Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Studio Gear | Skin Perfecting Face Primer

If you don't use a face primer in your makeup routine, I hope after this post it at least gets you thinking about using one. It has completely changed the game when I put my makeup on daily. Think of it like greasing a pan before you bake or cook something, the same concept applies. 

With the influx of face primers out there in the makeup world, it's really hard for someone who is fresh on the makeup scene to figure out which direction to go in. I've tried many different kinds of face primers and have loved some and hated others. I have found that I enjoy the silkier and thin application because it feels light on my face and actually feels like it's making a difference. I have used other primers that are just too thick like an ointment and I hate that feeling.

With the Studio Gear Prime Objective Perfecting Face Primer the silicone based primer feels super light on the skin while minimizing lines and pores with ease. I have totally noticed that my makeup goes on amazing with this primer and I'm adding this to my holy grail primers because it's that good! 

I love the bottle it comes in because the pump is unlike any primer I had used in the past. I notice just the right amount of primer comes out, which is great with a splurge product like this one. If price is something that you are considering when getting products, this one is definitely not on the cheaper end, but it's not the high end either. I've used more expensive products that don't deliver like this one does. They claim to act like a "re-touching" and I truly believe it does what it says it's doing. 

The other amazing thing about this products is what it has and doesn't have. Paraban & fragrance free, but it has retinol in it as well. Working in dermatology, I've started focusing on my skincare and retinol is one of the best things out there for wrinkles and fine lines. The fact that this product has it in there is incredible guys. If you don't know, prescription retinol creams/gels can cost upwards of $500 since insurance won't cover these (I fight with insurance companies daily trying to get them to cover this, it isn't going to happen).

If you're on the fence of what face primer is right for you, definitely try this brand out and see how you like it. You won't know how you like it unless you physically try it out on your own skin.

Studio Gear is kind enough to offer my readers a discount to try out this product! For 10% off your order use code: BB.

(This is a sponsored post powered by BrandBacker. A sample was sent to me by Studio Gear but, all opinions are honest and my own.)


  1. oh lovely! i don't use a primer or anything on the face but if i did i'd be sure to check it out!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Primer is a must in my makeup routine, and I'm always on the hunt to try out a great new product. Love that it also minimizes lines and pores <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. My life was changed when I started using Primer, and I love the analogy that you used that it's like greasing a pan. I'll have to give this Studio Gear one a try!