Monday, November 25, 2013

Mondays Suck, Here's A Weekend Recap!

Yet another Monday is upon us, but luckily this is a super short work week for me and for many others (I feel horrible for the people who have to work on Thanksgiving because places decided it's better to make money instead of letting them hang with their families.) I will be shopping on black Friday to finish up my Christmas shopping list, only hitting up Target because let's face it I can find everything there! So I had every intention of writing up a blog post on Friday, but I was hosting a surprise birthday party with my sister for her friend and got caught up baking and decorating the house before guests arrived. Instead, I'll just recap the events of the party and the rest of my weekend!

I'm including Thursday because my weekend started early this week. I had a Cardiology dinner put on by the cardiologists that work for the hospital I work at and it was great. I then headed out to the movies to meet my sister up to watch Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Let me just say I absolutely LOVED this movie. I cannot wait until the next movie is out. Some people complained about JLaw's performance being stale like KStew, but I digress, she was awesome as always!! If you haven't seen it already then I highly suggest you go out and watch it, ASAP!

After my class in the morning, I came home and tried to get any baking and setting up I could get done. I had pretty much done nothing to set up for the party so I had to haul ass and get to all the projects I had in mind. The birthday girl loves tiffany blue so we decided on tiffany blue boxed party favors with candy inside. The only problem with this idea was that I had to assemble all 20 boxes and make the ribbon bows for the favors, then hot glue gun the bows to the box. Then I had to run out and pick up the Jimmy Johns sandwiches we had ordered and come back to start my clean up and decorating. It was during this time where I thought I'd be ambitious and type up a blog post, unfortunately this didn't happen. I got all the decor and we had everyone show up right before the birthday girl was to show up and the surprise worked out perfectly, she had no idea this was going on and was so shocked that we did all this for her.


Ribbon bows tied by yours truly

Small area of the decorations (was a bad blogger and didn't take many pictures)

The birthday girl in the middle back and all her friends!

Saturday was a bore fest, I did nothing blog worthy except a ton of homework. Again, uneventful.

In the afternoon I went to a bridal expo with my bestie (and bride-to-be) to check out some vendors and get any new ideas. Plus the free swag and yummy treats didn't hurt. After spending a few hours at the expo, we headed to Crate & Barrel to do some of her registry list. This was the very first time either of us had done something like this and boy was it overwhelming. I didn't realize how much stuff you needed and all the different options there were. Thankfully, I learned a lot and we got the majority of the stuff scanned and sitting pretty on her registry list for her loved ones to gift her. If you've done wedding registry's, any tips or tricks to pass onto her?! After that I headed to Target with her to do some returning and some shopping, I picked up a cute chevron dress and other little necessary items and came home to binge watch Lifetime holiday movies the rest of the night. 

Brochures from a few vendors at the bridal expo

Picked up the Crate & Barrel holiday catalog while I was in there.

Chevron dress from Target, thoughts?!

Oo I also did book my tickets to Denver, CO for the end of January to visit my older cousin and her kiddos for a week. I am super excited because I've never been and can't wait to see what Colorado has to offer. Any suggestions on places to visit or eat at while I'm there?!

Ahh, Jan 23rd cannot get here soon enough!!!

So what were you lovelies up to this weekend?!? Any exciting plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday or any must shop places for black Friday?! I'm linking up with Sami @ Sami's Shenanigans for Weekend Shenanigans and I think you should too!!

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  1. Insanely jealous you went to see Catching Fire! I couldn't make it this weekend, but plan on going Wednesday night :)