Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Any makeupHER readers even left here?!? I have seriously missed the blogging world SO much more than I had anticipated to. My life has finally slowed down (a little) and allowed me to get back into reading blogs regularly again and I realized how much I've been missing updating anyone on my life (if anyone is even reading this lol). I think I am just going to use my blog as an outlet to write about my life and keep up with some of my favorite blogs (which I have been reading during my absence), but I won't put much into sponsoring and all of that, my favorite blogs will still be shown on my sidebar, but it's only because I love reading their blogs not because they are paying me to put their blog button on the sidebar.

So, you might be asking yourself what the heck has this girl been up to lately? Or maybe you just forgot about me, regardless I'm back and hopefully to stay this time. Since I last posted (March 2013!!!) a TON has happened in my life. I will recap the fun stuff to not bore y'all to death, sound good?!

I left y'all kinda hanging with me leaving for my friends' bachelorette party weekend and a normal person would have assumed I just didn't make it through the weekend, but if you follow me on Instagram you know I am in fact still alive. My friends' bachelorette party weekend was awesome and such a blast, since then she has gotten married and my best friend got engaged!!! Since pictures speak more to me, here's my life in pictures from March 2013-present day.

^These are unfortunately the only pictures that a. I have on my comp/facebook or b. are appropriate enough to show on a public blog. It was a weekend of drinking, fun, being girls, and sometimes getting too rowdy.

Now, I mentioned a little earlier how my best friend got engaged and it just so happened that I was very prevalent in the planning and execution of the whole ordeal which was the absolute best! I helped her fiance pick out her dream ring and plan the most amazing proposal. Here are some pics....
^Us girls before the big proposal.

^Yay my best friends are engaged (and looking real good doing it)!

^Gorgeous oval Tacori ring!

^Celebratory dinner!

The next big thing was my cousin's wedding in New Jersey where I got to see my awesome family and meet my new nephew for the very first time.

^The gorgeous girls in my family.

^Me holding my nephew Devan, such a sweet baby!!

^With the original goober, Shan (he looks upset, but he was having a blast taking pictures with me).

^At the reception with my cousins, looking quite dapper I must say.

^Final picture of such a fun wedding, all the cousins together again!! 

June brought such a busy month for me, my friend's bridal shower and wedding were in the same month, so that pretty much kept my busy.

^Us with the bride-to-be.

^Few of us girls with the bride-to-be.

^Pre-wedding festivities.

^Pretty much the start to a great weekend.

^The only picture I have from the actual wedding, but here I am with the gorgeous bride & groom.

^My BFF & I.

^My favorite couple!


^Pre-photo booth craziness.

The next huge thing was my best friends engagement party which was held in New Jersey. A few months prior she had asked me if I would emcee her party with her fiance's best friend. I was super nervous, but knew that this was a huge honor and all my planning and practicing seemed to pay off, plus I had a great co-emcee! Here are just a fraction of the pictures from that weekend (it was July 4th weekend so BBQ's were had and beers were drank).

^At the 4th of July BBQ.

^My gorgeous BFF & I.

^First of many cheers that weekend.

^Some fun with sparklers!

^Popping the question to the bridesmaids with an adorable scrabble ring.

^Our girls flashing our new bling.


^My beautiful date for the night.

^Our opening emcee dance sequence.

^My funny co-emcee, wouldn't have been able to be up there without him.

^Best emcee's out there (IMO).

The final big story in my life was my 25th birthday at the end of August. I have such amazing friends and family who helped make this big year the best yet! My only request was that we go out somewhere with a rooftop and my friends totally delivered! Here is a recap of my birthday shenanigans.

^We went to Dick's Last Resort where they make you wear these hideously embarrassing dunce hats, mine said I got my outfit from the trash, whatevs, I rocked my dress!

^My awesome cousins got me a "how to survive your mid-20's" kit.

^My best friend got me my very first Kate Spade wallet and I thought I went to heaven, love her!

^My pretty BFF.

^It's always a fun time with this guy around!

^Favorite couple of the decade!

^My gorgeous BFF & I.

^God damn, my friends are hot!

^My pretty sisters & I.

^All the amazing girls in my life came out to celebrate my 25th!

Now I leave you with a final picture, my best friend and her fiance had their engagement photo shoot and I accompanied them for fun in the city. I even got to be in a few shots, this is my absolute favorite pic of us 3 (even though our faces aren't in it).

<3 p="">

Well, talk to you lovelies soon!!

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  1. WOW! Looks like you've had a busy busy year with weddings, birthdays, showers, etc. Looks like a lot of fun! Also, thanks SO much for the giveaway shout out!! Appreciate it lady!

  2. Welcome back!

    Love your new KS wallet, I have the same one in a different color :)