Thursday, July 17, 2014


Happy almost Friday folks! I have been loving this consistent blogging lately and I have a little surprise giveaway happening next week so stay tuned for that!! Today I am joining the awesome ladies Sarah & Helene for Total Social and today we are all talking about our favorites (pictures, pin, recipe, perfume, etc) so read up and join in on the fun!

Helene in Between

Since I absolutely love taking and being in pictures, I'm just going to focus on my favorite pictures for this prompt....enjoy!!

 This is probably my favorite baby picture because I'm rocking a killer baby pink sweat suit, gansta'

 This was probably one of my favorite experiences in Las Vegas, Aussie men...swoon

This was such a happy moment in my life graduating from college, such an accomplishment for me

This little goober makes my heart smile each and every time I see a picture of him. Love him!!

Yes I am "that" girl who already has my dream ring picked out (even tried on) I'm not engaged, but I like what I like, hopefully I'll have this pretty on my finger soon enough!

This selfie was taken after getting my makeup done for the first time, I loved it so much I wish I looked this flawless daily!

Even though I may not be friends with her, this was from my ex-friend's engagement photo shoot, I liked that I was included in the shot and it turned out beautifully.

I absolutely love this pic of me and the bf, we were just hanging out watching soccer, but the moments we shared are special to me.

New Orleans will always be "our" place and it definitely holds a special place in my heart, plus this guy is just amazing!!

Hope you guys enjoyed going through some of my favorite pictures, I definitely have tons more that I love, but I won't bore you guys with zillions of pictures. So join in the fun now and link up your favorite with the lovely hosts!!

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  1. I've been dying to go to New Orleans!! Love all your pics!