Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Faves

Hey guys! I've been seriously consuming myself with sharks this week that I just haven't felt like doing much. On top of that, my lack of sleep the last few weeks have seriously been coming back to kick me in the behind. I've fallen asleep much earlier this entire week and have felt rundown all week. Not to mention work has been busier than ever, which is odd since summer is usually when we slow down a bit. Anywho, let's get onto the favorites of this week!
We booked our engagement shoot session with the same photographer who did our surprise proposal pictures in San Antonio. I'm so excited, we'll be heading down to San Antonio August 29th to celebrate my birthday and take our pictures! I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas for poses and different shots that I want. Here are some of my favorites.
Favorite engagement shoot poses


Favorite recipe
I'm on a huge smoothie kick now that summer weather is kinda here. My favorite go to is the most simple kind of smoothie, banana and strawberry. It tastes amazing together and the 2 ingredients are so readily available especially this time of year.
Favorite post
My girl Kate recapping her post on Key West is just awesome. The pictures are simply breathtaking and it makes me itch to want to hop on a plane and head down there asap!! Check out her post and all the fun she had trust me you won't regret it!!

Favorite funnies

^ this is me during the Nordstrom sale! 

P.S. this cute Kate Spade crossbody is in my shopping cart, now I'm conflicted if I get this bag that's $120 that could have gone towards our savings account as we save for a house and you know this super expensive wedding coming up next year. Yolo??

Any faves of yours from the Nordies sale? Linking up with Amanda who has a great list of what to check out at the sale!



  1. I was just checking out the Nordstrom sale and looking at crossbody purses. I love that KS purse and I have it in pink. Was eyeing the black one.

  2. I've been consumed with sharks this week too, and was surprised it was so early this year. And loving all of your engagement photo inspiration. Can't wait to see how your pics come out <3

    Happy Friday gurlie!

  3. Those funnies killed me!! Hilarious!!! Great post girl!!