Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birthday Swap Reveal

Hey all! I am still alive and doing well even with my infrequent posts. I honestly do think about posting during the week, but seriously couldn't find any time to. I think once I get a routine down I'll get a bit better, but I know the coming weeks are just going to be craziness. Getting home after 12 hour workdays and looking at anything besides the insides of my eyelids is seriously out of the question. 

During this "spring break" if you could even call it that, I've been even busier than I thought possible since I had out-of-town visitors to entertain while also work and going to my internship, talk about crazy. On top of that, I leave for my good friends bachelorette party tomorrow afternoon. I honestly can't wait for this weekend to finally be here because we have had months of planning on our hands. I'll for sure get a post out about the party! 

Today's post is to reveal the incredible goodies I received from my birthday swap that was graciously hosted by Vicki & Amber.

When I got my package in the mail, boy was I thrilled. I was paired up with the awesome Kari @ La Bella Vita. She was such a blast to shop for and had simple requests, no jellybeans and liquid eyeliner. I obliged and hope she loves her package as much as I loved hers! 

Here are the various goods that she packed for me!

{} Gold wallet
{} Washi tape
{} b&bw hand soap
{} b&bw hand sanitizer
{} Cadbury creme egg
{} Essie nailpolish
{} Philosophy beach party lip gloss
{} Reese's peanut butter egg
{} Extra dessert delights

I have to say this is a pretty impressive package and she really knows how to shop for me. I had to take a picture immediately because I knew if I didn't do it then, there would be no candy left for me to include in the picture. 

I want to send an extreme thanks to the awesome hosts who took their time setting up this fun swap, my swap partner who picked out some pretty fantastic things for me to try out, and to my readers who even after a small hiatus keep coming back for more!!


  1. I'm so glad you like everything! I loved your package too. Thanks so much!

  2. Yay! If you're up for another fun swap, we have our Summer Survival Swap going on here: