Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekending | Blates, Movies & Somber News

Happy Monday loves, I can't wait for this week to come to an end already because I'm headed to Chicago for the weekend and I need family time badly after this weekend.

I attempted my first pizza (crust was pre-made though). It turned out so yummy and we had leftovers for days. I can't wait to include pizza nights into our weekly routine or at least bi-weekly since it's a fairly easy dinner and delicious!

Friday after work Kathleen @ Places I Will GoAshley @ The Wandering Weekenders & I all met up for a blate after what felt like forever!! We had such a blast eating sushi and chatting for hours. I can't wait for our next blate and getting to know these ladies even more!! 

On Saturday was my mother-in-law's birthday and we all went to her favorite restaurant for lunch to celebrate. Lots of yummy food, cake and celebrating was had for the rest of the day. That evening we went to watch Split. I wasn't sure what to expect from the movie based on the trailer and the fact that M.Night Shyamalan hasn't really had great movies lately, but it was surprisingly not bad. I wouldn't say to run and watch it or anything, but if you want to watch a movie that's got some suspense, go for it. I didn't care much for the ending because I think they left loose ends and I just wanted some closure. 

Sunday morning I woke up to heartbreaking news that someone close to our family, practically a cousin to me had lost her very short battle to Ovarian cancer. She was such a bright and shining personality and even though we knew the end was coming for her, it just felt so soon and we weren't ready to hear it. I've known her my entire life and have so many precious memories with her. She took us to watch the very first Harry Potter movie in theaters, the numerous trips to Toys 'R' Us to buy barbies and so many more toys, she got us our very first cabbage patch dolls and just so much more! She had a heart of gold and the world shines a little less with her gone, but I know I now have an angel in her. I'm sad I won't be able to attend her funeral today or grieve with family, but them knowing how badly I wish I was there during this time means a lot. 

I will always have the last happy memory before cancer struck her being at my wedding. I remember dancing the night away with her on the dance floor and I'm grateful to remember her like that. Not to make this a PSA, but don't ignore any symptoms that are persistent. Her symptoms started out as stomach pain, something so small and common ended up costing her much more. Don't ignore symptoms and just get yourself checked out regularly folks!

Rest in Paradise angel ❤️️


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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pain-free Feet with Sole Patches

With our first wedding under the belt this past weekend, I usually dread having to put on heels because of the blisters and pain my feet will be in. I decided to do a test wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row. 

For the rehearsal dinner I wore my favorite nude ankle strap sandal without using the sole patches on the shoe or my foot. By the end of the night I was in so much pain I could barely walk into the house without wincing. I also developed a tiny blister on my foot as well. I wasn't sure how I was going to make it another day wearing these shoes, for a longer time too!

The next day for the wedding and reception, I made sure to add the sole patches onto my shoes to see how they would help with comfort and pain levels. Since I was walking around more this day I felt it would be a better gauge as to how these help.

I was thoroughly impressed with how the sole patches helped me all night long. I was able to stand around, walk and even dance a little with my shoes on and with minimal pain! This was huge especially after having the aches and pains from the day before. By the end of the night when it came time to take my shoes off, I wasn't even wincing in pain because I wasn't in any! 

The best part was that these bad boys are now permanently on my favorite pair of shoes. They don't budge, smell or show when I wear them which makes for a win-win! I love the cute little flower cutout of it so even if it did show a little, at least it would be cute! If you wanted a less permanent fix on your shoes, you could add these to the bottom of your feet for comfort wearing a few different shoes throughout the day!  

These are also really cheap and comes in a pack with 6 patches which means you have plenty to last you and if you add them to a few of your favorite yet uncomfortable shoes, you won't need a pair every time you wear them. 

**(This post is sponsored by BrandBacker. I was given a free sample to review, all opinions are my own and honest.)**

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weekending | Wedding Fun

Happy Tuesday! I was one of the lucky ones who had yesterday off for MLK Day, which was much needed after a crazy busy weekend. Yesterday we also celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary by watching La La Land and eating dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant.

