Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekending | Painting & Chocolate Festival Fun

Happy Monday guys! This weekend seriously flew by (do I say that every Monday?!) I was definitely not expecting it to be as busy as it was, but I am so glad that it was. Thankfully, the flu-like symptoms I was feeling on Friday subsided enough for me to enjoy paint night with my ladies and was completely gone come Saturday morning!

Like I mentioned on Friday night the girls and I met up at Color Me Mine for a night of painting. It was fun and different because we could pick a variety of items to paint. I went with a simple large plate that can be used in a few different ways. It was a little harder than I was expecting and I wasn't able to do a cute stencil like I had originally wanted to, but I'm happy with the end result and we had a blast!

We ended the night with dinner at CPK and called it a night! The only thing I was super bummed with was that we didn't get to go home with our creations. Apparently they don't throw it in the kiln right away and told us it would be a few days before we could pick it up.

The following morning, my bestie texted me and asked me if I wanted to go to the chocolate festival nearby. I of course said heck yeh, because chocolate duh! It was seriously such a beautiful day and perfect fun with the girls! Although I felt a lack of chocolate, they made up for it with all the wine and food stalls. There was also live music and fun stuff all around to do!

 (Just want to point out I wore a different black maxi than the night before, just kept the top chambray top the same lol #caughtwearingbasicallythesamething)

That funnel cake has me drooling for more already! My sister bought me a bottle of Mango Moscato that I was loving that day so I can't wait to dive into that bottle!

After a long day of walking around and eating, I came home and the last thing I wanted to do was be productive, but I had no choice. I'm leaving for Houston on Saturday and am packing a big chunk of my life here (clothes, makeup, accessories) and taking it with me during this trip so it lessens the load for when I go in July. I already sent A home with quite a few clothes that I won't be wearing in the coming months back when he was here.

 Thank goodness for mothers because mine is a saint and was SUPER patient and helpful with me during the packing. I'm taking 2 fairly large bags full of stuff and she helped me weigh everything and meticulously pack it all in there so it all fit between both bags without going over the weight limit!!

It's really crazy how bare my room is slowly becoming and how real everything is feeling!!! 54 days and counting...eek!!!

Sunday was spent hanging out with my parents, helping them with stuff around the house (seriously why is there so much stuff to do?!) and knocking off more stuff from the growing wedding to-do list!

Well hope all of you lovelies had a beautiful weekend as well! Linking up with Biana for weekending!!


  1. Moms are the best! Love that yours was so supportive...packing is damn stressful (and I can imagine moreso doing it in smaller chunks because you want to make sure you dont pack something you'll need).
    I haven't been to a Color Me Mine in SO long but I used to love going! Looks like that was a great night, and then following it up with chocolate?? Hallelujah delicious!

  2. Your plate turned out amazing! Good luck with the packing- I imagine it's a ton of stuff haha

  3. what a nice weekend and glad to hear you're feeling better! color me mine is so fun - i love your plate! i always forget about it though. and packing sucks something fierce but yay for getting the pounds exact! happy monday!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Your plate looks amazing! I seriously would buy a set that looked like that! And chocolate festival? Yes please!<3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. I love your plate. Color me mine sounds like so much fun. Best of luck with packing, sounds like you have a good handle on it.

  6. A chocolate festival - that sounds amazing!! Packing is a beast of a chore, but it also lets you really get rid of things that you don't need anymore!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Your plate turned out so pretty! They have one of those painting places in Houston too and it's so much fun to go to, but it does suck that they didn't let you take your plate home immediately. The chocolate festival looks like so much fun, and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Ugh, the packing is definitely the worst part about moving, but your mom was so awesome to help out! I hope your Monday has started off great!

  8. The plate came out nice but bummer you couldn't take it home right away. Cute outfit!! I didn't even notice it being similar until you pointed it out. lol

  9. Your plate turned out so well! I love your outfit - definitely would repeat that myself!

  10. So glad you're feeling better, and you got to enjoy paint night with the girls. Your plate came out great, those events always look like os much fun! And YUM to the chocolate festival, we need one of those around here. Cheers to a fabulous week and 54 days <3
    Green Fashionista

  11. Awesome job on that plate! You all look gorgeous, and I love your outfit!

  12. That chocolate festival sounds like fun! Your plate turned out so beautiful!

  13. I would definitely prefer a painting class/night if it was something other than a canvas! How fun!