Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Skin Care

Happy hump day friends! So something I have been wanting to talk about for some time on the blog is my skin care essentials. Now I never really took serious care of my skin until recently. I've been lucky during my teen years that I didn't break out besides the occasional hormonal zit, but because of that I assumed my skin would just be perfect forever. WRONG. Although I still don't break out, I do get horrible zits on my face that tend to stick around for a while. I figured getting into a good skin care routine was essential especially since I'm not getting any younger and my face is starting to show it. So I'm gonna go through some of the skin care products I use daily/weekly basis and what I like about them.

I just recently bought this spot treatment after being shown it at Sephora. I don't have the full system for acne treatment because quite frankly I know I wouldn't use it all the time. The last few days I've had a nasty zit on my face that I've been using this on about 2 times a day. I'll put a dab on in the morning before my makeup, then before bed another dab goes on. I really have noticed it working slowly but surely to downsize the zit. It's a pretty good price tag considering I won't be using it daily and you use so little of it.

Origins A Perfect World white tea skin guardian
I bought this when I was in Houston since Chicago doesn't have a stand alone Origins store. And the sales lady sold me on this, I have been using it every day before my makeup/morning routine and still have a considerable amount left. I was startled at the price tag in the beginning, but I truly love this product and definitely will be keeping this going in my skin care routine.

Origins Modern Friction nature's gentle dermabrasion
 Picked this up in Houston as well. I was looking for a good face scrub to use weekly/bi-weekly and when I smelled this one I was hooked. I use this in the shower only 1-2 times a week, but it really makes my skin feel nice and smooth without being harsh. It has that dermabrasion feel without scratching your skin which is great! Definitely worth it to get if you are looking for a good scrub.

Origins Checks and Balances face wash
This face wash was recommended to me by my cousin and I even used her wash a few times while staying with her. I love the frothy feeling of this wash and the fact that it's gentle enough to use daily. I use this every morning and evening to wash my face and it doesn't dry out my skin which is important. I love the fact that it gets all my makeup off and makes my face feel clean at the end of the day. I have a pretty big tube of it that is likely to still last me a few more months!

Angels on Bare Skin
LUSH Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser
 The final skin care product I use on the regular is this cleanser from LUSH. I had never used any LUSH products before this one, but I am in love these products. The fact that they are made handmade and are vegan is really neat. A lot of the products smell ahhhhhh-mazing!! I can't wait to expand my LUSH wish list. So any suggestions are more than welcome.
I'm still on the hunt for other things to add to my essentials, especially an under eye cream. I need something for some serious dark circles and de-puffing. I'm considering trying the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy after reading good reviews, but want to get some input from my readers. 
What skin care products do you swear by or are your holy grails? I love browsing around Sephora so I'd love to try some suggestions out and letting you all know how I like em.
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  1. Oh how I love LUSH! Such amazing products, and it even comes in amazing packaging! I deal with hormonal adult acne, and Murad seems to be the only line that has helped. I recently picked up the spot treatment as well, and so far it's working :-D