Thursday, June 12, 2014

Life Lately

Shakira- La La La (Brazil 2014)
If you guys don't know, the FIFA World Cup starts today!! This song and video have got me pumped, look at all those gorgeous men in soccer. I'm not an avid soccer fan, but I definitely watch and cheer on USA during the world cup. It's crazy how the entire world comes together over one sport, but that's the beauty of sports.

(also how gorgeous is Shakira?!?!)

Shakira - La La La by Official KotStep on Grooveshark

Sleepy & overworked. I have been staying up later than usual lately and it's been sucking waking up in the morning, but I know I won't be catching much sleep in the coming weeks because of weddings, vacations, and an engagement party. I suppose I'll sleep in August sometime?! Work has also been kicking my butt lately because of vacations and other reasons I've been working a lot of overtime which my bank account thanks me for, but my body not so much.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.
I know I know, but guys this shiz is soooo entertaining. I watched my first episode last week and was glued to the tv. I don't know how "regular" this show will become, but this definitely makes for bad day pick me up or boredom killer. The catfights alone are unreal and entertaining enough on their own.

My cousins wedding next weekend & my trip to New Orleans (are you guys tired of hearing about this trip because I'm not tired of talking about it). I'm excited as heck to see a bunch of my family that I haven't seen in a looong time and celebrate my cousin and her new husband. Five days after her wedding, I'm hopping on a plane bound for New Orleans to meet up with A! I cannot wait to explore all that New Orleans has to offer while I'm there, any suggestions on what to see/do or where to eat are more than welcome!

My Cooking Light cookbook. I'm so excited to explore and try out some of these recipes, there are hundreds in this cookbook and I highly suggest you head to your local bookstore or Amazon to pick up this cookbook (I'm not getting paid or sponsored to say any of this, I seriously love this cookbook already).

Kettlecorn, is there seriously anything better than it?! Plus side, it's only got 100 calories and 100% of the taste, holla for a dolla honey boo boo (ok I'll stop that now).

What's going on in your guy's life lately?!

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  1. Make sure you do all the "touristy" things in New Orleans like having a hurricane at Pat O'Briens, a hand grenade from the to-go window on Bourbon Street, and beignets at Cafe du Monde!

  2. I hope you have an awesome time in New Orleans! Sounds like you're going to be very busy :)