Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Faves

Woohoo it's finally Friday. I've seriously felt like the weeks are just getting longer and longer, maybe it's because it's still freezing basically everywhere except Florida and it's practically spring!
Anywho since I feel like I haven't really blogged about what's been going on let's get to it.
Favorite sunset
I seriously feel like a freak when I just have to take a pic, but the sky looked so pretty with the sun setting so I just had to. #BloggerProblems
Favorite song
Hello to you too Nick Jonas, who knew he would go from the Jonas Brothers to a breakout star all on his own?!
Favorite meme
Any Chicago sports fan (or sports fan in general) can get this. Derrick Rose is out yet again because of a surgery on his meniscus...poor guy just can't catch a break, but he can get some pretty funny meme's made about him.
Favorite day at work
On Wednesday I was literally all by myself (minus some maintenance workers in the morning) and had no patients to see, so what's a girl to do besides catch up on Mindy Project while getting paperwork done. Needless to say that will probably never happen again, so I took advantage of the opportunity.
Favorite conversation
*No I didn't get a puppy*
A got some serious recognition at work the other day and I was very proud of him. Apparently our fake dog, Neymar (yes named after the famous soccer player on Barcelona's team) was very proud of his papa as well. I'm glad that he appreciates my weirdness and matches it :).
Favorite purchase(s)
I was at the farmers market getting produce and saw the prettiest tulips and knew I had to have them. Karma that it snowed later that day? Spring will be coming in my mind whether or not the outside matches it. Can't wait until these pretties start blooming!

I got this adorable blush pink dress from Tobi for 50% off (if you want 50% off your entire order, let me know and I'll send you an invite). They have some seriously cute stuff that I picked up for my vacations later this year. No this is not sponsored, I just really like shopping there.  The shoes I picked up from Nordstrom, I am seriously in love with these shoes and can't wait for warmer weather to start wearing them. Reading the reviews, I saw a lot of negative things, but these shoes are not only comfortable being a stilleto, but the fit is awesome!  The Michael Kors wristlet was a gift from my awesome boyfriend, I think it pairs super well with this dress too!

I had a treat yo'self moment in honor of the series finale of Parks & Rec. The Steve Madden 'Stecy' sandal I had mentioned earlier, totally worth treating yourself. I picked up an Alex and Ani peridot birthstone bracelet. Got this adorable new iPhone 5s case from T.J. Maxx (holla at under $10!!). Finally I picked up this First Aid Beauty-Eye Duty Triple Remedy from Sephora and I'm having mixed feelings about it. I may try it out for another week to see if I truely like it or not, but any suggestions on something to help brighten under eyes I would appreciate them.
What are some of your favorites this week? Any fun purchases or songs you're feeling this week? Link up with the beautiful brand new newlywed Amanda. Show her some love, check out her amazing wedding photos, and link up!

**None of the above links are affilliate links, I'm not getting paid anything if you click on it, just making things a bit easier for you to find should you want something.**
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  1. Love your blog! I want those Steven Madden sandals! My Nords is always sold out of my size (I was literally there yesterday!)

  2. Those tulips are so pretty! I need to get my butt over to TJ's and pick up some fresh flowers for the house and make it feel more spring-y :)

    And you are more than welcome to escape that frozen tundra and join me in Florida anytime. Happy Friday gurlie <3

  3. I hadn't heard that new Nick Jonas song, but ya he's much better on his own!! yes to mindy project - I so love her! Loving all your new goodies!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. I am TOTALLY guilty of watching Netflix when I'm alone in my office, too ;) I have to admit, the first time I heard Jealous, I had no idea it was a Jonas Brother! I just played that song for the first time, and I like it a lot.

  5. I have been obsessed with the song Chains!!