Thursday, June 25, 2015

Loves & Hates

I got tagged to join in the fun by the beautiful and always sun kissed Kate to list 10 things I love and 10 things I hate. I'll also be tagging 10 bloggers to join in on the fun and keep this going (my apologies if you were previously tagged).
1. My fiance
He is seriously my rock and I can't imagine living this life without him. I can't wait to finally put this long distance thing behind us next year and be married living our lives together in Texas!
2. Ecards on Pinterest
These are just the funniest and most true things ever, who couldn't use a funny pick me up on the reg?!
3. Starbucks
I can't get enough, no matter how long the drive thru line is, I will wait in it to get my white chocolate mocha (nonfat, no whip).
4. My engagement ring
I know I know, I sound super vain and shallow right now, but I had been dreaming about being engaged for years and years (see: since I was probably 5) and now that I have the most perfect ring for me which was given by the best fiance a girl could ask for, I'm just so giddy. I also can't stop staring at it constantly!
5. Trashy reality TV
The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, The Real Housewives of wherever, Botched, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, all of it and any of those shows get me so sucked in I can't stop watching. And I damn well enjoy it and admit I watch them, no shame in my game.
6. Country music
I love it all and am obsessed with Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean, I want to see either of them in concert so badly!! I'm so happy that I'll be moving to Houston which seems like the mecca of country music compared to Chicago, bring on the cowboy boots and line dancin!
7. Netflix
I seriously can't live with my subscription. It's like an addiction, but binge watching on weekends when you have nothing better to do, is there anything more perfect in the world?!
8. Sephora
Being the makeup hoarder that I am, I have invested so much money in my makeup and am proud of the collection I have. Sephora has a lot of my monies and will continue getting it so long as they never go out of business or stop selling makeup. Also, getting your makeup done there is just magical.
9. Traveling (borrowing this from Kate)
I haven't traveled to half as many places as Kate has, but there are a lot of places on my travel list and I can't wait to finally knock some of those spots off. Even when traveling stateside, I absolutely get giddy with excitement of seeing the sights and being a total tourist!
10. Mexican food
This is my weakness. I can seriously eat it daily if given the choice. My love of soft tacos at Chipotle runs deep. Thank god my mom is an excellent mexican food chef and that I'm moving to the birthplace of tex-mex next year!
1. Waking up so early everyday for work, it seriously is the worst.
2. Chicago's bipolar weather literally cannot make up it's mind on if it's summer or not
3. People that can't read my body language, like I'm pretty sure my body is telling you to stop talking to me and go away, why can't some people get this??
4. People who talk AT others. You don't own anybody so stop talking to people like you do!
5. Terrible drivers. Oh man this is a big one for me, I get some bad road rage sometimes and can't stand it when people are just stupid when driving.
6. Allergies.....go die!!!
7. Cold weather. I'm not talking 30 or 40 degree weather, that I can handle, I'm talking negative 30 with a serious wind chill factor, go away cold.
8. People who pass gas in public (I'm looking at you coworker that knows you do it while talking to someone and then proceeds to walk away like nothing ever happened leaving a stink bomb in your trail...not cool)
9. Facial hair. Seriously why couldn't we all be born hairless on our faces with perfectly shaped eyebrows 24/7??
10. Dry-heavers....ew gross, no thanks go away!
I tag...
I hope you girls will join in on the fun and if you do I can't wait to read it if you do join!
Thanks again Kate for tagging me!
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  1. Loving all your loves girl especially travel (of course!), Starbucks, Netflix, and ecards... they are always spot on!

  2. Cold weather - yup! That's why I escaped Connecticut. I am totally with you about engagement rings (and I've had mine for almost 2 years haha) and Netflix! Thanks for the tag :)

  3. I'm seriously OBSESSED WITH YOUR RING omg!! Thank you for tagging me! Can't wait to do this next week!

  4. Omg e-Cards on Pinterest=HILARIOUS. I have been known to snort a few times while reading them lol. And your ring is stunning, love! Your fiancé did SO good! All the heart eye emojis!