Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wino Wednesdays

Happy hump day friends! When I heard my bloggy friend Kate was co-hosting a monthly wino wednesday link up with Amanda and Lindsay I knew this was right up my alley.
Since getting into my late 20's, drinking has gone down to the occassional glass of wine with dinner here and there and of course mimosas for brunch! I think wine has been such a Godsend in the lives of women this generation, it allows us the same liberties that men get with drinking beer with their guys, but we look classier and it tastes better than beer imo.
I've never really been a red wine fan and typically am drinking white wine, prosecco, or champs! Although I don't like red wine, there's one that I absolutely love.
Sweet Red
Cooper's Hawk is definitely my favorite wine tasting/dinner place. They have such an extensive menu of wines and to find a favorite really isn't too hard.
As far as white wine's go, by absolute favorite white is...
Yum, yum, yum!! This was introduced to me a few years ago and I've been hooked ever since. If you haven't tried Cupcake wines, hop on over to your local grocery store or Targs and pick up a bottle, I highly recommend their Moscato, but their other whites are fabulous as well.
Champs is probably my favorite drink of choice, paired with some fresh OJ and whipped into a delicious mimosa!
What are some of your favorite wines/champs??

Kids and Cabernet
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  1. Thanks for joining us Nikki! I love prosecco and champs too! Cupcake has a great prosecco! Going to keep my eye out for that red wine too!!

  2. Champs is always a great idea ;-)

    I'm not a big red wine person either, but I've been starting to develop more of a taste for them lately. I've learned that I actually like my reds chilled. And YES to Cupcake wines!

    Thanks for joining us gurlie <3

  3. I love the cupcake brand wines, I'll have to try the muscato.

  4. I love cupcake too! Especially since they are at Target and I shop there so frequently!

  5. I love me some Cupcake wine!! And any type of champs will do :) I love mixing it with pineapple juice, too.

  6. Thanks for joining us sweets!! There is nothing that hits the spot better than a delicious mimosa in my opinion! Cheers! xoxo

  7. Oh I love Cooper's Hawk restaurant and wines. We just tried out their restaurant for the first time last year for our anniversary and love it! Now I'm dreaming about going back again for dinner but it's not cheap! lol

  8. Love the Cupcake line of wines. Although Moscato in general is not my favorite flavor, it is good in mimosas, but alone I prefere their chardonnay or any of their red lines.