Monday, April 7, 2014

Dream Girl

Hey y'all. So I know I said I was being a bad blogger, but I had a reason/excuse this time, my macbook needed to be repaired so I was laptop-less for a few days. Now that I'm back, y'all must think I've officially lost my marbles with this post. No, no I don't suddenly think I'm a VS supermodel, but I have come to realize that I have a lot to offer a guy. Here are some reasons why some guys would think I'm their dream girl:

//I gift some pretty awesome and thoughtful gifts, so be ready to be spoiled (as long as my paycheck can handle it, I'll swing it)

//I will gladly go to any sporting event with you, and I won't be on the phone the whole time (I will ask you to take a selfie with me, sorry I'm not sorry)

//I know the importance of boys nights and trips, so you can gladly have your time with your boys as long as I get my girls time/trips

//Along with that, you get a slight hall pass (no, cheating is an obvious no), but if the boys want to hit up a strip club while you're out in Vegas, go for it. Ya I'm cool with it, as long as you're not a regular.

//I'm low maintenance. I don't need all the bells and whistles, a quiet night in is perfect for me, but I do like getting spoiled every now and then.

//I'm a guys girl, so I'm completely comfortable hanging with a group of rambunctious guys. No I'm not a "homewrecker" or "slut" because of me being a guys girl, just know how to throw back a few beers while watching football with the guys.

//I know a thing or two about sports, so I'm ok with watching the big games or sportscenter as long as we can allow some time for E!, Bravo, and HGTV in the mix.

//I don't claim to know too much about sports, so I will always have questions and you can teach me a thing here and there (I know guys love this)

So there are just a few reasons why I think I'm some guys' dream girl, sure I don't look like a supermodel (or even close), but I know how to keep a relationship working. I think being in a relationship now, some of these things are more prevalent to me because A tends to point out things that he likes about me. I love having this fluttering feeling in my stomach when I think about the future with him. I'm so excited with how things are moving along and I know I haven't talked much about him, but I wanted to wait it out first and see how things were going before getting ahead of myself. 

I'm excited to say, I invited him to be my plus one at my bestie's wedding this July and he is working his hardest to make sure he gets the time off of work to be able to come. We're already talking about some possible vacations we can take, hopefully soon. All I can say, is I'm so glad to have him in my life, he gets me and appreciates the little things. Ok mushy sess over. 

What makes you the perfect potential girlfriend, or if you're dating/married, what qualities do you feel you had pre-dating that made you appeal to the guy you're with?

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  1. Love love love hearing how happy you are! And us sports gals are a rare breed.... there's a difference between saying you'll go to a game and actually knowing who the players are/what's going on down on the field/court ;-)

  2. Being a normal human being is 80% of the make up so you have that going and physical is another percentage and you definitely have that going! And communication makes up the other percentage (I lost what percentage I'm at) so you are totally a dream girl :) I hope this guy knows the catch he has!