want to.

The feature I realized I'm using more and more has got to be the health trackers. I do like that I can get my heartrate at any instance and the activity tracker is a great feature that keeps you moving and reminds you how you're doing throughout the day. I've noticed when it buzzes for me to stand up and walk around for a minute, I do it. I also get excited when I reach my goals and week by week it slightly increases. I'm hoping once I add exercising regularly into my routine, the progress will get higher.

Some of the cons of the Apple Watch would have to be it's battery life. I definitely find I have to charge it daily (usually done at night with my phone). I'm sure the newer models will have longer battery lives and I never have noticed it losing charge fully during the day so that's good.

Another con would have to be not being able to track my sleep. This may be a function that I haven't explored yet, but if so it's not as easy to find as it should be. I liked how my FitBit tracked my sleep because I was able to see when I woke up, how often, etc. If anyone knows this is a function on the watch, please do let me know :).

Honestly there aren't many cons considering all the pros of the watch. I honestly never thought I would be a person who wanted an Apple Watch, but now that I have it I am so glad I do. I know when I start working it'll be nice to not be checking my phone constantly when I get notifications because I can view them on my watch easily and more discreetly.

If you're considering getting a watch (or adding it to your gift wish list), I highly recommend doing so. Obviously this only applies if you have an Apple iPhone, but that's pretty self explanatory. If you're worried about not being able to master it, don't fret. Like all Apple products, it's very user friendly and I love all the little videos Apple has on their site to help you get to know your watch more. A lot of it is trial and error and just playing around with it though :)!

Again, I was not or am not compensated for this review, all opinions and photos are my very own :).


  1. great review! i am still on the fence with the watch since I love my classic watches i have already. plus i just bought a phone so i'll prob have to wait so my wallet doesn't scream at me haha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Can we talk about how pretty the band is? LOVE! Awesome review <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Thank you for this review! I'm been on the Apple Watch fence for a while...this might push me over!

  4. Yay! Thanks for doing this post-- I'm glad you took my suggestion! :D
    Now I want one... ;)

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