Friday was luckily a quick and early day for me at work and I was able to relax at home before the rehearsal dinner that night. It was great to be able to meet and mingle with the family and other members of the bridal party. The food was amazing and company was even better!

Saturday morning started off with me getting a pedicure, I was supposed to get a manicure as well, but they were literally spending SO much time doing my pedicure that I just didn't have enough time for them to do a manicure as well...It kind of bugged me that I had to skip out on that, but luckily my toes were done. I went home, had some lunch and slowly started getting ready for the wedding that evening. It was such a beautiful ceremony and I enjoyed getting to see them tie the knot and of course see my hubs looking dapper in a tux.

The reception was at a country club nearby and it was such a fun cocktail hour and reception. They had a live salsa band who was so amazing and the food was great as well. Overall we had such a blast and were happy to be able to celebrate with our friends on their big day!! 


Now it's back to work and no more holiday days until Easter! Ready to tackle this 4 day week ahead! Linking up with Biana for some late weekending!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Faves | Friday the 13th!

Woohoo happy Friday the 13th lovies! This week has been a doozy, starting it off with being sick and now with a fun wedding this weekend, I'm so excited! Not only that, but I actually have Monday off so long weekend, hello!! 

I need an extra cup or 2 of coffee today because last night was a late one. We went to go see The Book of Mormon at the Hobby Center for Performing Arts. It was my very first actual musical which is wild. I've gone to musicals at my high school where they were phenomenal that it could basically count as the real thing. Luckily A really enjoyed it too, so hopefully more musicals are in our future!! 

The show itself was HILARIOUS!!!! I could not believe how not-PC it was!! I had zero expectations going into it, just knew it was going to be an amazing show, but it blew me away. The singing was of course amazing, but the characters were likeable and the set design was just incredible. If you have a chance to go check it out, I highly highly recommend it!!

Earlier this week was my sissy's birthday and I didn't want to spoil the surprise to her, but I had Sherri's Berries delivered to her. She has been wanting a delivery like that for so long that I was glad to do it for her, but sad I wasn't there. Luckily the berries came in perfect shape and she said the strawberries and truffles tasted amazing!! Would totally order from them again because of the high quality and great price points for whatever you want to deliver! My only gripe is the shipping cost, that was just way too high, but oh well!

The sunrises this week have been SO on point lately! I have also been loving my iPhone 7 camera, such great quality!!


Finally tonight and tomorrow are dedicated to this wonderful couple. I have had the pleasure of getting to know them for a few months now and I absolutely cannot wait to see them tie the knot. The more exciting thing is that they are going to be moving closer to us after they're married which means lots of double dates in our future!! They both really are such sweet people and their families have been nothing but welcoming to us and especially me, including me in her bridal shower and bachelorette party!


Any fun weekend plans for you? Do you get Monday off?

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 Goals

When we had a few days off for the New Year, I decided to write down some general and achievable goals for myself. I knew I didn't want to do any resolutions because let's be real, they rarely ever happen. I have been to the gym 0 times so far this year, even though my plan was to go last week...and then I got the flu so there went that idea and motivation. Instead I'll share with you my goals, mostly it's for me to look back on and see how well I did towards the end of the year. Let's get on with it shall we?

2017 Goals


Drink more water overall. I kept trying to say this to myself, but I couldn't get myself to drink water more, especially at work where I sucked the hardest at this. I still am not drinking gallons of water a day, but when I got sick it totally helped me drinking tons of water. I've tried to keep that going and always having my water bottle on hand and in front of my face has made it easy. When I'm at work, I'm not always sitting at my desk, I'm usually seen running around between patients, but I've learned that if it's on my desk, I'll have a swig or two between.


