Friday, July 31, 2015

It's Friday, Friday, Friday

...gotta get down on Friday. Sorry I just had to! Even though this is Friday, my work schedule is pretty nutty, between the 2 places I go to I'll be working 17 days non-stop. Although it's crazy, what's even crazier is that tomorrow is August!!! Shut the front door and let's slow it all down people. How are we already half way through the year?? As I basically work the next month away, what I do love is that it's birthday month!!! I've already been getting birthday freebies and I'm loving it.

I have absolutely the best friend and couldn't have asked for a better bride to be a bridesmaid for. She was super calm and gorgeous the entire weekend. Getting this thank you from her wasn't necessary because I loved being able to help and be such a vital part in her wedding, but it solidified how amazing of a person she truly is.

A was here for the wedding weekend and after all the hoopla and craziness, we went to the Cubs game on Monday night. It was so much fun since I haven't gone before and we had amazing seats courtesy of my amazing fiance! I ate so much it's pretty gross, but I mean you have to right?!

And now I'll leave you with some funnies to help get you through Friday!
Me every day when my computer freezes up, luckily I'm the first one in the office so people don't witness me spazzing out.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

(Not My) Wedding Recap

PHappy hump day & Wedding Wednesday loves! I feel like I have been super MIA lately, but it has been a whirlwind week. My best friend got married this past weekend so it was nonstop go, go, go making sure everything went off without a hitch (and it did). She made the most gorgeous bride and I was honored to stand by her side as a bridesmaid to celebrate such a memorable moment in her life.
In some other news, I will be taking over Meg's spot in Wedding Wednesday along with Macy. I'm so beyond thrilled to be given this opportunity to work with great people and a wonderful link up. I will officially start taking over August 12th. Macy will continue with her recap posts since she is now a newlywed, and I will be posting about the whole wedding process (and trust me there's a lot to it). I hope I will see some old friends along with new faces joining on this new journey!
Now let's move onto pictures from the past weekend.
(Photodump time)



It was a seriously beautiful weekend celebrating two people in love and I was so happy to be apart of it.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Faves {7/17/15}

Ok Woohoo!! We've made it to another Friday. What a busy week for me at work and in my social life. I'm not someone who makes tons of plans with people throughout the week, but I reconnected with an old friend and had a blast catching up, it was worth the rough morning the next day. Here are some of my other faves from this past week.

Lunchtime this week. I love the freedom I have at my job, I'm able to duck away to a side conference room to watch tv or catch up on shows I missed out on during the week. Anyone else watch Astronauts Wives Club? It's great I love the cast and most importantly the fashion!

On Wednesday after doing some more damage at the mall, I met up with an old friend who I haven't seen in years. It was so great to catch up we were out until midnight, on a work night! I was exhausted the next morning at work, but it was well worth it!

Yesterday marks ONE YEAR until our wedding!!! I am so beyond excited I wish it were sooner, but I still have so much to get planned that I'll appreciate the time. 

I'm doing a dance for my best friends wedding next week along with her other bridesmaids and I've been slacking on practicing for it so I don't look like a damn fool. So what does one do at 11pm? Why practice for a half hour to get the routine down pat. So of course I had to snap a sweaty pic because I mostly love this new tank I picked up at Aero of all places!

