Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaids

Happy hump day folks! Today's another week of Wedding Wednesday with Meg & the newly married Macy. She looked gorgeous on her wedding day, congrats pretty lady to you and your new hubby!!
Now I've touched on my girls on the big day. I picked each girl for a different reason and because they all mean so much to me. I have two of my best friends who I've known for 15years combined!! Then I have 5 of my closest girl cousins. We've all grown up together and have gotten so close as we grew older. Then finally I have my sister who is my maid of honor. I've known her for 25 years and she is hands down my best friend for life. She knows my deepest darkest secrets and we've gone through thick and thin by each others side, so I couldn't imagine not having her as my maid of honor.
These are my amazing girls and I can't wait to have them all together for my wedding since I haven't seen some of them in 2 years!!
Now the most fun part of wedding planning, besides asking my bridesmaids if they would accept the responsibility, was figuring out gifts to give them. I wanted them to be logical, something all the girls would love, and have a slice of me for them to remember long after the wedding festivities are over and done with.
I decided I wanted to make tanks for the girls to wear during the bachelorette party, now it was just a matter of what to write on the tanks to help represent our theme for the party which is beachy! I browsed Pinterest and came up with "Brides mates" which was a fun play on words and went seamlessly with my theme.

I'm thrilled with how they turned out and I can't wait for all the girls to see them and wear them on my bachelorette party in Destin! The best part is they they only cost less than $5 a piece to make!

The next thing I got was something I've always wanted because not only are they adorable, but they are practical when the girls are all getting ready in the morning for the wedding. I got navy blue floral silk robes from his great Etsy boutique based out of Florida. I love that they offered a set of 8 and only cost me about $150 with shipping and everything! I can't wait for the girls to wear them and for all the pictures we'll get in them.

I haven't taken a picture of the robes yet, but here's the image from the Etsy site of the navy one I purchased.

Sorry for the super cruddy quality of the picture, but that's what happened when I zoomed in.  They also each came personalized with each girls initial on the front of the robe, I think it's a sweet touch they will love.

Now the last part of my gift isn't really there yet, mostly because I have no clue what I wan a do. I know I want to do something that's not wearable since I've already got 2 of those, but I've been tossing between bath products (who couldn't use more of those) and mugs. I saw this cute idea of a diy mug, but I'm not sure how well mine would turn out which worries me. 

This is so cute and a great personalized item for each of the girls. If I can figure out how to make it turn out like this, I'll totally do this. If anyone has tips or suggestions they are more than welcome!

So there it is, a breakdown of my bridesmaids gifts. Any ideas or suggestions please leave in the comments below! 
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  1. They are going to love these!!!! You are seriously the best. I know my girls were really appreciative for all the gifts and thought I put into making sure they were taken care of the day of :-)

  2. What a fabulous group of girls, and LOVE the tanks you made... super cute :-D

  3. You are on the ball with your bridesmaid's gifts!!! I feel like you'll find the best gift to finish your gift for them! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. That's a really good price I think for all those robes! When I was looking they were like $40 each. I think they'll love them =)

  5. I did robes for me and my girls, too (they even made a little one for my flower girl haha), and they were awesome while getting hair and makeup done as well as for photos! Those tanks are also the best idea!

  6. I love these gifts! Those robes are super cute & I love that you made the tanks. Search on Pinterest for more ideas! :)