Monday, December 29, 2014

Weekend Recap: Christmas Edition!!

I can't believe how quickly Christmas came and went! I think all the anticipation and holiday cheer (that quite frankly started in October) got everyone in the holiday spirit and the day after Christmas was just like 'oh, that's is'. Well at least that's how it felt for me. I had zero expectations for this Christmas, like most, but I was pleasantly surprised to get spoiled this year by my friends and family. Since I don't 'celebrate' in the traditional sense with mass and all of that, my family sort of stopped with the gift giving loooong ago, minus the secret santa between cousins. I think this year was more special because even my dad who can be quite the grinch got into the holiday spirit and gave my sister and I our very first Christmas gift that was completely and entirely from him (in the past, my mom would be the gift getter and wrapper, my dad's name would only make an appearance on the gift thanks to her). This not only shocked my sister & I, but it made me realize this will be the second to the last Christmas I will be spending unmarried and with my family. I got kind of sad at that, even though I know I will likely try to make it home for the holidays if possible. I also got spoiled by my lovely boyfriend and my amazing little sister. I wasn't expecting a single thing from my wishlist, but i secretly wanted everything on my list. So when I found out that they both got me things off my wishlist behind my back I was shocked and humbled that I have such great people in my life. Ok enough talking, here are the pictures of what I scored for Christmas this year!
beats solo2 from le boyfriend
Sissy's gift
 Alex & Ani / Lululemon / Stila / Lush
Dad's gift, he was even so nice he put my mom's name first. Also not sure who my other "dad" is, immigrant parents will definitely keep you on your toes!
I spent Christmas eve with this brand new love bug, Niam. It's one of my cousins first baby and he is absolutely perfect!!

The very first time he cried with me, but he was also very hungry.

The second time was much more successful, plus he knocked out after his feeding.
Ready for bed on Christmas Eve!
Christmas morning was spent eating homemade chocolate chip pancakes with my sister and cuddling with her Christmas gift, Olaf while watching movies all morning.

That afternoon/evening was spent at my cousins getting to play with Niam again. Talk about best Christmas gift ever.
Way more alert, he must have eaten already

Woohoo I actually got a smiling baby in my hands! <3 a="" and="" definitely="" framer="" me="" niam="" of="" pic="" td="" this="">

He loves having his cheeks rubbed and gives you a smirk to let you know to keep going, so I totally did!

After having crazy insane baby fever all Christmas long, I had a few detox days. Friday was spent mostly in bed watching movies basically all day #hermitstatus. Saturday I started to feel the onset of cold symptoms, so I nipped that in the bud asap and headed out to the movies to watch Into the Woods. I really really liked the movie and didn't really know it would be a musical type movie, I must have missed that clue from the trailers. But the cast was pretty amazing and it almost felt like a satire which is pretty awesome considering it was a Disney movie. If you get the chance, definitely check this movie out!
Sunday was pretty much spent vegging out and dreading the fact that my long weekend was over, but glad this week is a short week again!!
Phew, that was a long recap considering there were more days to this "weekend", but I'm linking up with Biana for weekending and Lisa & Bella for weekend recap!
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  1. What a fun weekend! I really want to see Into the Woods, it's definitely on my list of things to do this week. && how could you not have baby fever with that cutie around?

  2. Ooo, how was Into the Woods? I haven;t had the chance to go yet.

  3. Sounds like the perfect Christmas apart from being sick of course. Your baby cousin is adorable <3

  4. Too funny about immigrant parents comment. That baby is too cute!!

  5. I saw Into the Woods. I was blown away at how good it was! Niam is the cutest little button out there! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!