Friday, April 11, 2014

My Jam Lately

You know when you hear a really good song and all you want to do is sit there and listen to the song for hours on is that just me? Well anywhoodles, there is a song that since the first time I heard it, I cannot get enough. I'm sure a time may come where the radio may kill the song and I won't wanna hear it, but for now I cannot stop listening to it. JT can seriously do no wrong in my eyes and I say this dating back to his N'sync days where those songs would play in my head for days. His new album is seriously one of my favorites out right now and each song that's on there is so creatively written and catchy in it's own way, he is a musical genius. 

Anywhoodles, let's get to the song. If you haven't heard it yet, you're welcome. Also the video to this song has been released and it is simply the sweetest thing ever, yes I am a proud hopeless romantic, so enjoy that video if you're a fellow romantic.

There is a pretty good chance I will try to get this song to be my first dance song...I can be pretty convincing :)

Just because I can't just love one song of his at once, here is another for your ears to be pleased with.

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