Sunday, July 13, 2014

One Thing...

Happy weekend folks. I'm back in the blogging game today to discuss one "thing" I simply cannot live without. I know there are tons of things in our daily lives that we simply can't help but feel we need constantly, but if you had to absolutely pick one thing (not a person, but an object) what would it be?

My iPhone

I mean I was born into a technology filled world and the phone is an outlet into so many different things and people. The smartphone has been a great invention because it connects us to the internet, family all around the world, and a obnoxious games like candy crush. What would we all do if we had to go just one day without our phones? 

I personally feel like my phone is the one thing I couldn't live without because I use it constantly for Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin, Snapchat, Pandora, Google and of course the calling/texting purpose. Without my phone I couldn't talk to A or text him, without my iPhone I couldn't FaceTime him and make our worlds not seem so far apart. Lastly, I wouldn't get these overly sweet texts from this amazing man...

This guy, just knows the way to my heart :)!


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  1. its great to have an amazing person in your life like that. I'm so glad I've met mine.