Stick to a skincare routine that works best for me (without trying too many products). During the time leading up to my wedding, I was starting to do whatever best I could to get my skin into tip top shape, I think whatever I did totally helped during my wedding, but I kind of fell of the wagon after that. My skin started breaking out badly and just got to a point where I was over it. Now working in Dermatology, I've become very self aware of my skin. I know what the right products for my skin are and have started implementing it and sticking to a routine that works for me and not involving a zillion products. 


Learn to be more patient (i.e. not getting as angry when stupid drivers are on the in definite progress). This hit me the other day when I was sitting in traffic, why am I stressing so much and getting angry when I literally does nothing, but leave me with a splitting headache and bad attitude. I'm not saying miraculously I'll be ok with the stupid drivers, those are still not ok, but I've learned to just let some things go. Houston has some god awful drivers, but let's hope this is something I can work on, I've learned listening to some great music or an interesting audio-book definitely helps!


Enjoy the little things and moments, even when they don't always work out the way I want. This can be hard for me because when I get an idea in my head, I totally over-fantasize it and make it bigger than it should be. I was bummed about all the stuff we weren't able to get to during the holiday season and my hubby totally felt it. I think he felt that I had a bad time and I felt terrible that he felt so bad. He really did try to make me happy and I took that for granted. No more, if something can't happen then it's ok, I need to be ok with that.


Really consider every purchase. We are definitely going to need to work on this one big time this year especially since we want to buy our very first home sometime soon. I also have some huge trips coming up this year that are going to cost a bit, so useless purchases no more. I've already done pretty good at this and I've learned just not heading to stores after work helps a ton! Especially Target, I need to just simmer down the visits there because they got a big chunk of my money during the holiday season!


Start really looking and hopefully buy a house. I'm putting it out in the universe, I really hope the stars align and we find our perfect dream home. So far financially things have been set in place to make it happen for us this year and I'm just really hoping this works out. Finger crossed and lots of saving money to do!!! 


Do you have any goals for 2017? What do you do to better achieve them?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy Birthday Sissy 🎈


Today's post is dedicated to my favorite sissy ever! It's her birthday and it kills me that I can't be there to celebrate with her and eat an endless amount of cupcakes. I have a little surprise coming her way today since I can't physically be there, but I won't spoil it since she may be reading this ;)! 

I can't wait to reunite with you in just a few short weeks sissy and I hope that you have the best year ahead in 2017 because you deserve it! I know that this year we will make more memories and I can't wait to do some more traveling with you because you are by far my favorite travel buddy because you get me. I don't have to be fake or hide who I am because you accept me for exactly who I am and nothing less. Even though you are my baby sis and I'll protect you from the ends of the earth, I look up to you because of the type of person you are. You are kind and good hearted, social and just so pretty. I couldn't have asked for a better sissy (even though I tried to return you quite a few times, sorry about that).

I hope you continue to shine your light wherever it may lead you....hopefully it's Houston full-time because I miss you like crazy!!! Love ya long time pupert!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekending | The One Where I Was Sick As A Dog

Hey hey hey party people, I'm coming at you live from my bed...surrounded by water, cough drops, used and some un-used Kleenex and my good ole' friend NyQuil. I've basically been in this same position in my bed, surrounded by mostly the same things for the past 3 1/2 days. I started feeling the sickness coming over me late last week and by Friday I was in the thick of it and miserable. After I finished clinic, they sent me home on my merry little way.

After coming home and taking a little cold remedy cocktail I basically fell asleep for the next 7 hours. I woke up when hubby came home from work and can I just sing his praises for a second, he has been the absolute best nurse this past weekend. He gave up his plans of watching the Texans playoff game with a bunch of friends to tend to me at home. By Saturday morning the nausea and fever spikes had set in so I took more NyQuil, Tylenol and started my z-pack. By the afternoon I was well enough to shower (that should have been considered an Olympic sport), that shower though helped clear a bit of my sinuses and allowed me to actually be somewhat social the rest of the day. Since I was feeling a bit better, we went to watch the game at A's cousins house. I'm glad we were able to go and get out of the house a bit. 

