Monday, June 16, 2014

Photo Dump

Hey guys! So as per the title of this post, today will be a huge photo dump. I have slacked in consistent blogging (and that will probably continue), but I have been snapping pictures and kept telling myself I'll blog about this or something along those lines. Well since that didn't happen, I'll just share pictures that have been hanging out on my phone for a while (some may be ones I've posted on Instagram, sorry about repeats, but follow me to keep up with my life outside of this here blog).

The cutest nephew award goes to me, hands down. Love this nugget!

My new Kate Spade sunnies, had to snap a selfie at the store, they have great lighting!

My best friend's engagement party location, I am in love with the terrace/patio set up!!

Watermelon cupcakes with a watermelon garnish, definitely a sign of summer.

Fro yo is also a definite sign of summer, gummy candy FTW!

Photobombed my friends little sisters prom pic, pretty epic I think.

No summer is complete without mojitos.

I don't always take a selfie, but when I do I make sure I have enough filter options.

I saw this on Pinterest and liked the quote, timing is most definitely important.

Had my first lay out by the pool day and it was glorious!

Soaking up the sun selfie, no filter needed either the sun did a beautiful job of that.

If you haven't tried the Nerds slushie from Sonic, run don't walk to your nearest one and get it!!

My future pup, it's a goldendoodle and I'm in love!!

The convo I had with A after sending him the above pic, he loved the pup too so we decided on a name, Bourbon! I love future talk with this guy, definitely makes my day better!
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  1. Cute pup and the pool day looks phenomenal! I'm so happy it's summer time!