Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Happy hump day lovies. I haven't done a good confess sesh in a while so I figured, why not!
I confess...
I can't believe my best friend's wedding is next week. We've been talking about her wedding for over a year and now it's finally here. I'm so flippin excited to see her walk down the aisle to her love!!
I also can't believe that tomorrow officially marks the start of the 1 year countdown until my very own wedding day where I'll be saying "I Do"
I can't wait to go to my first Chicago Cubs game in a looooong time (like 6 years long) with A when he's here for my friends wedding. He surprised me and got tickets right behind home plate too!!
I'm loving Holly Madison's new book 'Down the Rabbit Hole'. If you haven't heard about it or have been thinking about reading it, do it!!!! I'm obsessed and even want to go back and rewatch episodes of The Girls Next Door to see the show with a new set of eyes. Also Holly Madison liked my photo on Instagram yesterday and I fangirled when I saw it.
Blogging has been put slightly on the back burner as of lately. I've been exhausted between work, appointments with vendors, having some semblence of a social life and sleep. My posts have felt blah and I know I've been doing a lot of the same, but why break what's working I suppose. I love the link-ups I participate in and don't see myself stopping. Here are a list of my favorite link up throughout the week!
Monday: Weekending with Biana at B Loved Boston
Wednesday: Wedding Wednesday with Macy at To Travel and Beyond & Meg at My Borrowed Heaven
Friday: Friday Faves with Amanda at Meet at the Barre
There's no doubt about the fact that I love link up's so if you know of any fun and new ones, please fill me in on it!!
I have a new blog design!!!!
You may have noticed something looks quite different on my site and that's because Sarah changed up my design. I absolutely love my look and a few more tweaks until it's perfect!!



  1. Still LOVING your new design gurlie! And yay for A coming up for your bestie's wedding and amazing baseball tickets. You're going to have an amazing weekend :-D

  2. Love the new design and thanks for the shoutout! Let the countdown begin until your big day!

  3. Your blog is looking great!! Thanks so much for sharing our linkup, I'm so excited for you to take over in a few weeks :) Have an awesome time at the Cubs game - I've always wanted to go to Wrigley!

  4. Love the new blog design!! And I think everyone goes through the summer blogging slump - I know I definitely am right now, haha. So excited for you for your friends wedding, one of my best friends is getting married that same weekend!!!