Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Recap: Part 2

Eek the last Friday before 2017! I hope you enjoyed strolling down memory lane for the first half of the year with part 1 of my 2016 recap. Today I have for you part 2, let's jump right in...


-Ran/walked a 5k with my old co-workers

-Had a last Girls day out in Chicago with my 2 besties. We basically did all the fun things, but mostly ate a bunch of yummy things.


-Moved to Houston with my brand new husband in tow!!!

-Got my very first Louis Vuitton bag (thanks sissy, you da best)!

-My sis got the cutest puppy ever, Nico is my fave dog ever!


-My parents came to Houston for a week and it was so great spending that much time with them since moving.

-Had a luncheon for our Houston peeps that couldn't make it to the wedding in Chicago

-Jet off to Mexico for a week to enjoy our honeymoon, take me back to the sunshine and beach!

-Celebrated my 28th birthday as a married woman!


-Flew home for Labor Day Weekend and celebrated a friends' wedding

-Got to meet my fur nephew Nico

-Drove home to Houston with a pit stop in Memphis

-Went to our first Texans game

-Became an official Texan by giving up my IL drivers license

-Met up with Myra when she was in town, but managed to get zero pictures #bloggerfail

-Accepted and started my first full time gig at Baylor Dermatology


-Cheered on my Cubbies while they were in the World Series

-Celebrated Halloween at work by dressing up as a nerd

-Celebrated Diwali and Indian New Year with family and friends


-CUBS won the World Series!!!!

-Voted in a historic 2016 election, even though I'm bummed with the result of it

-First country concert we saw Jake Owen and it was awesome

-Went to a friends bridal shower

-Celebrated Thanksgiving with my new family and make a super yummy cinnamon crunch cake that was a big hit


-Decorated the house for Christmas

-Went to our towns tree lighting ceremony at Town Square

-Went to Fredricksburg, TX for a friends bachelorette party

-Made an ugly sweater for work and won the contest

-Sent out my favorite holiday cards so far

-Celebrated our work holiday party at the Houston Rockets game

-Celebrated Christmas away from my family for the 1st time ever, but still got spoiled with gifts

-Went to the River Oaks neighborhood to look at the lights


Overall I'd call 2016 a successful year, a lot of huge changes came my way, but I welcomed them. I got married, moved to a completely different state, lived with a boy (ew), started a new job, made new friends and memories....I wouldn't change a thing about my year!

Cheers to hoping 2017 is even better than 2016. Most importantly I have my family/friends, health, job, shelter, etc so I can't really complain. I pray that we as a country can learn to be better in 2017 despite the obstacles standing in our way.

If you're going out to celebrate, be safe and have a blast! See y'all next year!

✌️ out Girl Scouts!


  1. Talk about a million different things that happened this year for you! You had such a busy year with the wedding and moving and getting a new job, and you had so much fun during the process! Our New Year's Resolution should be to actually meet up in 2017 and have a blate!

  2. It's going to be hard to top this year for you, but I hope 2017 is even better!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. what an amazing second half of the year. i mean marriage and new home are huge alone! all so many big things! cheers to an amazing 2017!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Getting married to your love makes 2016 super special in itself but otherwise you got to celebrate fun occasions, travel and get an amazing job so Cheers to that and an amazing year ahead!

  5. What a year!! I just got caught up on both recaps. I think getting married was def the highlight of your year! Congrats and cheers to 2017!

  6. What a fun year. You had such a blast (especially getting married) and did so many great things and had so many wonderful adventures in life! Can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for you! XO!