Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Grammy's Recap

Hi loves. I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend, sucks that it's Monday already, but let's talk about one of my favorite things, celebrity fashion!! If you guys missed the Grammy's last night you really didn't miss much. I'm sure there is buzz all day today about all that went down during last night's show.
The performances were much more toned down than usual, with the exception of Madonna. Anyone else with me on her being too thirsty for attention, we get it you can still move, now put some clothes on and let more relevant musicians perform. My absolute favorite performance was hands down Katy Perry. I'm as shocked as anyone else, I enjoyed her halftime show at the Super Bowl, but haven't ever really been a fan of hers. The song she sung was off her Prism album and it was perfection. It was perfectly timed after Obama spoke about stopping violence against women and children and a victim of domestic abuse spoke about her experience. I think the whole moment was really powerful and her song was the perfect one to compliment that. If you missed the powerful performance, check it out below.
My least favorite performance was hands down, Kanye West. I think he's a horrid singer and should just mind his own damn business when it comes to other people's awards. We all love Beyonce, but other people deserve to win just as much as her. Although I don't know Beck, I'm sure there was reason for his win he shouldn't have to just hand his award to anyone else. Kanye is just a douche and a bully, maybe the Grammy's should reconsider inviting him next year. This way we don't see/hear any of his antics and Kim K. won't be invited, everyone will be happy!
Some other notable performances were Miranda, who absolutely killed it. Beyonce, of course, she did an amazing job singing a classic gospel from the movie Selma. I also looooved Sam Smith & Mary J. Blige dueting for Stay with me. Sam Smith took the cake and 4 grammys home with him yesterday, he is an amazing artist with voice like butter so can't wait to see what he comes up with this year.
Now let's get to the fashion of last night! I was taking notes during the red carpet because I know the Grammy's are more wild than other award shows when it comes to the fashion and I didn't want to miss any of it. I have to say I'm really impressed with the amount of great fashion on the carpet. Only a handful of worst dressed list, which is pretty impressive for the Grammy's I think. If you want a little flashback into my picks for best & worst from last year check it out here!
Best dressed 2015
+ Taylor Swift: I think she was the absolute, hands down, best dressed yesterday. People may disagree, but this dress was perfection. I love the ombre color and the pop of fuschia with her shoes.
+ Beyonce: I mean come on, just look at her. She oozes perfection and she is radiating. Love, love love!
+ Chrissy Teigen: I think she has been hitting it out of the park lately. This is most definitely how a nominee's wife should dress at the Grammy's, not too much, but makes a statement on her own.
+ Miranda Lambert: Wowsa, she looks so good. Compared to just 2 years ago, she has lost a ton of weight and her body looks fantastic. I love the simplicity of her dress with the pretty pop of fuschia. Her hair and makeup is also on point.
+ Gwen Stefani: I typically hate pant suits on the red carpet, but wow does Gwen do an exquisite job of rocking this look. I love the top detail and the structure of it. The shoes are awesome and her hair pulls everything together.
+ Meghan Trainor: I think for her first Grammy's she did great. I love how classic and elegant the look is without being too covered up. This girl definitely knows how to dress for her body, so props to her!
+ Katy Perry: I think this was such a change to what Katy Perry normally does on the red carpet in a good way. I love the fluidity of the dress and the fact that it's fun and flirty. I do think she needs to go back to some normal color hair asap.
+ Mary J. Blige: This woman knows how to bring it. For being in her 40's she dresses amazing and in a way that highlights her figure. Love this color on her.
+ Ciara: I think this dress may get mixed reviews, but I love it. I think when she was walking in it the movement of the dress was beautiful.
+ Nicki Minaj: I love that she stayed true to herself without going over the top. She is accentuating her assets and it looks very flattering on her.
+ Kat Graham: I think this dress has visual interest and fits her perfectly. I love the peek-a-boo design and sheer quality of it. Her hair, makeup and accessories go very well.
+ Jessie J: I admit I wasn't a huge fan of this when I first saw it, but I think seeing it more it grew on me. I think it does look a bit gothic, but her hair and makeup pair so well with the dress. The dress is beautifully constructed and the details are incredible.
