101 in 1001

I've seen this floating around for quite some time and had always wanted to join in and create a list of 101 goals for me. I finally sat down and compiled a list and can't wait to start crossing things off. One of my favorite things to do is make lists, but even more than that I love the feeling of crossing things off said list! So here are a list of my 101 goals in the next 1001 days (or 2.75 years).

Start date: February 14th, 2015
End date: November 11th, 2017
 Tracking: 46 out of 101 completed

101 in 1001

1.Come up with 101 goals   {Feb 14th, 2015}

2.Take a cooking class

3.Host a dinner/cocktail party

4.Make 5 recipes from my cookbook
5.Buy a wine rack
6.Successfully open a bottle of champagne {August 2016}
7.Host/cook dinner for a holiday gathering
8.Buy a nice knife set {June 2015}
9.Get produce from a farmer’s market
10.Try 10 new restaurants  {1. Granite City Brewery-March 2015//2. River City Grill-May 2015//3. Dish Society-May 2015//4.Song Kran-Aug 2015//5. Pappasitos-Aug 2015//6. Parlor Pizza-Oct 2015//7. Truco Taqueria-Oct 2015//8. RA Sushi-March 2016//9. Ming-April 2016//10. Honeyberry Cafe-April 2016}
11.Watch 5 classic movies
12.See 3 Audrey Hepburn movies
13.Watch 3 TV series in full  {1. Parenthood-Feb 2015// 2. The Following-Jan 2016// 3. Gilmore Girls-Dec 2017}
14.Read 20 books  {1. Drinking & Tweeting-Feb 2015//2. Drinking & Dating-March 2015//3. Down the Rabbit Hole-July 2015//4. Why Not Me-October 2015//5. Me Before You-April 2016//6. The Royal We-April 2016//7. I Said Yes-May 2016//8. It's Not Okay-August 2016//9. The Weekenders-Nov 2016/10. The Association of Small Bombs-Dec 2016//11. In The Country We Love-Dec 2016//12. The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo-Jan 2017//13. Great-Dec 2016//14. The Nightingale-Dec 2016//15. Luckiest Girl Alive-Dec 2017//15. My Not So Perfect Life- Jan 2018
15.Invest in a classic handbag {July 2016}
16.Buy 3 coffee table books {1. All in Good Taste-Kate Spade Dec 2016//
17.Find glasses I love {June 21st, 2017}
18.Learn how to tie a tie
19.Buy a good pair of boots {Cowboy Boots-Feb 2017}
20.Invest in Louboutin pumps
21.Find the perfect LBD
22.Buy a better blow dryer
23.Get another tattoo
24.Find my signature scent {Tom Ford-Orchid Soleil}
25.Get a puppy...or 5
26.Invest in a DSLR camera
27.Get a family portrait done {Wedding Photos, July 16th, 2016}
28.Get professional pictures taken {August 30th, 2015}
29.Back up all my photos to my external hard drive {April 2016}
30.Complete the photo365 challenge {December 31, 2015}
31.Take a photography class
32.Get engaged!! {May 24th, 2015!!!!!}
33.Get married!! {July 16th, 2016}
34.Be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding {July 25th, 2015!!}
35.Move to a new city {Houston!! July 2016}
36.Give 5 just because gifts
37.Get involved in a volunteer organization
38.Find a full-time job {Baylor Dermatology, September 2016}
39.Do a random act of kindness for a stranger
40.Shoot a gun
41.Get a psychic reading
42.Join a professional association  {AAMA-July 2014}
43.Grow my Instagram following to 500
44.Go to a blogger conference/event
45.Meet 5 blogger friends {Kate, Pamela, KerriMyraKathleen, and Ashley}
46.Go to 5 concerts  {One Direction-Aug 2014// Luke Bryan-Oct 2015//Gavin DeGraw & The Fray-June 2016// Sam Hunt-March 2017// Florida Georgia Line-March 2017}
47.Go to a trivia night at a bar
48.Go to a wine festival
49.Go salsa dancing
50.See a Broadway play/musical {The Book of Mormon-Jan 2017}
51.Go to a botanical garden
52.Go see a Cirque de Soleil show {"O" in Las Vegas March 2017}
53.See a comedy show {April 2016-Laugh Factory & May 2016-Improv Chicago}
54.Go skydiving
55.Go to a golf range
56.Go to a new amusement park
57.Go to an outdoor/drive-in movie theater
58.Go to an MLB game {Chicago cubbies-July 27th,2015}
59.Go to a Houston Texans game {September 11th, 2016}
60.Go to a Dallas Cowboys game
61.Attend a black tie event
62.Go apple picking
63.Sing karaoke
64.Take my sister out for a day of fun, paid for by me
65.Go to the Houston Rodeo {March 2017}
66.Eat at a food truck {Feb 2017}
67.Run another 5k
68.Take a barre class {Month of November 2015}
69.Do a juice cleanse
70.Get a facial {February 2016}
71.Get 5 massages {April 2015//May 2016//March 2017//August 2017//December 2017}
72.Get a keratin hair treatment {April 2017}
73.Have my makeup professionally done {Sephora-July 25th,2015}
74.Run in the Color Run
75.Run an 8 or 10k
76.Have a blowout at DryBar {March 2016-Las Vegas}
77.Run a mile without stopping
78.Try a spin class {December 2017-RYDE River Oaks}
79.Visit 5 museums {1.Guiness book of world records museum-San Antonio May 2015//
80.Attend a bachelorette party in Vegas {May 8-10th, 2015}
81.Go to 5 new states {1. Memphis, TN-Sept 2016// 
82.Go on a spontaneous weekend trip {Orlando March 2-5th, 2016}
83.Travel to a new country {Mexico-August 2016}
84.Visit Tampa {December 2017}
85.Go to Austin {September 2017}
86.Visit Dallas
87.Go to California
88.Go on a cruise {April 22-29th, 2017}
89.Go to Europe
90.Fly first class {January 2016: United First Class}
91.Visit Disney World again {March 4th, 2016}
92.Go on a wine tour in Napa
93.Stay at a Bed & Breakfast
94.Go on a trip with just my sister {Orlando March, 2016}
95.Go to the Texas State Fair
96.Visit London
97.Become a home owner
98.Buy a new car {June 17th, 2017!!!}
99.Leave a 100% tip for great service
100. Write a will and living will
101. Add $20 to my savings account every month of the 1001 days  {Feb 2015//March 2015//April  2015//May 2015//June 2015//July 2015//Aug 2015//Sept 2015//Oct 2015//Nov 2015//Dec 2015//Jan 2016//Feb 2016//March 2016//April 2016//May 2016//June 2016//July 2016//Aug 2016//Sept 2016//Oct 2016//Nov 2016//Dec 2016//Jan 2017//Feb 2017//March 2017//April 2017//May 2017//June 2017//July 2017//August 2017//September 2017//October 2017//November 2017}

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  1. That's an interesting list. I love making lists and crossing them off too. I saw a similar post a couple weeks ago and since then, I've been trying to compile a list of my own. I am up to 70something. When I'm done, I'll do my post.