Monday, March 16, 2015


It's yet another Monday, but Chicago decided to be extra nice today and be a high of 73°!!! I hope everyone had a fun alcohol infused St. Patty's weekend. I decided not to partake in any drinking festivities this year because I'm usually severely disappointed at the end of the evening. I'm not a huge fan of the big drunk crowds and there is just wayyyy too much of that in Chicago. I will admit if you like a fun party, spend one of your St. Patty's weekends in Chicago, we definitely don't disappoint in the drinking/partying aspect.
Here is what my weekend consisted of...
I picked up these adorable and affordable dresses from Old Navy and I am obsessed. I can't wait to wear them while I'm in Houston next month and in general for the summer!! I love the different patterns and love the versatility of the dresses. I also bought a cute denim jacket that can be thrown right over these on a chillier day. #NotAFashionBlogger
#OOTD #Not
Ok let's face it I'm not a fashion blogger nor do I have a willing participant to take my pictures, so iPhone dressing room pictures will just have to do for now ;)! Anywho, I got this adorable hat from none other than Targs and I kinda sorta love it. I think it'll be the perfect laying by the pool hat for Vegas, what are your thoughts?
My bestie went down to see the river getting dyed green. If you've never heard/seen this it's really pretty awesome to see and definitely not a touristy thing since I know tons of Chicagoans that go to this. Goes from yucky swamp green to a bright festive St. Patty's Day green!
So instead of partaking in St. Patty's Day's festivities, I opted for the movies with my sissy. We have been wanting to see Cinderella and made it happen. It was such a good movie and even though everyone knows how it happens, I loved the change in actors and it almost felt fresh. The girl that plays Cinderella is just gorgeous and did a wonderful job, so needless to say I highly recommend this movie to anyone that's wondering if you should go watch it. Also movie theater candy is a must (I buy some at Walgreens or Target and sneak it in, shhh).
Saturday evening was a rare occassion where my parents, sister & I all went out for dinner. My dad usually works all weekend long, but it was a rare one where he was off and wanted to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant.
I was literally starved so I opted not to take a picture, but let me tell you it was delicious!!
Sunday was spent binge watching Bates Motel on Netflix, I swear this is the creepiest, coolest show I've seen. It's kinda weirdly awesome to see how this serial killer got his start and how he started showing signs of his crazy when he was young.
I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and an equally great week ahead!! Linking up with Biana for weekending!
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  1. Oh I love that hat - I was just thinking that I need to find one soon for my trip in a few weeks!!! So glad you were able to spend some time with your family and also really jealous of the incredible weather you guys are having! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I love those hats! I really try not to get sun on my face so those bucket hats like that are a must. Those dresses are adorable and look super comfy. Wait in the 70's on St. Patty's weekend in Chicago??? That must have been quite the rowdy party ;)