+ Lady Gaga: Well it's not a meat dress...I think she really toned down her crazy antics and I can appreciate that. She has a great body and she definitely showed it off in this dress. It's not a forgiving dress, but she fills it perfectly.
+ Haim: These ladies are the up and coming indie hit and I love their recent music. Their outfit choices go so well together which is why I chose all of them. I think as a girl band they look very cohesive and well put together.
Best Dressed Men
The men really knocked it out of the park last night in my opinion.
+ Dierks Bentley: Ummm a cutie in a seersucker suit, yes please! I think he looks adorable and well put together!
+ Nick Jonas: I love that he really stepped out of the norm with his suit. I think it looks young and fresh and boy grew up reallll good.
+ John Mayer: Wow this look is phenomenal. It looks like he can easily go walk the red carpet at the Oscars, very classy and elegant. Love seeing John Mayer look so handsome.
+ Usher: I love the 50 shades of grey thing he's doing on the red carpet. It's interesting and unique.
+ Aloe Blacc: I think this suit is visually stunning. The blue is just my favorite for a suit and he wore it so well. I love the different shoes that changed the outfit up a bit and made it more appropriate for the Grammy's.
Worst Dressed
-Madonna: Ok woman, you are in your 60's, I get that you have an incredible body, but man just give up the dramatics already. I think it's just too costume-y for a red carpet.
-Charli XCX: So this was her big break out year and this is what she shows up in?!? Seriously, 80's fashion has mostly stayed in the 80's let's not try to bring this back. Did she think the fur would class it up a bit?
-Rihanna: Cotton candy, loofa, ballerina on steroids, whatever you thought her dress resembled it was awful. Like why hide your amazing body in this crap. The dress didn't even fit, or it was too heavy because she kept lifting it up.
-Zendaya: What. The. Heck. I don't understand the hair and the dress is just ill-fitting on her. She should dress for her age and quit trying to look like she's in her 30's.
-Sia: Ok, wtf is wrong with her? I don't know what the gimmick is for her, but I'm not feeling it. Also who is the little kid with her?? So many questions, so little time.
-Ariana Grande macchiato: I mean really, can she not do anything besides this dumb ponytail. Also, it looks like there was a missing part of the dress that they decided to just cover up with silver metallic.
-Kim Kardashian: So I really did want to like this, but it straight up looks like a robe with a belt. Her goodies are basically on full display here and I think it's just too much. She's basically only there because she's married to Kanye, but take notes from Chrissy Teigen, don't over-do your man. It was probably that douche Kanye's choice though.
-Iggy Azalea: I was curious if she brought some butter she churned earlier that day. Oh wait is she not a dutch maid?! Dress looks fine, just kind of blah.
-Chris Brown: I'm shocked that he's even allowed at these functions anymore after the last time. He looks like a homeless man off the streets of L.A. who just happened to walk the red carpet. No thanks.
-Miley Cyrus: Ok so I don't hate the dress on her, she is working it for sure. I do hate the fact that she didn't add anything to a boring black dress. Where's the jewelry, clutch, anything!!
Ok, so what did you guys think of my picks for best and worst dressed? Leave me your comments below. Linking up with Biana for weekending since this is basically the highlight of my weekend.
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  1. I totally agree with all your picks!! I liked the color of Rhianna's dress - but was a little too cupcakes for my liking!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I could not agree with you more on your opinion of Kim and Kanye.. ugh just stay home. No one wants to hear you whine, and we're all sick of seeing Kim's lady bits.

    And YES to Miranda's performance, loved her of course and how sweet Blake looked when he gave her a standing ovation :)

  3. Rihanna's dress was ridiculous! I saw someone post a picture about it from a far distance and you could spot that crazy dress out of the hundreds!

  4. loved T- Swifts dress! and Rihanna's dress was definitely ridiculous....

  5. I could not get over how absolutely perfect Taylor looked. She has been absolutely rocking her style lately! And Kim Kardashian... ugh. She looked like she was wearing a bedazzled robe. Not a fan at all.

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. Hey Dierks Hey! He is sooo fine. I also loooved Taylor's outfit, and I really really want her shoes!