Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wanderlust Wednesday

I always have a travel itch especially when I see other peoples pictures on social media of them on vacation. I'm linking up with these lovely women Kate, Kerri, & Emily; 2 of whom just came back from Key West and the other from Vegas, lucky girls I tell you! I just wanted to include some places that are on my travel wish list as of late.
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Phuket, Thailand
St. Lucia

Clearly I am itching to get away to the beach even while I've been watching shark week. What are some places on your travel wish list?


  1. Those all look like great vacation spots!

  2. AWESOME list gurlie, all fabulous places! Thailand, Hawaii, and Croatia are high up on my list too :-D

  3. Funny I never realized how beautiful Croatia was until i was recently researching European cruises and now it's been added to my list too. Hawaii has also been at the top of my list. Maybe one of these on your list will be a honeymoon destination? lol