Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Emily's Wedding Tips For Bride To Be's

Hey folks! Can y'all believe it's already December!!!! 30 more days and this year is over with, that's crazy talk!

No you haven't read the date wrong, it is not Wedding Wednesday today, but I wanted to share this post today because who doesn't love a double dose of wedding talk?! Today I have the beautiful Emily giving you all some tips and advice for bride to be's to remember for their big day! She had such a beautiful wedding I know pictures won't do it justice, but I'll let her take it away!


Hi everyone! I'm Emily and I blog over at Martinis & Bikinis where I talk about life in the Sunshine State along with my travel adventures, yummy recipes, and occasional shopping and fashion posts.

Since Nikki is in the midst of planning her wedding, I wanted to share five tips of advice for her wedding day plus some of my favorite photos from my beach-themed wedding back in Summer 2012.

5 Tips For Your Wedding Day 

1. Get a good night of sleep the night before the wedding so you feel refreshed for your big day since it is usually a long day of festivities.

2. Hire a wedding coordinator for at least the day of the wedding. If you're unable to do so, have your bridesmaids help with odds and ends so you can focus on getting ready.

3. Keep calm and don't sweat the small details. Give your phone to one of your bridesmaids to handle any texts or phone calls so you can focus on getting dressed. If things don't go 100% to plan, remember the purpose of your wedding is to marry your love. Life is not 100% perfect after all. 

4. During your ceremony and reception, look around and take it all in. Every bride I've spoken to says their wedding day just flies by in the wink of an eye after months of preparing. Make sure to take a moment and look around to acknowledge all the details and hard work that went into planning your big day. 

5. Remember to eat, dance and greet all of your guests. Most importantly, spend time with your husband and chat while you eat dinner.

Here's a quick photo recap of my wedding. Wishing Nikki the best of luck planning her special day!




Photos are courtesy S & S Photography based in Orlando, Florida. 

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  1. Haha ok can we first talk about how I saw the preview pic before reading the blog and I was like "that girl looks so familiar"! I don't think I've ever seen Emily's wedding pics, they're gorgeous! Love all of these tips! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Wow, what gorgeous pictures, lady! The love and joy is apparent in every picture and you look amazing. Thanks so much for sharing them and your tips are 100% on point.