Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year's Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday friends! It's gonna throw me off the whole week, but life is back to normal. The Christmas decor is put away, everyone is pretty much back to work, and life as we know it is back to the usual grind.

It felt seriously amazing having yesterday off after the NYE weekend, I still vote for Christmas and NYE falling on weekends every year, so much more relaxing knowing you don't have to go into work Monday morning after a holiday! 

My weekend started on Friday and we spent it having a late Christmas dinner with my aunt and cousin at an Indian restaurant near by. It was great catching up with them since we haven't been able to do that in a few months. They gifted us with a couples movie and dinner package, it was super thoughtful and I can't wait to hit up dinner and a movie once life slows down a bit.

Saturday morning I woke up and headed out to grab a few last minute essentials like champagne and beer for the boys. I had seen a recipe video for Champagne Jell-O shots and knew I wanted to attempt it. I think it turned out pretty delicious, I didn't add vodka like the recipe called for and just used more Champagne. It was definitely strong and the pretty sprinkles kind of melted into the Jell-O giving it a pink color, but overall pretty successful turn out.

In the afternoon I got my delivery notification of my phone case and was super excited about it! I think the case was perfect especially for New Year's Eve. I later learned that this little $25 case would cost me over $500 in a new phone....lesson learned DON'T buy a pretty liquid glitter case because the oil will leak and get all up in your phone reeking havoc on it. I had the case on for less than 12 hours before realizing that the oil was slowly leaking out from the sides and down into my charging port/headphone jack. One visit to Verizon Wireless and $500 later, I had a new iPhone 7 in hand. I was excited to upgrade, but not under these circumstances especially since I only had my other phone for a whole 4 months. I was pissed and emailed the company to let them know what their case did and basically all they kept saying was it is a risk with all liquid cases of damage to your phone....umm how about posting that somewhere, anywhere?!!? They were decent enough to offer me 2 new (non liquid) cases as their apology, I would have just appreciated some accountability and my money back, but after realizing that wasn't going to happen...I chose 2 new cases for my new phone. Note to everyone reading, as pretty as those glitter cases are, it's not worth getting a new phone over. (The Verizon guy said he saw the same thing happen just 3 days before I came in, so it's happening more often than we think.)

For NYE we spent it at my husband's friends place. They were so nice to invite us over to their party and I had a blast meeting new people. What better way to break the ice than a game of Cards Against Humanity right?!

The guys played some poker while the ladies were playing CAH. 

They had a fun backdrop with photo props. We had some fun taking pictures :)! 

After making it home a little past 3am, we totally slept in Sunday morning. After leisurely waking up, I poured myself a mimosa because why not? Yes I poured it in a wine glass and yes I have no shame in my champs game. Watching some Netflix was on the agenda for the entire day and that's pretty much how it was spent.

Monday morning was spent at the Verizon store to fix the incident discovered Sunday evening. Then I did some serious laundry and cleaning. I must have gotten the whole New Year cleaning bug, because I literally overhauled our room and just de-cluttered and made everything nice and clean. It felt so nice sleeping on freshly washed sheets and a bed along with a clean (dust-free) room! The Monica Gellar-Bing in me was so proud and happy!

Finally I'll leave y'all with my top 9 of Instagram. Fitting that they mostly represented all the fun times during 2016 like my bachelorette trip, bridal shower, wedding and other absolutely fun times! 

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  1. what a lovely weekend! minus the phone debacle. wtf! i would be so so mad. but then again such is life. le sigh. def noted to not get anything with gel in it! not worth the risk. also loving your champs game on NY day ha. and those champagne jello shots - um

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Oh man I'm sorry to hear about the phone, but you did get a fun new upgrade!! Try using portrait mode in the 7 - the photos are the best!! So glad you had a fun start to the New Year!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. I am right there with you on the holidays always falling on a weekend! I can't believe that case leaked into your phone, that is so crazy! And that the company didn't seem to really care. But yay for the upgrade!! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Sounds like a great weekend despite the phone! Happy New Year!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  5. Ughhhhh that is so crazy about your phone case!!!! I'm glad the rest of the time was fab and I'm with you, it was so nice having Monday off!

  6. You blew my mind with the champagne jello shots, I definitely need to steal that idea! How pretty are your nails, and so was that phone case. But booooo to it leaking, and how appalling that they aren't taking any responsibility for the damage especially if they don't have a disclaimer on their website. But yay for a new phone! Happy New Year gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. Love love love the sparkly nails! Any night you play Cards Against Humanity with friends is a good night! :) Happy new year friend!

  8. I can't believe that your phone case destroyed your phone and that the company was just so nonchalant about it! So rude, especially since it was such a cute case! And I'm glad that it didn't ruin your weekend though! And we played some Cards Against Humanity on NYE too, and it really is perfect for breaking the ice!

  9. Oh no, how disappointing about your phone?!?! Ahhh, that sticks. I am totally with you on having holidays on the weekends. It just makes them so much better!!!!

  10. CAH is definitely a great ice breaker and I need to try champagne jello shots next NYE! Sounds delish!

  11. Love that phone case and your nail polish! Pretty!

  12. I love your phone case! It is perfect with your nail polish! CAH is definitely a great ice breaker! :)