Monday, May 19, 2014

Come Fly With Me

Hey friends! So since I was super lazy and had absolutely no content for a post today, I'm gonna leave you with a post I wrote up for Kate @ Green Fashionista while she was away exploring Europe. I have been definitely wanting to go to Europe for as long as I could remember and just these pictures alone give me intense wanderlust.

I have never been to Europe, but definitely have plans to go one day hopefully soon. Here are a list of my must go places if/when I ever visit:
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//Madrid, Spain//
//Amsterdam, Netherlands//
//Budapest, Hungary//
//Salzburg, Austria//
//Barcelona, Spain//
//Dublin, Ireland//

//Munich, Germany//
//London, England//
//Paris, France//
//Venice, Italy//
//Santorini, Greece//
//Harrods in London, England//

If you guys have ever been to any of the above places I would love to hear about your trips there.

Peace out girl scouts!

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  1. Love seeing this post again! Thanks again for such an amazing guest post :)