I know this is how we are gonna be after our wedding reception, so it's funny when he pretends we are the couple that actually goes buck wild crazy at their after party. Hanging out in our room eating food sounds way more appealing anyway.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Happy hump day lovies. I haven't done a good confess sesh in a while so I figured, why not!
I confess...
I can't believe my best friend's wedding is next week. We've been talking about her wedding for over a year and now it's finally here. I'm so flippin excited to see her walk down the aisle to her love!!
I also can't believe that tomorrow officially marks the start of the 1 year countdown until my very own wedding day where I'll be saying "I Do"
I can't wait to go to my first Chicago Cubs game in a looooong time (like 6 years long) with A when he's here for my friends wedding. He surprised me and got tickets right behind home plate too!!
I'm loving Holly Madison's new book 'Down the Rabbit Hole'. If you haven't heard about it or have been thinking about reading it, do it!!!! I'm obsessed and even want to go back and rewatch episodes of The Girls Next Door to see the show with a new set of eyes. Also Holly Madison liked my photo on Instagram yesterday and I fangirled when I saw it.
Blogging has been put slightly on the back burner as of lately. I've been exhausted between work, appointments with vendors, having some semblence of a social life and sleep. My posts have felt blah and I know I've been doing a lot of the same, but why break what's working I suppose. I love the link-ups I participate in and don't see myself stopping. Here are a list of my favorite link up throughout the week!
Monday: Weekending with Biana at B Loved Boston
Wednesday: Wedding Wednesday with Macy at To Travel and Beyond & Meg at My Borrowed Heaven
Friday: Friday Faves with Amanda at Meet at the Barre
There's no doubt about the fact that I love link up's so if you know of any fun and new ones, please fill me in on it!!
I have a new blog design!!!!
You may have noticed something looks quite different on my site and that's because Sarah changed up my design. I absolutely love my look and a few more tweaks until it's perfect!!


Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Snapshots

Alas another Monday is here and another weekend is in the books. For the most part Chicago kept its weather at bay up until today when I woke up to lightening storms, that was lovely. 

Friday my sister and I hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary early access sale and we both walked out of there with a handful of awesome deals. I ended up getting 2 pairs of Zella 'live in' leggings, a Kendra Scott necklace, denim leggings, and the most adorable blush pink maxi dress that I plan on wearing for our engagement shoot next month! I have my eye on a Kate Spade cross body as well, but I dropped some hints and think I'll be getting it as a birthday gift ;)!

Saturday after having a quick bite for breakfast my sister and I headed out for the Brookfield Zoo. I hadn't been in over 2 years so I was excited to go and see all the new exhibits and my favorite animals. The rain was a little bit annoying, but it meant less of a crowd which was fine with me. 


Sunday was spent laying around, getting laundry done and catching up on True Detective. I've also started reading Holly Madison's new book Down the Rabbit Hole, it's really intriguing and gives you an interesting insight as to what was really going on inside the Playboy mansion. If you're looking for a light and refreshing book to get into, I definitely recommend it. Later that evening my sister and I headed to the movies to watch some Magic Mike XXL, I really loved it! I think it was light years better than the first one as far as the story line not completely sucking, at least it seemed to have some sort of angle to it. Plus the hot, half naked men dancing to some great music wasn't a bad deal. 

 These wonderful bloggers are teaming up to give away the brand spankin new Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette. Be sure to enter the giveaway :)!

Linking up with my girl Biana for Weekending. What did y'all do over the weekend?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Faves

Hey guys! I've been seriously consuming myself with sharks this week that I just haven't felt like doing much. On top of that, my lack of sleep the last few weeks have seriously been coming back to kick me in the behind. I've fallen asleep much earlier this entire week and have felt rundown all week. Not to mention work has been busier than ever, which is odd since summer is usually when we slow down a bit. Anywho, let's get onto the favorites of this week!
We booked our engagement shoot session with the same photographer who did our surprise proposal pictures in San Antonio. I'm so excited, we'll be heading down to San Antonio August 29th to celebrate my birthday and take our pictures! I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas for poses and different shots that I want. Here are some of my favorites.
Favorite engagement shoot poses


Favorite recipe
I'm on a huge smoothie kick now that summer weather is kinda here. My favorite go to is the most simple kind of smoothie, banana and strawberry. It tastes amazing together and the 2 ingredients are so readily available especially this time of year.
Favorite post
My girl Kate recapping her post on Key West is just awesome. The pictures are simply breathtaking and it makes me itch to want to hop on a plane and head down there asap!! Check out her post and all the fun she had trust me you won't regret it!!

Favorite funnies

^ this is me during the Nordstrom sale! 

P.S. this cute Kate Spade crossbody is in my shopping cart, now I'm conflicted if I get this bag that's $120 that could have gone towards our savings account as we save for a house and you know this super expensive wedding coming up next year. Yolo??

Any faves of yours from the Nordies sale? Linking up with Amanda who has a great list of what to check out at the sale!