Sunday I woke up feeling a bit better than Saturday, but still with some fever spikes. Continued on with my normal remedy and by the afternoon, again I was feeling better. I still bummed around (perk of being sick) and watched a ton of cheesy Hallmark movies (yes please!) and then caught the red carpet for the Golden Globes and managed to watch the entire award show. With Jimmy Fallon hosting, I knew it was going to be hilarious and I couldn't miss it. A was actually watching (he never usually does), but he loves Fallon as much as me so we enjoyed that. I of course had my picks for best and worst dressed on the red carpet (I was overall not that impressed with the selections this year). The intro was hilarious, the tribute to Debbie Reynolds & Carrie Fisher was touching and made me tear up, Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig were hilariously emotional. Meryl Streep slayed & La La Land basically took home all the awards of the night.

Best Dressed

{L-R: Connie Britton// Mandy Moore// Blake Lively// Emma Stone// Kristen Bell// Chrissy Teigan// Reese Witherspoon// Lily Collins// Gina Rodriguez// Priyanka Chopra// Sofia Vergara// Kristen Cavallari)

Worst Dressed

(L-R: Keri Russel// Zoe Saldana// Nicole Kidman// Carrie Underwood// Kerry Washington// Felicity Jones// Hailee Steinfeld// Sarah Jessica Parker// Jessica Chastain)

The only other excitement this weekend was that early this morning the lineup was announced for the 2017 Livestock and Rodeo show in Houston. This is a HUGE deal in Houston people, apparently it's the biggest rodeo ever, but I have wanted to go since hearing about it a few years back. They definitely filled my country loving heart with performers and hubby said we can pick a top 4 and narrow down the concerts we really want to go to. Unfortunately we can't go to the last 4 days of the rodeo because we'll be in Vegas (so is it really that unfortunate?!) Which acts would you want to see if you were going to the Rodeo?? Any Houston readers going to the Rodeo??

My top choices right now are Chris Stapleton, Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan & Florida Georgia Line (A and I both really want to see Chris Young, but we leave early the next day for Vegas so we may have to skip out on that one.)


Anywho, if you made it past this post without catching whatever I have, God bless you! Hubby and I have a very busy week ahead of us so I need to kick this cold and fast! Tomorrow is his work dinner at a Mexican restaurant (yum), Thursday we are going to see Book of Mormon!!!!!, Friday we have his best friend's rehearsal dinner and then Saturday the wedding! 

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Word for 2017

After seeing Kerri's word of the year, I knew I wanted to actually find a word to help me grow as a person for 2017. I did a little research and wanted a word that could reflect change personally and emotionally.

The word I picked for 2017 is:

I think this word is perfect for where I'm at in life right now because I'm still at a point of figuring out what I'm supposed to be doing in my new roles. I know these new roles aren't going to be perfectly balanced especially this early on.

Here's how I want to implement the word in my life:

Personally: I definitely want to balance out working out, eating right (like the rest of the world around this time of year). I know I won't be a work out pro overnight or won't crave the things I crave every now and then, but it's all about balancing the good with the bad. Luckily I work in a workplace where they encourage you to be a healthier you and that motivates me. I just want to find a balance that works for me.

Spiritually: I had dabbled in some yoga, but this year I want to try to use it more and more. I think the balance you gain from yoga is something that I want. Not only is yoga supposed to be stress relieving and relaxing, but I think it can help incorporate low intensity workouts into my workout plan.

Professionally: With having started a new job at the end of 2016, I definitely have room to grow in my career. I love the place I work for now, they treat their employees well and reward you for a job well done. I definitely want to learn more in the field of Dermatology and grow my skills. I understand having a work/life balance is such an important thing to achieve and I hope to get better at getting closer to that this year.

