Monday, November 21, 2016

Quick Weekending

Happy Monday of Turkey week friends! I'm showing up today live and late, but I'm here. We didn't do much of anything this weekend which was perfect with all the busy weekends coming up.

Just a quick request for puppy prayers that everything goes well for my little buddy/fur-nephew Nico while he has his neutering procedure today.

This weekend consisted of relaxing and binge watching the rest of Gilmore Girls before the 4 part series this Friday. I'm so close to being done with the series, but kind of don't want it to end.

I did venture out to get some things for Thanksgiving this week. I'm making a cinnamon crunch cake and I'm kind of excited, but hoping it turns out good and edible...fingers crossed. I went to a few stores and of course my favorite, HomeGoods to get some platters and a cake stand. Shopping this weekend reminded me why online shopping is so big, I think I'll stick to that unless absolutely necessary.

During our errand running, I went to visit my aunt and cousin who got us the cutest ornament to hang on our tree (whenever we eventually put that up).

With the holidays being in full swing, I did get pretty homesick yesterday after I spoke to my parents. I don't know what came over me, but tears just started welling up and I just started bawling and hubby was so awesome during that moment. He was so supportive the whole time and I couldn't be happier he was there for me in that moment. I'm a little over it now, still homesick, but I'm hoping to go early January to visit and looking forward to that!


Definitely looking forward to having a day off this week (even though I have to work Friday...BOO) and spending time eating and catching up with family! And mashed potatoes....all the mashed potatoes please!

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  1. Sometimes weekends where not a whole lot happens are the best kinds of weekends! I'm right there with you on wanting to online shop as much as possible too! The first Christmas I wasn't with my parents I cried too, and I'm pretty sure that I would still cry. I don't think that it ever gets easier, but at least A was there to comfort you! Sending prayers for your fur nephew today!

  2. The first married christmas ornament is too cute - I loved hanging ours up the first time! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. That is the cutest ornament! Yay for your first Christmas! :)

  4. Loving that ornament! Sending hugs and prayers to little Nico today! And yessss to all the mashed potatoes. Have a fabulous holiday week <3

  5. Love the ornament! We always get a new one for a milestone. This year is going to be a baby related one!!!! Eeek!! Hope everything went ok with puppy!!