Emotionally: I struggle with this and have been for a long time. I am a hot head and that's just who I am. My husband has been great at helping me balance when to lose my cool and when to just let things go. I have definitely made leaps and bounds since I was an angry teenager, but I still have a ways to go. I have learned to let grudges go and learned to appreciate the times I have with my loved ones. I hope to balance my emotional state by implementing small changes into my life.


I hope that 2017 is my year of change, big or small. I believe I can achieve a lot of what I set out to do if I am more mindful and just balance things out and not spread myself too thin.

Alright guys, I think I've said the world balance like 50 times in this post, so I'm done.

Do you guys have a word of the year? If so, what is it and why is it significant for your life?

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year's Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday friends! It's gonna throw me off the whole week, but life is back to normal. The Christmas decor is put away, everyone is pretty much back to work, and life as we know it is back to the usual grind.

It felt seriously amazing having yesterday off after the NYE weekend, I still vote for Christmas and NYE falling on weekends every year, so much more relaxing knowing you don't have to go into work Monday morning after a holiday! 

My weekend started on Friday and we spent it having a late Christmas dinner with my aunt and cousin at an Indian restaurant near by. It was great catching up with them since we haven't been able to do that in a few months. They gifted us with a couples movie and dinner package, it was super thoughtful and I can't wait to hit up dinner and a movie once life slows down a bit.

Saturday morning I woke up and headed out to grab a few last minute essentials like champagne and beer for the boys. I had seen a recipe video for Champagne Jell-O shots and knew I wanted to attempt it. I think it turned out pretty delicious, I didn't add vodka like the recipe called for and just used more Champagne. It was definitely strong and the pretty sprinkles kind of melted into the Jell-O giving it a pink color, but overall pretty successful turn out.

In the afternoon I got my delivery notification of my phone case and was super excited about it! I think the case was perfect especially for New Year's Eve. I later learned that this little $25 case would cost me over $500 in a new phone....lesson learned DON'T buy a pretty liquid glitter case because the oil will leak and get all up in your phone reeking havoc on it. I had the case on for less than 12 hours before realizing that the oil was slowly leaking out from the sides and down into my charging port/headphone jack. One visit to Verizon Wireless and $500 later, I had a new iPhone 7 in hand. I was excited to upgrade, but not under these circumstances especially since I only had my other phone for a whole 4 months. I was pissed and emailed the company to let them know what their case did and basically all they kept saying was it is a risk with all liquid cases of damage to your phone....umm how about posting that somewhere, anywhere?!!? They were decent enough to offer me 2 new (non liquid) cases as their apology, I would have just appreciated some accountability and my money back, but after realizing that wasn't going to happen...I chose 2 new cases for my new phone. Note to everyone reading, as pretty as those glitter cases are, it's not worth getting a new phone over. (The Verizon guy said he saw the same thing happen just 3 days before I came in, so it's happening more often than we think.)

For NYE we spent it at my husband's friends place. They were so nice to invite us over to their party and I had a blast meeting new people. What better way to break the ice than a game of Cards Against Humanity right?!

The guys played some poker while the ladies were playing CAH. 

They had a fun backdrop with photo props. We had some fun taking pictures :)! 

After making it home a little past 3am, we totally slept in Sunday morning. After leisurely waking up, I poured myself a mimosa because why not? Yes I poured it in a wine glass and yes I have no shame in my champs game. Watching some Netflix was on the agenda for the entire day and that's pretty much how it was spent.

Monday morning was spent at the Verizon store to fix the incident discovered Sunday evening. Then I did some serious laundry and cleaning. I must have gotten the whole New Year cleaning bug, because I literally overhauled our room and just de-cluttered and made everything nice and clean. It felt so nice sleeping on freshly washed sheets and a bed along with a clean (dust-free) room! The Monica Gellar-Bing in me was so proud and happy!

Finally I'll leave y'all with my top 9 of Instagram. Fitting that they mostly represented all the fun times during 2016 like my bachelorette trip, bridal shower, wedding and other absolutely fun times! 

If you want to read a recap of my 2016 here is part 1 & part 2!


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